Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Parking po

Usually, my birthdays are celebrated at home since it usually is declared a holiday. If not, it falls on a weekend. This year, the president moved it to a no classes Monday. I can't actually remember if I ever celebrated my birthday in school so I'm considering this the first I had my birthday in school. hahaha.

I woke up around 6 something very groggy since I talked with Jeric until... Uh... I forgot. May be until 2 in the morning? hahaha. Then, I slept in the car until a stupid police officer disturbed my sleep. He was knocking on my window side. I was too shocked to do anything. The first face that greated me was an ugly dark face in an orage uniform (seriously Pasay police force should change their uniform color). "Ma'am, nasaan po ung driver? Bawal mag parking dito. Sinasabihan na namin lahat na naka parking."

I told him, "pasensya na po hindi ko alam saan pumunta yung kasama ko." Deep inside I was like: natutulog ako dito tapos gugulohin mo ako, tatanungin mo pa sa akin kung nasaan yung kasama ko eh natutulog nga ako. After that, he made a little speach how we cannot park there and that I could be easily robbed because my dad's cell phone was displayed at the driver's seat. He could not do anything to me since I don't know how to drive. And I was too scared and disoriented to do anything anyway.

After the police officer left, another one came to me. Same conversation happened. Stupid dad. Why did he have to park at a no parking sign and leaving me asleep inside the car. He could have woken me up right? BUT NOOOO. I had to be repremanded by 2 police officers and other bystanders. How the hell did I know. I was sleeping, remember, before someone woke me up.

When Dad came, he was so calm and I told him what happened. I was in a hurry before the police officers came back. He told me, "pabayaan mo sila. Yung ibang car hindi naman nila pinaalis (sabay turo to the car infront of us). Wala naman sila magagawa." Ok, I panicked for nothing.

First thing, we have been parking in the no parking sign for 3 years and I have been sleeping in that car while dad does his chores for 2 years. This is the first time we have been repremanded.

Second, we were not the only car who was parking there. There ware about 5-10 cars and tricycles scattered all over the place. They could not even let the car in front of us leave. A matter of "palakasan sa police"? Hmn...

Third, for years... vehicles are parking there. I don't get it why they had to repremand our car that day, that time and while I was sleeping in the car. So nice.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank You


for absolutely nothing :D

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Signing Out

I'm signing out for a while

Let us see if I can brew more stirring gossips