Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

In just a few hours, 365 days have passed. Say hello to a new year. Wishing that this new year would be better than the last one. I hope it would be.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Under that Facade

I read this blog a little while ago and it made a very very big impact on me, although this seems not to be so surprising.

Below this, in full quote, is Bambee's entry regarding the incident in her journal.


The world has gone crazy.
Bambee dela Paz

So, I just had the worst day of my life.

At around 1:30 PM today, at Valley Golf and Country Club, Antipolo City, Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., Mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur, his father, Secretary Nasser Pangandaman of the Department of Agrarian Reform, and company, beat my defenseless 56-year-old dad and my 14-year-old brother to a pulp because of some stupid misunderstanding on the golf course.

This is a golf course. I have been a golfer all my life, and I have never seen anything like this. NOTHING. This is hard to comprehend. And it happened to my own father and my own brother too. Right in front of my eyes.

My brother and I were playing golf at the South Course of Valley. We were on the 3rd hole, and we see two golf carts going past us, overtaking our flight, and setting up to tee off on the next hole. My dad goes up to them and asks them why they would do that, why they would overtake us without even asking for our permission. Golf etiquette 101. One of the guys says that they're with the flight in front of us. (So what? That doesn't give them the right to just pass us WITHOUT asking.) So, we go to the 5th hole. The flight behind us catches up with us, and asks us what caused the hold up. We said that this flight just slipped in front of our flight. So we complained to the marshall. We play the 5th hole and walk towards the next hole, where there is a teehouse, and both the flights in front of us were there, talking with the marshall. The mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur talks with my dad. Things get heated up. Voices were raised. But never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine that someone would pull out a punch. Apparently not. He attacks my father. His flightmates, maybe 2 or 3 of them, rush to his aid and beat up my father. My 56-year-old father. My younger brother and I could not just watch. We rushed to break the fight. My younger brother pleads to the mayor to please stop it. To not hurt my dad. To just stop. His words still ring through my head..."Sorry na po, sorry na po...tama na...tama na po..." With his hands in front of his chest in a praying position. PLEADING. The mayor socks him in the face. My brother defended himself. My dad is still on the ground getting clobbered. My brother is the same way. I try to stop the fight, but all I can do is stop one person. There were 4 or 5 of them attacking now.

Someone breaks up the fight. I thought it was all over. The mayor shouts to his caddy: "Hindi nila kami kilala! Sabihin mo nga sa kanila kung sino ako!" And believe me, I had no idea who this person was. But now I know. He's the person who, with 4 other men, beat up my 56-year-old father and my 14-year-old brother. He's the person who sacks a pleading 14-year-old kid in the face. He's a person who, I am sure, is gonna rot in hell.

I lash out, but my dad held me back. I was screaming my lungs out, shouting to this mayor, telling him about what he had done. I said: "Nakakahiya kayo. Singkwenta'y sais anyos ang tatay ko. And kapatid ko kakatorse anyos. Anong ilalaban nila sayo?"

The mayor looks at my brother, point to his face, and says, "Tatandaan kita!" And he tells me that my brother has a bad attitude and that I need to watch him. WHAT THE HELL?! So, my brother's bad for defending his father?!

We leave. We walk to the clubhouse to file a complaint. My brother asks for a doctor. My dad could barely walk. Their group comes to the clubhouse, sees my brother. Once again my brother pleads, says sorry, and is crying. He was CRYING, for crissakes. But no. The relentless mayor still punches him in the face, and then sees my dad and goes after my dad again. Him and his friend pull my dad to the ground, pulls at his feet, and steps on him like he's dirt. I run to him and try to hold him back, holding him back by his shirt, while this other guy and this girl tries to stop me. She tells me to just stop it. I scream in her face "they're beating my father up and you want me to stop?!" I pull at his shirt--I don't let go. All I can see was my dad being trampled on. I didn't even see my brother getting beat up.

People pull them away. I get my dad, and I saw my brother. His right ear was bleeding. I freaked out. I told the receptionists to bring my brother to the clinic. I pull my dad away. People were separating us.

My mom and my older brother come. I tell her Bino's right ear is bleeding. They both look like they could kill. My dad holds my brother off, I hold off my mom. When I finally got my mom under control, my older brother gets away and I hold him off. Two of the mayor's bodyguards pull out guns. I embraced my brother from the back, just holding him back, crying. The receptionists came to us, crying, hugging me, my dad, and my mom, whispering to us to just leave. "Maam, umalis na po kayo, may mga baril sila...Maam...umalis na po kayo please..."

I am pretty sure the Secretary of DAR did not take part in the fight, but he just watched all this happen. He watched two of his sons, as we figured out, the other guy was his son, too, beat up my father and my 14-year-old brother. He didn't do anything to stop it. And this person is what now? A cabinet member. A politician.

Sounds like something out of a movie, doesn't it? But this is what happened. TODAY. The day after Christmas. To my family. And all I ask for is JUSTICE. The people at Valley Golf did not seem to want to help us. None of the security guards even tried to stop the fight. Right in the clubhouse. I came back after the fight was over and talked to the receptionists. They say they did not see anything. The general manager of Valley Golf would not give us the names of the men who made my brother's ear bleed. It took him an hour. Maybe even more than that. He seemed to not want to help us. Because, we were against the SECRETARY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRARIAN REFORM and the MAYOR OF MASIU CITY, LANAO DEL SUR. They were all scared.

The world has gone crazy. Two politicians beat up a defenseless 56-year-old father and his 14-year-old son. At a golf course. I swear to God, I thought golfers were decent people. You would think politicians were decent people. I guess not. I guess they gang up on 56-year-old men and beat up pleading 14-year-old kids.

Please pray for my dad, my brother and for my whole family. Please pray that we get JUSTICE. Oh God, please, give these people what they deserve.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas '08

So, it's Christmas... It's 2:00am, I'm still eating the candy cane I grabbed at Auntie Phina's house and listening to iTunes...

Let me start by telling you what a tiring day it has been for me. Since I woke up, all I did was clean the house, help mom, wrap gifts and nag at my brothers. This year, we don't have an official family Christmas party, so we did a mini Christmas party with Uncle Nio and tabby and Auntie Rosali and family.

What we had for notche buena: lemon spaghetti topped with clams, adobong crab, tomato sauced shrimp, graham cake and ice cream

In fairness, it was fun preparing for guests and hosting the party even if it was tiring. I still prefer to go to a party not hosted by me because all I have to do is go there and eat. hahaha. (damn, my candy cane fell!!!)

Yesterday, I went out with Yu, Christianne, Ana and Amy who came from Cebu. Woohoo. Fun fun. We spent the whole day shopping, eating, tambay, picture picture, and enjoying each other's comapny in MOA.

The day before that was a Wii day in my house. hahaha. Wil, Je-An, Karl Yap, Oyo, Joc, Gwen and Jeric went to my house. We played Wii all day in my house. hahaha. Sakit kaya ng katawan ko sa kaka-wii. ULIT ULI!!! Wala nang uwian Gwen! hahaha. At nag bonding rin kmi ni Gwen before sila dumating (oh yea, napaprami bonding natin ah. hahaha)

Party Girl ako this week. hahaha. Bukas sa pinsan ko naman sa father side. hahaha. Good luck na lng akin. I'm dead na pag dating ng pasukan. Enjoy the break db. hahaha.

This Christmas turned out beter than the other Christmases I can remember. It's not about how expensive the gifts are, but the value and thought you put into them. My view for the Christmas season may change, may be not.

Merry Christmas from me to you

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Awesome Idea

I have this GREAT idea: To start a fashion line

Well, it is not something big. I want to start by printing tees. I know someone who can print me shirts in a good price, but the catch is, he would only print if the design would be printed on 100 shirts. Actually, I wanted to make my personalized shirt, but since that would be too many, I thought that I could sell them.

I was thinking... I am going to need:
  • concept- I need a solid concept that would give me an edge in the fashion business
  • resources- I need to know where and how to get the things I need
  • advertisement- I need to sell it baby to make profit and to achieve my dream
  • models- well, I know people who could model for me for free
  • photographer- I need a good one
I'm still thinking, I could sell them online (multiply). Or I could ask favors to people I know who can sell them (hopefully in 168 to the stall owners I know).

I am getting impatient.

Watcha think?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christams Break '08


Today is our course card distribution day! Lo and behold my grades

Subj | Grade
vdprod | 2.0
educmgt | 2.5
scimatp | 3.5
tredtri | 3.0
probsta | 2.5
comsorg | 1.0

I'm happy for my probsta. First math subject na hnd 1 or 1.5. wohoo.
Although sa comsorg, 1.0 lang ako and babagsak na dapt. hahaha. anyway!

I discovered something nice today! It is the China Phone!Cool right? Compared to a very expensive Nokia Phone, this China Phone is uber cheap. You can buy it at around 1k-5k depending on what model you prefer. This very cheap phone comes with a camera, mp3 player, tv and radio. (say yes to child labor. say yes to under paid people. say yes to illegal stuff... and so on)

The one we bought looks like a Nokia N70 but with TV and less megapixels. I hate the theme and you can't change it.

Khit na para sa dad ko un, hinihingi ko na nga e. hahaha. Cute eh and I want to use it. Ayaw nga lng ibigay skn. hahaha.

Another Big Balita:

No Christmas Party for out familia this year for personal reasons. So si Uncle Nio na lng tatambay sa bahay for Christmas. Kaya ako, todo Christmas party na rin with friends kasi sabog naman rin Chrismas party sa family. hahaha. Enjoy na lng while it lasts.

<----- that hat is so nice right? Saw it in S&R, we were shopping there and I want it. This one will go to my wish list. hahaha. It is a The North Face brand and it is around 400 bucks. It goes well with my cowboy look. hahaha

And while we were shopping, I saw this apple-like fruit. But it is labeled as Grapple. COOL. Looks like an apple but tastes like grape! I want to try that! Mom said we could buy it next time we go to S&R. can't wait. I want to taste it. hahaha. And it's kinda expensive. Around 300bucks for 4 pieces of grapples.

Oh, Amy will also visit Mania this holiday season. Haha. Reunion with her next week with friends.

Swimming ah! Sa Monday! wala nang magbbackout! nag pa-reserve na ako nung pool. Party time.

I'm still waiting for Gwen's blog, ako ung kayang cover girl. bwahahhaha. go gwen


Thank you portion:
I'm saying thank you to the guys that gave me gifts
  • Jantzen- Thanks! ang cute nung mug! puro pusa. hahaha. cute. cute. gagamitin ko un. hahaha
  • Joc- thanks sa shirt. puuuuurtttty
  • Jeric- thanks ah panget sa super shiny na necklace. hahaha

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Tonight I want to scream
Scream until my heart's content

my Christmas sucks every year
this year, it's still going to suck even more

I need a distraction
distraction out of this season

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Drive Thru

This is by far the longest LSS I ever had. It keeps playing in my head. When I go home, I have to listen to this song.

What song am I talking about? Casablancas, Santogold (Santi White) and Williams had teamed up to create the song for Converse's centennial "Three Artists, One Song" campaign. Not only is the song great, but also I loved the MTV of this. The whole paper cutout theme is fabulous. You definitely have to watch this, download the song, put it in your player and boom instant party song. Enjoy!

Oh and one more thing, the video is shorter than the music itself so I also embeded the mp3 here so you can also download it. hahaha

my drive thru -

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shut up

Do I hear you talking?

No, I don't



Saturday, November 22, 2008

5 Random Things

  1. it's the way you say you love me more when i say i love you
  2. the way you say im the most beautiful woman you ever laid your eyes upon even if i felt like the ugliest woman in the world
  3. the way you say you already have everything you ever wanted because you have me. that, makes me giggle all over
  4. even the little gestures you do for me makes my heart all warm and fuzzy
  5. knowing i have someone to talk to about anything and everything, makes me love you even more
The best part is that I have you all to myself

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Love To Hate

There is a difference between I love to hate and I hate to love. For example, the people I simply hate to love are my brothers. No matter how obnoxious they become or how irritating they can be, they simply are the people I extremely HATE HATE HATE to love. If I had the chance to switch them for a more dreamy brothers, I wouldn't. Even if they become so obnoxious that I could not stand it, lay off my brothers. I hate to love them. Simply hate it.

Siblings will remain as siblings. Same old siblings. But there are some things/ some people you can't seen to stand. These are a few of my love to hate thingys:
  1. Olympics of the Saliva throwing Mouth

    Criteria: Right texture, color and proper recoil

    This act is the one I deeply detest. EIW. Recall the disgusting noise people make when they accumulate the phlegm in their mouths. When it goes out of the mouth, it has the greenish or yellowish color and the sticky texture. Just the way the good phlegm is. GAWD. Can people avoid this? There are actually called comfort rooms/ bathrooms/ sink accessible. Hello?! There is also the existence of the tissue. Don't spread your disgusting disease. It's not hygienic and damn disgusting.PLEASE.

  2. When You think you know all that, but actually you don't

    The classic. I hate it when some people talk nonsense and does not actually know what they are talking about. What a poser. Excuse me, but before you brag, do your research so you would not get caught you actually don't know what you are talking about. Same goes to people when they think they're all that but actually they have heads filled with gas. MY MY MY. Trying hard much?

  3. Nonsense Shirts

    I have this big problem with shirts that have nonsense sentences. I totally hate these shirts because it is waste of time to read. Why oh why did they have to pint that text on that shirt if no one would understand it!

  4. Hair all over your Face

    No offense, but I never liked this fashion statement where people's hair is all over their faces. What can you possibly see with all the hair on your faces? Do you feel like your an anime character? hahaha. Get real. Or do you think your cool because you could not see what is ahead of you but your hair? May be. Dumb dumb fashion statement.

  5. PROPER clothes

    Why wear a short shorts where you could not pull it off? WHY?! Why wear something kinky wherein the whole day all you do is cover those body parts you, in the first place did not cover? WHY?! Why wear something you could not pull off? WHY?!

    I say: wear it, pull it off, make heads turn, get away with it.

No offense. I love to hate these things. My preferences. My opinions. Blame it on me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

This is an Original

Love my banner? Coz I do. The banner is made by me. It is a rock princess original. I'm inspired. hahaha. (dahil sa mga bagsak. hahaha. joke lng). Anyway, I also posted this in my multiply (click here). I can't seem to access my Deviantart account. There must be something wrong with it or with my connection. I don't know. so, I am posting my work here and all over my other accounts. hahaha.

OH! OH! I cut my hair. hahaha. I have bangs. Nice. Nice. Yep, I cut it on my own. It's nice.

Jeric is absolutely not thrilled with my new hair. hahaha. Oh well, I love it anyways. hahaha.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dream Tonight of a Forever Tomorrow

I dream of talking to different significant people in my life. People I wished I talked to or people I hated to talk to. Different people to different places every time I dream. But the same thing happens to me. Every time I try to express what I have to say, I feel like I could not speak. I feel like I could not scream loud enough. I feel like they could not hear me, I could not hear myself either. I seems like my voice drowns in the middle of every thing that has been happening in my life. I wanted to takeover. I wanted to take control. I can't. They could not hear me. It felt like my voice was taken away from me and I have no power to restore it, even how hard I try to scream, there was no sound that goes out of my mouth.

I hated it. I hated every moment that they could not hear me. I hated every time I dream of it. I hated the fact that I can never tell them what I think of them or feel for them. I hated talking to them. I hated every thing about it. It felt like something is strangling me and that I could not breathe.

I always wished to runaway from my life, from every possible thing that can hurt me. But then again, kismet happens.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It is not Because but What is

What an exciting weekend! I got too tired to write a blog. hahaha. This blog is going to be long. Anyway, so here's what happened last Saturday and Sunday.


"Good morning sunshine! Today is Gwen's birthday. I'm excited to go." Those were the first thoughts that went in my head while I overheard my brothers talk that there was no water. Then I went out of my room. My brothers screamed at me that there was no water. I ignored them since, I don't now, I just love ignoring them. hahaha. So, I could not brush my teeth. Great. Just great. I woke up early to bathe my dogs ad prepare early since I have a lot of things to with water. We did not even have emergency water supplies in our timba. Since I could not move because water seems not to be dripping out of our faucet, I went back to sleep until my mom woke me up. When she did, she told me to brush my teeth using our drinking water and go to my best friend's house to bathe. I did so what she told me.

Anyways, I ate lunch and took a bath at my best friend's house which was kinda far from here. Gwen, look at what extent at what I had to go through that day just to take a bath and go to your party. hahaha. I had a very big bag that carried my stuffs. hahaha

Me and Jeric met at EDSA station so that we could go to Glorietta together. Then we met VK while walking around actually VK is a big stalker of mine so he new where we were (JOKE! hahaha). The other south guys were late. hahaha. They got there around 4 or 4.30 and we had to pick up the cake.

YEP! Our cake ROCKS! It was 3-D, shaped as Happy Feet (the penguin cartoon movie whatever. hahaha). We bought it at ArtCakes. They make great customizable cakes and they can do any cake you possibly can imagine (I saw this one cake that filled one side of the ballroom of Shangri-la and I am not joking. I was invited in that party). So if you want an eye grabbing cake, you should let them make your cake. Yep, I am making plug-ins for ArtCakes. This i actually my sideline. hahaha. Joke. I'm a fan. hahaha. You can find them in Glorietta 2nd Floor and some other branches in Shangri-la and other stores I'm not sure where they are.

The whole theme of the debut of Gwen was penguin since she is so fond of that. I was really glad she liked the cake (and I hear the head of Happy feet has been eaten thanks to her brother. hahaha.). The party was fun. We were kinda late but not late enough to miss the food. hahaha. Gwen's block was there, her mom, dad, and brother, Andrew and a few s20 people. Gwen was really pretty with her hair and make up done and Andrew was also good looking. After eating we watched Max Payne. The movie was so-so. The story was amiss. I think something is wrong with it but I loved the graphics. It was cool especially the whole hallucinations stuff. So cool.

After the movie, some played at TimeZone, some went home, some stayed for chit chat. We stayed for chit chat. We went home around 9 something I think. Thanks to Oyo, I got to go home in his car. Thanks!!! I had fun. Thanks Thanks Gwen XD
Picture of me and Gwen. Do not mind th person behind us.
Happy Happy Birthday Gwen!!!


This Sunday, we had to go to MOA since there was this gaming event and we had to interview some random person participating in that event. I had to look for this stupid mic so that we could use it but in the end we did not end up using it. Stupid mic. We were all 7 people which included JD, Xent, Enzo, Oyo, Wil, Je-an and me.

We got there around 12 pm and ate lunch around 1 or 2. We got so bored waiting for our interviewee to play Soul Caliber so Wil, Je-An ad me ended up walking outside MOA. We saw this wind surfer dude on land. We kinda wanted to try it so we approached the guy. but I think we were too shy to talk to him. hahaha. We wished that he was the one we interviewed instead of the gamer's event. We walked further to the bay. We stayed there for a while. It is a great tambay place BTW.

We went back to the event because it started raining. Funny and freaky thing about it that there was this spot that it was not raining hard ad everywhere else we looked was raining. So freaky. We were amazed at it but then a little while later the rained poured there. Still, freaky. We were laughing and running at the same time for cover.

We also invited Enzo, Oyo Jd and Xent back to the bay. hahaha. We even bought chips and drink. hahaha. The guard also asked us if we had some alcoholic drinks. hahaha. We went home after. Thank to Oyo and Enzo, they waited for me before they want home. thanks XD
this is just a picture from yesterday by the bay
I am still waiting for the other pics so that I can upload it in multiply

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm Dr. Quak Quak. I have been observing and studying the people that rides the LRT (Light Rail Transit). Every morning I ride it and observe the people that goes in and out. I have been conducting this research since a very long time. I have discovered that I could classify people hat rides the LRT. Here are the classifications:

  1. Head/earphones people

    In my observations, I have discovered the class of people who rides the LRT with ear/headphones on their ears. Such people are so hard to talk to because they may not hear you. They can tend to get wrapped up in their own music and at times they can have the tendency to do head bangs, feeling may guitar or drums. Caution: you might also see them doing theirown concert inside the LRT

  2. Nawalan ng CR sa bahay

    Another classification of people riding the LRT is the nawalan ng CR sa bahay (people who lost their bathroom). These kinds of people are the ones who has this big kikay kit in their bag. The kikay kit contains make-up stuff. They make the LRT their own traveling bathroom where they do their make-up for the reason that may be they lost their bathroom or they think that the LRT is their own personalized traveling bathroom or they have no manners and do their make-up anywhere they want. Or simply, they are late for work or this is to conserve time? I do not know. I am afraid that if I approach them they might stab me with concealer.

  3. Swapang

    The classic swapang. These people crowds in front of the door of the LRT. They do not care if people from the inside are going out.All that matters is that they can get inside of the LRT and stay inside.

    These swapang people are inconsiderate people. When they get inside the LRT, they tend to crowd near the LRT even if their destination is 10 stations away. They have no courtesy to the other passengers who are going to go down in the next station. You have to be a great siksikero to be able to get pass them. when you do, expect yourself to be flattened because of them.

    Caution: Meeting these people, you may experience being hotblooded or cursing them. Best of all, you may want to push them which would be the best solution to do but...________________________(fill in blank)___________________

  4. Studentology

    Studentology is one of the most interesting classifications that I have discovered. You can actually play a game with this. The rule of the game is to spot and identify students and from what school they are from. This is a fun game. Tis can be played alone. I have tried and tested this game. One of the difficulties I have encountered is that it was hard to distinguish students from schools that do not have uniforms such as DLSU or CSB

  5. Workaholics

    People who bring their work on the LRT are considered in the workaholics section. These people are usually with portfolios, file cases and the like They can also be talking non-stop on their cellphone or students with notebooks at hand and studying notes. These people may take many forms. as long as people that brings their businessin the LRT, they are considered workaholics.

  6. Nakulangan sa Tela

    Nakulangan sa tela are people who wear clothes that looks like they lack cloth because you might notice that some unnecessary skin might be showing from various places. One of the problems you might encounter that the skin you might see is unpleasant after all

  7. Magnas

    Who would forget our hatable magnas? These magnas are the known MAGNANAKAWS. Be careful of you belongings and hold on to them tightly you might discover you need to visit Greenhills or 168 if you lose your cellphone. Better yet, you might not get to where you are going because someone stashed you wallet. Be very careful.

  8. Manyaks

    True enough, many people get harassed when riding the LRT. Through stories, I have learned that many people get harassed by manyak people. I myself have not experienced this (thank God). I say a word of caution, there are people who are like this and I mean in all GENDERS

  9. Zoo people

    And last, the zoo people. These people are what I consider Zoo animals. You can hear various noise from different species you know. They can be very very loud and get to your nerves or you can just eavesdrop on what they are saying.
These so far are the classifications I have observed. More classifications may occur or some classifications I might not have been indicated. Give me more feed back to confirm these results.

Humans are amazingly interesting. I shall observe more and shall report more of my observations. These observations next time might not be in the LRT. Be careful. I might be observing YOU.

Alright. So much for Dr. Quak Quak. The root of this is that I was bored today and thought of this blog topic. hahaha. Sorry, walang magawa sa buhay XD

Friday, October 10, 2008

Stalker Much? Not a Bit.

I was doing my own thing. My daily routine when I sit in front of my computer when I saw this blog post from a contact on my Multiply.

Pablo Banila, the infamous stalker of the Multiply world. His agenda is that he would browse thousands of multiply accounts over and over again, I think, and sometimes adds you in his contact as a kinder garden friend that loves your ears or something that has to do with your ears (what's up with that?). I hear that not only does he stalk in multiply, but also in friendster. That is what makes him a stalker in the cyberworld. Curious? You can actually Google him and see many results and comments about him.

Truthfully, he viewed my Multiply account three times in different accounts (same primary picture) in different days. Lately he has been the hot topic in and they have been closing all of his accounts and he just been creating new ones.

He is becoming a fast trend in the cyberworld like the trend Cofibean did in his blogs. I happened to do some little digging around this Pablo guy and read some of his blogs. Truthfully, Cofibean versus him? He does not stand a chance. Cofibean has such originality and humor with a lot of spice of truth and reality. Pablo is such a love-sick bisexual that has a female complex and calls himself an artist because he is a poet.

I could not understand most of Pablo's entries since he has a poor grammar and full of curses such as "motherfuckers" or "!@#$%" in between lines. It's so hard to understand if there are too many of those. Of course, he has his own fans and hate-fans the same as Cofibean does.

I'm a CofiBean fan since he could make me laugh and agree with him at the same time. And some of CofiBean's work can be quite offending but still fun to read. Pablo's writing is just lame and makes me want to pity him more and his ideas are just too narrow minded. He is a sexist. A bisexual sexist that actually wants to have "true love" (note: with a girl) that all that rejects him gets damned and still writes that he wants to have sex with men. Who in their right mind would think like that? Pablo writes some truth but does not know how to express it the right way which just makes him obnoxious and PLAIN VAIN. I'm just curious on what will happen to him. Will he be the next "boy bastos"? Who knows? May be he will just be a cyber stalker and manyak then he will be forgotten like all trend goes.

These kinds of stalkers should just be ignored. I also have a few of my own other than him. Especially in my instant messaging account. I just kept on ignoring that certain person but he still keeps on messaging it's as if he is just talking to himself. I wanted to laugh so hard and tell him how dumb he looks. HAHAHA. Another, a whole block as been reading my entries. Hahaha. As if I didn't know. Oh please. Hahaha. I guess knowing people read and read these kinds of things makes people conceited. Hahaha. Main point? Don't make a big fuss.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aaron. Aaron, who?

What is nice about this week is that all my exams are finished. All I have to do is wait for the result. I hope I did well in most of them.

What is so disappointing for this week is that there is no Gossip Girl release. AW. Thanks to Gwen, I had to know that a day earlier. I was hoping that watching Gossip Girl would be my reward for finishing all of my work for this week. I was soooo disappointed that there is no Gossip Girl this week. I can't wait for the next episode.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out why there was no Gossip Girl this week.(Do comment/tell me why Gossip Girl was not released this week. It made me all frustrated. I had to wait another week. ARGH.) Then, I stumbled upon a website that has spoilers, infos, and stuff about Gossip Girl. I saw John Patrick Amedori who would be playing the role of Aaron Rose who would be Serena's next boy of interest. Here is the pic:I'm, sorry. But, I really think he is the only unpleasing person to look at in all of the cast. He's not my type or the one I expected to play Aaron. Oh comon! Aaron should look more ragged and cool. And he was supposed to be Blair's half-brother. What happened to that? I was imagining Blair and Aaron to be the taboo love or something. Oh well, what can I say? Good thing he would be Serena's love interest not Blair's. Chuck and Blair still is the perfect match, right? hahaha.

Tell me what you think about him. Who is totally loving Blair like I do? hahaha

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A night ago, I was checking my multiply. Ana posted about a poem in her blog the "round table" made. Round Table is what we call our group of girlfriends back in high school. It comprises of me, Yu ann, Christianne, Ana, Jawn, Denise, Diane, Donna, Jenica, Hazel, Bernadette and Jean. We called ourselves that because as you can see, all the girls are 12.

Here is the poem:

"love me"

Before your love has shattered my life

i lived, i breathed, and i was alive

my system was then organized

but your existence made me paralyzed

for so long, I tried to keep you

for so long , I tried to hold on to you

I lavishly poured my heart out

even if I'm someone you never really cared about

yet without you, I become barren

take me home, and mend what's broken

come back, that's all I ask of you

love me, is that so hard to do?

These guys, I truly miss. When will be our next reunion? I don't know. How is everyone doing? I don't know. When will I know? hahaha. I don't know. Ok, sabog talk. hahaha

The original link is here: Ana's Miltiply

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Know How and the Know WHY

What do you do when you want to back stab another person?
- create a blog and bash him there

What do you do when you get caught?
-bash him more

What do you do if people do not shut up?
-tie them all up and put duct tape on their mouths

What do you do if they don't stop?
-hang them all one by one to set an example

Now I have told you the know how, tell me the know why. I'll let you figure it out.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

All The Holla Baluga

This is a rant and more rant. If you do not want to get offended then I think you better not read this at all and close this window and find some other thing to do that will not offend you

I think I never actually left a very good impression in my previews life don't you think? I think they seem to think of me as the other-half-of-a-certain-person-who never-worked-because-i-cheated-on-him-and-stuff-i-did-to-him-because-he-suffered-too-much. BOHOO. It's not only him that suffered. ARGH. Stupid people who never took their time to know. The only side they knew was his side because I never talked. No one talked to me. No one asked how I was coping because all they thought about was how I left the other person so broken hearted they did not even consider that I was too.

I know that I always shut up when serious talked are being held. Sometimes, it just gets bottled up all inside until I burst. No one really understood why I keep my mouth shut. It's because I don't know how to explain stuff without really thinking about it. Or should I say, I can't act when I don't have a script.

I also know I don't go out much. It's because no one really invited me. I'm sorry and my family is in a really tough time that no one understands. We are not rich. Sorry to disappoint you. We can hardly cope up with our needs. Let me give you an example: My allowance? 300 per week and sometimes it's good for 2weeks. I desperately try to stretch it that long.

I try and try to put a smile on this face. There are just sooo many things that troubles me. So many things that you would not understand. Who can put a smile on your face if you know you are being back stabbed at?

Seriously people, am I really that popular that you have to waste your saliva and breath to gossip about me? OH PLEASE. Get your own life. Your just making me conceited. Your just wasting your time paying more attention to me. PLEASE. I am not YET a celebrity and your making a huge fuss over me. I told you, you're just making me more conceited.

Life is just plain harsh. Friends who you think are friends are actually not. Some leave you, some just hates you. Thanks for all the people I considered friends but left me alone. Nice. I have a very wonderful life because of you.

Though luck, thought life. My blog, you can't do anything about it but gossip about me more.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Nothing Personal

I have to get this out of my system. I have this in m head since last Tuesday. Oh, nd this stuff is just for fun. I'm not implementing this or whatever.

You know and I know how addicted I am with Gossip Girl. I thought, why don't we also make a gossip column like Gossip Girl did in the world wide web? The only difference is that
it would turn out to be Gossip Gox. It would be the gossip column of Gox people.

Only popular and interesting people would be there. I also was thinking that it would only be in my circle of friends (because I am the one thinking this) but of course you can be creative.

I was thinking that there should also be rules and regulation for this. Ain't it fun?

  1. Gossip Girl's identity should be kept secret.- We don't want a riot. There are some gossips that can anger people. You know what I mean? There is always fun in not knowing who this person is/would be.
  2. If Gossip Girl's identity breaks out, the title "Gossip Girl" should be passed immediately without anyone knowing it and the ex-gossip girl should deny all claims and should not divulge any of the previews or current Gossip Girl.-It is secrecy to be the Gossip Girl
  3. Gossip Girl should be a girl/ girl at heart. - I'm afraid that if this was a boy, it would not get updated and would not follow other rules but still tis rule, I'm still thinking it over.
  4. In writing the column, the author cannot write in any other language other than English unless there are translated text in English at the side.- This is to maintain uniformity and class. The whole column would be a trash if all that are written there are in taglish or in other alien language there is.
  5. You can reach Gossip Girl in the site or somewhere I'm not sure yet (like an instant messenger) to share gossip. - What use would the site be if the readers would not be able to use/comment and even share gossip/ideas/opinions
  6. Gossip Girl can only gossip about people they know.- The whole thing would be too random if the Gossip girl do not know who's who in her own story
  7. Contrary to the title Gossip Girl, the gossip only to be posted should only be TRUE. - I know the whole point of gossip would really be out of place but I want to preserve authenticity that when readers read this, they know it is true.
  8. The title holder should and can only hold the title until junior year or when the person is going to graduate since most of the CCS people graduate within three years and one term and has to implement rule number two(passing of the title). This also applies if the person is going to transfer or filling an LOA or any activity that cripple the person to go to school on a regular basis.- The Gossip Girl should always be updated in all kinds of events
  9. In the column, the Gossip Girl cannot use it as a tool to offend other people. - The soul and main purpose of the column is gossip about other people, not a tool for personal gain.
  10. The only benefit of being the Gossip Girl is that it is somewhat an immunity to gossip but if a gossip arises about the Gossip Girl but readers do not know the identity of Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl is responsible to write her own gossip on the column- This is to avoid suspicion so that they could show that they are also included in Gossip Girl's articles. It would really be fun if there is a big confusion around. hahaha
  11. There should be no naming of names in articles but comments are allowed to name names but Gossip Girl cannot confirm nor disapprove if names are named. - to create more confusion
  12. Gossip Girl cannot reveal herself or other previews Gossip Girls and future ones- secrecy. hahaha. I should make a sisterhood pack (from the sisterhood of the traveling pants. hahaha)
Gwen said there was someone who made this kind-off thing but sucked. Hahaha. Anyway, that's all the stuff I could think off somehow. hahaha. Do give comments XD

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Adore, or so We Say in French J'adore

Tell me I'm not obsessing over Gossip Girl. Tell me!!!

I really don't know why upper east side elite pretty fashionable girls attract me sooooooo much. I love the first 5 of the book. I loved the season 1 of Gossip Girl TV series. And I am loving season 2.

I have an active imagination and I can't stop myself imagining how I want my life would be if I lived in a world like Blair. I love the character of Blair Waldorf and the actress Leighton Meester. She so fits the description of a "high queen bitch" but at the same time elegant, sly and cunning. Truthfully, I want to be like her. She is so high and powerful, she gets what she wants, manipulates people when it is needed, she knows what she can do and the best of all she does not pity people under her. Yes, I want to be a high queen bitch loved and hated by everyone. Who would not want to be rich, famous and powerful? I know I want it. It's just the matter of how badly you want it.

Let's talk about Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). What about him? Do I have to talk about how perfect he is for that role? How he makes me want to eat him whole because of his sexy voice? Or, or, the time wen he is so broken hearted that I want him to fall in love with me? So, what about him? He really is my type of man. Broken inside, though and bad on the outside. I read too much novels and happy endings, I know. hahaha.

Tell me I'm not obsessive. TELL ME!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clumsy Day

I thought this day would be like any ordinary day. BUT it was not.

It started before physics class. I came from the 11th floor and my class was in the 8th floor. I was so confident that the room I am was going to enter would be our room. Me, being so confident opened the door.

What was running through my mind when I opened and entered the room and walked a little towards the chairs: "Wow, everyone seems to occupy all of the seats. I don't seem to remember their faces. Look, the prof is a girl. May be a substitute. I can't seem to find Arvin and the others. Oh my, what happened to my bag? It seems to be different. Where is my pink jacket? I cannot afford to lose that. Oh shit, SINO MGA ITO? Di ko sila kilala. Bakit sila naka tingin sa akin. OMG, maling room ata napasukan ko."

Surprise, surprise. When I looked at the room number it started with 9. Stupid me! Wrong floor!!!

So nice right?

Another was when I slipped on the stairs in the walkway around Coastal. ARGH. My butt hurt. I did not even looked if someone saw. I was too quick to walk looking hat nothing happened.

So clumsy today. but it was fun. Hahaha

Saturday, September 13, 2008

09.13.08 @ MOA

Me, Yu ann, Christianne and Elis went to Moa. Elis had an entrance exam in Ateneo (I hope you pass *cross fingers*) so we met after lunch. I was the last one to arrive, around 2.30pm. Christianne planned to go bowling. but when we arrived there, there was a competition and we were on the waiting list. We did not go bowling and Chris was truly disappointed. She kept going on and on about bowling and taking pictures. hahaha. Don't worry, next time, we'll go bowling.

In stead of bowling, we went window shopping. We went around MOA. It was pretty big. We got into a store with nail polishes. Yu went straight right in and painted her nails. She said it was her hobby. I also got bored and painted may nails. I have a multicolored nails. Hahaha.

Another crazy thing we did was hen we went in Penshoppe. First, I was going to show them the necktie I bought last time (sorry, I told you I have this obsession over neckties) but we saw the Mac computer (iMac if I am not mistaken). We took pictures in its webcam and really had fun with it. We were laughing so loud and so hard that the sales people there were looking at us but just ignored them and pictured all the way. You can see the pictures we took at my multiply and I am still waiting for Chris to upload the pics in her multiply.

I am really a Mac savvy. Since I got my first Mac, I never waned to switch back to PC unless I really really need it. If I get really rich, I'll buy all the Macs I can. wahahaha

Mostly we chatted about people and people's lives have high school. We also talked about Elis and how she s coping up with problems and stuff. We talked about lots of stuffs. Actually they all did the talking and I'm just the listener. I'm not much the talker.

We also visited the book fair in SMX. They were selling mostly for education stuff. We went around for a while and went out. We also ventured in the SMX second floor were Acceture had this event going on ad everyone was in cocktail suits. We were the party crashers. hahaha. We passed by there and went back in the mall.

I was the first one to say good bye to them since mom left me an errand to buy bread. Mom fetched me there in MOA. When I got home, I discovered the internet connection has something wrong with it. So I just went up and talked with mom until 12.30am. Hahaha. It was really fun talking to mom about stuffs.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Good morning world.

I woke up round 7am then slept again. Hahaha. I guess 7am in the morning was too much for me. I know I would not make it at school at 8am if I did not wake up. but then, I still went to seep and woke up around 7:45am. I got to school around 9am. An hour late than the agreed time. But Adi was also late. hahaha.

Adi and I left school also around 9am. We took the bus to go to his place. Around 10am, Oyo ws still sleeping. So I stayed at Adi's for a while. We fetched Oyo in his house. Then went to Enzo's place. We stayed there until around 3pm.

At Enzo's we played PS3, PS2 and PS1. Mostly the guys played the game consoles and I just played around Enzo's laptop. I used Oyo's YM account to mess around with the webcam. hahaha. Oh, they also let me pla DMC4 although I suck at it. hahaha. The last game we played was Tonny Hawk in PS2. It was me versus Oyo. It was our first time playing that game. I beat Oyo. hahaha. We also ate lunch there. We had chicken (Sr. Pedro, I think). Anyway, Adi Oyo and Enzo said it was the best chicken. hahaha.

We left Enzo's place to fetch VK in SM South. Then we went to ATC (Alabang Town Center). We had time to kill before we meet Joc and he others. We planned on buying a cake and donuts for our birthday man, Joc. After we bought the cake, we saw Xent, Totit, Jd and Chico on their way to ATC. When we were sitting in the fast food place, we saw Iggy and Kina (sorry if wrong spelling). Arvin, Roanne, Gene, Sammy and Joc arrived after a while. Joc bought pizza in Yellew Cab. While he was waiting for the order, we left the table to get the cake.

People that were there: Arvin, Oyo, Enzo, me, Roanne, Kina, Iggy, Sammy, Gene, Totit, Xent, JD, Adi, VK and Joc. (did I miss any one? I hope not)

After eating, Roanne had to go. Then JD. Then VK. Then Totit, Xent and Chico. Others stayed to watch Righteous kill. We left ATC around 10. Arvin drove me home. Bruce and Gene accompanied us as Arvin drove me home.


pictures can be viewed here and here. (Adi and Arvin's multiply account.)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pretty Much Noting in Between

I have nothing to do. The best thing to do to waste time is write a blog while waiting for Oyo to upload yesterday's shindig and wait for Jeric to finish taking a bath. When he takes a bath, it takes forever.

First thing in the morning I watched TV then played with the DS. When I got tired of it, I traced my dawing in Photoshop. As you can see the guy in my banner is all f my hard work. I had to do him twice sine the first time, mom hit the switch of the computer. I got pissed and went up and played with the DS again.

I also made a wallpaper for Jeric. I also posted this guy in m deviant. Visit it here. Oyo also posted the pics from yesterday's shindig. Visit his multiply to view it here.

It's so hot today.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I read Jantzen's blog. He was thanking a lot of people. I'm stealing his post XD

I also want to thank the sooo many people who helped me through this hellish term:
  1. God- He stood by me through out all of my hardships. He gave me strength to get up everyday knowing how unsure I am in life.
  2. Family- they understood how busy I am that they give me the freedom to do what I can with regard to school work
  3. s20 people- Mga tambaymates. They filled my 3 hour break throughout the term and shared with me all of the juicy chismises. hahaha
  4. INTROSE groupmates- thanks for your time and work. We did it. 3.5, not bad right? Espeially to Joc, our programmer. hahaha
  5. Jantzen- my partner in Thesis. hahaha. Pasado ako NLAN kaya hindi mo na ako kailangan katayin. Thanks sa lahat sobra. We still have 2 more years to endure and then hopefully no more extensions.
  6. High school friends- you kept me sane knowing that we are going to go out one day. hahaha. Especially to my bestest friends. hahaha
  7. NLAN groupmates- kahit medyo sabog MP natin, pumasa naman tayo. That's all that maters. hahaha
  8. Jeric- I can't put into words how much to thank you... I'm simply happy while I'm with you
What made my day today is the concert that was held in Alabang Town Center today. It was the concert of the Boys Like Girls. They rocked! They were sooooo cool performing. hahaha. I also bumped with the lead singer before the concert. I did not know what to do!!!! Me and Oyo panicked! He was sooo tall and had bouncers/body guards around him. He was definitely GORGEOUS! BTW, I was in front of it all. I was joined by VK and Arvin there. Front left side of the stage. Beside the speakers. hahaha. It was awsome. Abby, Iggy and Adi were at the 2nd floor while Oyo, Joc and Enzo were at the 3rd floor. The band kept throwing stuffs at us. At the last minute, the lead singer threw the WHOLE bottle of water at my direction. I did not attempt to catch it. I was too afraid it would hit me. hahaha. It was worth standing for 3 hours (we waited there starting around 4.30. the concert started at 6.30 and ended around 7 something).

We ended our trip by eating dinner at Outbox (which I suggested because the Las Pinas boys kept saying "kain tayo sa Outbox" when we are on the bus so I just have to try their food. It was nice BTW). Arvin droped me home and I showed him our dog. Thanks Arvin XD

I could never had experienced the concert if VK had not fetched and accompanied me in Coastal. Thanks VK. We stopped first at Arvin's house. We ate chocolate there and went to Joc's house. Joc has this big tazmanian devil stuff toy. So cute. I wanted to take it home with me. But unfortunately, it' Joc's. hahaha

Thanks guys for a really nice day XD sa uulitin XD

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Term 1 SY 08 OVER!

I woke up at 8am in the morning because I have to ride together with my brothers. Before going to school, I had to get my brothers' cards in school. I don't know why parents have to get their cards. It's just stupid and wastes all of our time. Since I left that school, the school's standards are way bellow the standards when I used to study there.

While I was there, people there seemed to tower above me. am so jealous of their hight. I always wanted to be taller. Stupid genes. This is the tallest I can get. While I was dreaming of growing taller, I remember that I saw this documentary in discovery Channel where in China, a lot of girls undergo plastic surgery to get taller. The surgery stretches their bones. They only documented the children whose plastic surgery that had gone wrong. It was really freaky.

Arrival at school, I missed the first distribution of my course card which was around 9am. I got the school I think around 9. So, I had to wait for the next one. I got exhausted walking to and fro all around Gox. I was too nervous what my grade will be in NLAN. I talked to our prof before the distribution. He said that 4 people failed. OMG. I could not calm down. I can't afford to fail. Our group had this big problem. Our machine project got 11/85 because some pages were not linked together. So our prof gave us another go to demo our pages even if hey weren't linked together. We got around 20+. That eliminated most of the failing people. WAHOOO. So the prof did some impromptu quiz then she passed. hahaha. My grades were fine by the way. I thik better than any past terms.

I really feel tired, very tired walking around Gox the whole day but I can't sleep. There are just so many things to do like: Play with Joc's Nintendo DS (he let me borrow it the whole break. YEY), watch the 1st episode of the 2nd season of Gossip Girl (OMG, I'm waiting for the download to finish), tomorrow watch Boys Like Girls concert, go to a party this Saturday, make the wallpapers I am planning to the the break, finish he book I am reading, Finish the manga I am reading, and pay the tuition within the due period and relax . So many things I want to do. I wish I can finish them all.

Term 1, over. Let my term break start. I miss you already!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How dumb can I get?

Hello school work. AGAIN. Gah. I thought I could escape from school work after our defense. Tsk tsk. We had to re-do our work to get a higher grade (2.0 just won't do).

So I was talking to this certain person. That person told me that one of my strongest trait is that I get what I want, no matter what it takes. Looking at it in the positive side, I am determined. On the other hand, I think I'm just plain spoiled. Truthfully, I don't ask for many things to other people especially my parents. But when I do, I make it a point to be a necessity. For all the times I don't ask for anything, getting what I want when I want it evens out everything.

We went ice skating today together with Jeric, JD, Oyo, Karl, Totit, Chico and Xent. My advantage is that I know how to skate and they don't. It was soooo much fun since everyone kept falling down I kept laughing until mu tummy hurts. THANKS JD FOR TODAY!

I am currently programming. Well, thinking of algos to put in Flash. I know actionscript is a crammy programming thing (according to Jeric). What can I do? It was like 2years since I last programmed. My programming skills are rusted. Haha. I don't know the difference of greater than and less than sign. How dumb can I get? Hahaha. And yes, I am procras
tinating since I am still thinking of what to do next. I still want a job that all I have to do is boss around everyone to get what I want. Hahaha. Easy money. Easy life. Now that is what I want.

I saw this dress in Meg's Blog. It was the kind of dress I wound love to wear. The design of the dress is like the dresses you often see in the anime Chobits. I love the ruffles,the laces.It is just sooooo pretty to lookat. I can't get it out of my head.
It's just tooo pretty! I have to have it! Ok, this will be my wedding dress in the future with a little bit of modifications. hahaha.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Don't call me Bitch

After a long search and a little questioning from other people, I found the right alias for this blog. This is a conversation between me and Uryuu Ishida (never liked this character):

6:01:11 PM Uryuu Ishida: may cnasbe ka knina?
6:01:17 PM Me: oo!
6:01:21 PM Me: d mo lng ako piansin
6:01:26 PM Me: hmph
6:01:29 PM Uryuu Ishida: ganun
6:01:34 PM Uryuu Ishida: anu un?
6:01:45 PM Me: naalala mo pa ba ung videos nung summer camp?
6:01:56 PM Me: naalala mo ba kung san daw un kinuha?
6:02:13 PM Uryuu Ishida: bluefish
6:02:17 PM Uryuu Ishida: Godtube
6:02:20 PM Me: yey
6:02:24 PM Me: tnx :D
6:02:28 PM Uryuu Ishida: bitch ka, nkalimutan mo
6:02:31 PM Uryuu Ishida: hehe
6:02:31 PM Me: ay ay
6:02:40 PM Me: tinawag mo ako bitch
6:02:45 PM Me: punyeta ka ah
6:02:52 PM Me: ewan ko syo
6:02:52 PM Uryuu Ishida: =))
6:03:03 PM Uryuu Ishida: anu kb
6:03:06 PM Uryuu Ishida: joke lang un
6:03:18 PM Uryuu Ishida: tnwag m nga aqng punyeta eh
6:03:24 PM Me: nauna ka e
6:03:26 PM Uryuu Ishida: :(
6:03:30 PM Me: parang nag ttnung lng
6:03:38 PM Uryuu Ishida: sorry na..
6:03:39 PM Uryuu Ishida: :(
6:05:54 PM Uryuu Ishida: para san ba yan?
6:05:59 PM Uryuu Ishida: san m xa ggmtin?
6:06:13 PM Me: wag mo ng ako kausapin bitch ako e
6:06:46 PM Uryuu Ishida: tae
6:07:17 PM Uryuu Ishida: nde nman seryoso un, mga ibang tao nman tntwag q din na gnun
6:07:18 PM Uryuu Ishida: bhla ka nga
6:10:15 PM Uryuu Ishida: aalis n aq..
6:10:43 PM Uryuu Ishida: sorry kng naasar ka, nagbibiro lng nman aq
6:10:44 PM Uryuu Ishida: cge cge

You be the judge of what just happened. Super unfair ito para sa akin. No offense, I got offended.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Me Sooooo Happy

I'll get back to you later why I am soooo happy. First, let's talk about the sooo many places we visited! First, we went to Rockwell to eat lunch. Auntie Phina invited us for lunch there. I forgot the name of the restaurant. Sumo something. But the sushis were really nice. I enjoed it. ut my meal was not that good. Anyway we played arcade there (gonna upload some pictures in my multiply account wait for the update).

After lunch, we went to MOA. I had the money. I definitely have to have my necktie! I bought it in Penshoppe. I'm really happy. I'm gonna wear it this Tuesday. hahaha. After that, we went home (ha to change. don;t want to wear shorts in the store) then went to the store. In the spur of the moment, mom wanted to go to Market! Market! My mom being a S&R fan, we had to pass by there. I saw this cute bunny stuff toy. It was really big. Here I have a picture:There was this stupid guard in disguise. He was not in his uniform. Pa-epal effect pa. Nag pipicute ako tapos nilagay niya ung hands niya sa may view nung cam. Pucha siya. Buti na lang hindi nasamay yung kamaynia. Tapos sasabihin sorry kung nsamay kamay ko ah bawal yan last n yang pag picture niyo. Parang kami ng kapatid ko "oi sino ka bastard." Sobrang sarap murahin. Anyway, di na lang ako nag salita.

When I saw that stuff toy, it reminded me of Nika of how she really love bunny rabbits. Hehehe. We also saw Randy Santiago there (the pinoy actor. I don't really know him well). Basta, he is famous. So the last stop was Market! Market! Then back to home sweet home.

When we got back, I had to try on my necktie. Hehehe. I am really happy with it. I can't wait for Tuesday where I show it off. Hahaha. No spoilers for now. hahaha.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

100 Things I would Love to Do

I got so bored in the house with nothing to do. I thought of this while watching the Lifestyle Network. The things I like to do here are not in order. these re some random things I thought are cool if I did them before I died.
  1. Go to Australia.
  2. Hug a koala.
  3. Hug a panda.
  4. Have a whole day dedicated to pamper myself
  5. Stay in an exclusive beach resort. ENJOY. ENJOY. ENJOY.
  6. Eat exotic foods. (no eating of endangered species.)
  7. Taste as many kinds of food as I can.
  8. Go bald!
  9. Have a date in a fine dinning restaurant.
  10. Try extreme sports (sky diving, bungee jumping,...).
  11. Swim with dolphins.
  12. Swim with whale sharks.
  13. Scuba diving.
  14. I would like to have groupies. HAHAHA
  15. Get married with a rich bastard. Just get married and be happy.
  16. A very romantic event in my life that I would never forget.
  17. Have a boyfriend.
  18. Finish high school.
  19. Finish college.
  20. Dance/ get wild in the rain.
  21. Kiss in the rain.
  22. Build a really big and cool sand castle.
  23. Donate blood.
  24. Stay up all night talking.
  25. Have a pet cat
  26. Have a pet dog.
  27. Fall in love.
  28. Do cosplay.
  29. Own a grand piano.
  30. Own a Mini Cooper.
  31. Own a Beetle.
  32. Own a gigantic teddy bear.
  33. Be a bitch.
  34. Have a cat fight with a girl. I have to win.
  35. Sleep all day.
  36. Go jet skiing.
  37. Put a tattoo on somebody.
  38. Exercise, have abs, wear a NICE HOT bikini.
  39. Joy ride with friends for a week or so.
  40. Learn surfing.
  41. Learn how to drive.
  42. Have kids.
  43. Travel around the world.
  44. Be richer than... (secret). Be filthy rich.
  45. Be famous.
  46. Dance like crazy somewhere.
  47. Get drunk.
  48. Bar Hopping.
  49. Ride on a motorcycle.
  50. Design my own home.
  51. Spend as much money as I can in one day.
  52. Visit Japan.
  53. Have my room painted yellow.
  54. Wear fancy dresses (maid dresses, cocktail dresses,...).
  55. Cook like a pro.
  56. Form my own band.
  57. Be the lead singer.
  58. Have my own anime/manga.
  59. Be a bum.
  60. Do ice skating.
  61. Make snow angels.
  62. Work in a high paying company.
  63. Have my own business.
  64. Compose a song(s).
  65. Live in an apartment on my own.
  66. Attend a masquerade party.
  67. Ride a helicopter.
  68. Color my hair blue/green.
  69. Be an active environmentalist.
  70. Do drag racing.
  71. Go hiking.
  72. Write a book.
  73. Have my nose pierced.
  74. I want a mansion.
  75. Be linguistic.
  76. Save a human life.
  77. Do a crazy stunt.
  78. Build a gundam.
  79. Live for a while in Antarctica.
  80. Go to strip clubs. (just for the experience. hahaha)
  81. High school reunion with everyone attending like after 10 years of graduation
  82. I want to attend a wedding of one of my closest friend before I get married.
  83. Get mad at the whole world.
  84. Win the jackpot in a casino.
  85. Make a special designed shirt by me and for me.
  86. Have a snow ball fight
  87. Have a family reunion with everyone preset.
  88. Meet Oprah.
  89. Have my portrait painted.
  90. Dock with the international space station.
  91. Visit the African safari.
  92. Ride on a jet plane/ submarine.
  93. Be a pirate and sail the seven seas (well, actually just sail. hahaha).
  94. Definitely wind surfing.
  95. Have a star named after me.
  96. Be a DJ.
  97. Go karaoke by myself
  98. Reunion with my MHCS classmates.
  99. Save animals.
  100. I have to do all of these.
I have done 18 things so far. I still have82 more to go.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Alone

Shobe (our dog) got confined in the hospital the day before yesterday. She had a fever. The doctor said she might have some infection inside. She had to stay there to be observed. Poor Shobe, she had to stay in the hospital. Good thing they treated her well. Now she is feeling better. She went home with us just this morningI really got worried and depressed last night. So I have to feed her her antibiotics three times a day, eight hours interval and she hates it. I just have to force it to her. Hehehe. We spend about 5k for her medication. Talk about expensive.

OH! OH! I tried my cooking skills because mom left us home.
Good bye nice lunch.
The rice got spoiled so we had to throw it away (so much for my fried rice of DOOM =))). This body is not built to cook, but only to eat. I really don't like cooking. I'm cooking again tonight. May be I'll try less complicated cooking by cooking tuyo. Hahaha.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Walk the Walk, Do not talk to the Walking Person

I am not fond of commuting. It's not because I'm too "sosi" to commute. I really don't mind riding jeepneys or buses of LRTs. It's the fact that there are too many unknown people talking to me when I walk. Not only do they talk to me, sometimes, they blow their horn at me. How rude. Thankfully someone invented the earphones. Because of that, I get to ignore most of them. that may be the reason why people say I'm a snob. There are just too many random people talking to me. I hate that the most.

I saw this cute site where you can make an anime-like-you (visit it here). I just love doing these nonsense things. hahaha. I made this:Cute right? hahaha. I'm just bored and procrastinating from school work.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I don't know why I have this little obsession over umbrellas. I guess it started with the song umbrella. At first, I hated it because Rhianna kept saying umbrella-ella-ella-ella-a-a-a. Which was kinda stupid at first. But the song became so popular, I kinda liked it because I could not help but listen to it on the radio. In my playlist, I think I have all versions of umbrella (Rhianna, Mandy Moore, Maria Digby, All Time Low). What can I say? I like them. hahaha

Another thing, my mom left my umbrella in a fancy hotel restaurant. She even blamed me because I forced her to bring it with her (so that see would not get wet). I get to have an excuse to buy another umbrella. I have to make sure the umbrella I'm gonna let her but is color yellow. Bwahahaha.

My day, was very stressful. It started when I woke up very early in the morning to meet with my INTROSE groupmates groupmate. We had to finish 40% of the machine project that day. With less than five hours to finish it, we were cramming. Two hours left before the deadline, I felt like vomiting from the stress. Although, we did not finish it, we were able to present some modules that would fix some problems. We were also given the chance to finish it. SOMEHOW. But also because of our presentation, we have to add more stuff in it. I have to revise everything again. INHALE. EXHALE. BREATHE. Teachdev was not so bad. I have to finish the teachware this weekend and enhance the animation. Oh, I remembered, in nlan, we took a class picture with Sir Allen. hahaha. Funny guy. He has not uploaded the pics yet. I can't wait to see them and post it here.

I hope this term would all be worth all my blood and sweat. I can't wait for the term break, I'm going to red and watch all I want. hahaha

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Break Day

Today we went to Uncle Jon's house. It's a sort off welcoming party for Tim because he is back from China (although you have bee here for a month or so. hahaha). I had fun because it has been a long time since I saw my cousins. I did not have a chance to see them last summer because of many complications.

After eating, I went up to Tiff's room. We spent most of the time there. We watched part of Ultraviolet (which really sucked) then Resident Evil 3. We ate junk food, I nail polished my nails, took some pictures (visit my multiply to see some of the pictures from my cell phone here). I also got to take home their old computer (currently fixing it. I hope it works) and monitor. Weeee! Thanks, I really needed it.

We left the house around I think 3 or 4 then went to store. After that, we went to MOA to have our keys duplicated but we did not manage to do that because there were no keys available to duplicate it. What a waste of time. Then we went to S&R (seriously, I'm getting sick of that supermarket). Then back home.

I love this day. It was a some kind of a break for me. hahaha. School work, here I come XD

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Lately, all of my time has been occupied by academics. What is worse, the acads demand 24 hours of my time. How about sleep? It won't let me have a good night's sleep. I'm stressed. I'm a big mess. I'm tired. I'm sleepy and I am ranting. When will this end? I wish this term would end swiftly. I'm beat to death.

The following weeks would be worse. Next week, we won't have a maid again. I'm having a recall of what happened last summer. Tsk tsk. I can't even find a time to go shopping for my best friend's birthday present. Argh, I'm such a mess. After this, I'm going to relax even if the possibility of failing is in my head. Ok, so I actually can't relax. Great. Nothing keeps me sane. I need something to keep me sane.

I thought of so many stuffs to write for the past few days. I became so busy that when I found a good time to write it, I forgot all about it. Nice.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I was sooo excited for the launch of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. I really could not afford a book right now so my only resolve is look for it in torrent. Funny, torrent goes around faster than the real release.

I was browsing for the torrent file of this. I looked at it first in limewire. With no luck, the ebook was not there. Next attempt, google. I got bored and went through mininova (one of my favorites). I found it there! I saw chapters 1-14 of Breaking dawn. This was a Saturday by the way. According to the comments, the person who uploaded the file got arrested. Hahaha. Anways, I downloaded the file knowing it is the real thing. The next chapters was uploaded the next day (chapters 14-34).

I read it the whole Sunday, morning until evening. I just could not stop. I was actually obsessing over it. I finished chapter 1-34 Monday evening. Realizing it was not the ending, I had to find the continuation today. I found it and read i. I finished reading it now. hahaha. That is why I am writing this blog.

What I think of the whole book: The last book is nice. Very thick and nice. hahaha. It would keep you up all night. I just love the way Stephanie Meyer writes here novels, subtle then it builds up until it leaves you hanging on the edge of you chair. I guess I like her because supernatural has a great hold on me. I also love reading mangas that are supernatural. I have this particular like for vampire stories because of her. I really don't mind for another sequel. I think the ending lacked impact because it became too cheezy and the repetition of FOREVER. I guess the ending is bellow my taste. But I'll let you be the judge of that. Hope to hear comments from you XD

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Small World

A while ago, we were shopping in out usual supermarket place. That would be S&R in Baclaran. We usually meet old acquaintances there. I was not expecting to meet Jake's father there. Actually, I was not expecting it to be Jake's dad. Little hi's and hello's then Jakes dad said to my mom his son is also studying in the same school as I am, same year and same course. TADA. Conclusion, it was really Jake's dad.

After shopping, my mom and I talked about it.She said she worked under him. He and my dad were old classmates in college. Best of all, he let us barrow the Benz that was used in my mom and dad's wedding.

Cool right? It really is a small world in the Chinese community. I read this article about Six Degrees of separation (click here to know more about it) in Wikipedia. Actually, I think I studied it last time in DASALGO, I can't remember exactly. As I was saying, the Six Degrees of separation is an idea that in every six people you encounter, you know someone that the other sixth person also knows. So we are all connected through the Six Degrees of separation. Well, something like that. It was not actually proven, 100% proven. Still, it is COOOOOL. It kinda explains how small our world is.

What about school? What about it? Hahaha. Just joking. It's hectic.

Friday, August 1, 2008


We watched The Mummy: Tomb of te Dragon Emperor with Oyo (birthday boy), Enzo, VK, Joc, JD, Nika, Arvin, Andrew A., Gwen, Adi and Abby. We also met Anthony and Bruce there.

Well, the movie was disappointing because Rachel Weisz was not in it. I was really looking forward to her appearance. It was not great as the first two but I enjoyed it.

Moving on, we ate dnner at Chur's Chicken. We had fun. Especially the Truth or Four's (Truth or Dare). Marami na akong alam na secret. BLACKMAIL. Joke lang. Your secrets are safe with moi Hahaha.

Right now, Las Pinas people are in Oyo's house partying. I wish I also lived near there. Para sama ako sa party. Hahaha

THANK OYO!!! Next year uli. Wahahahaha. Seryosong Saisaki na ah. hahaha. Joke lng.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Projects and More

Weee! I feel like blogging tonight. Hahaha.

Introse reporting was a disaster. We have to do it again next meeting. We also weren't able to pass the User's Manual. Next meeting would be the judgment time. Nlan class was even more sabog. Call time was supposed to be 8 in the morning but I arrived at around 9.30, after that I only sat on the chair and did not know what was happening. The prof was discussing something I could not understand (I have to study DB). The only nice thing that happened is that we are starting the teachware. It's so much easier than introse or nlan.

I just finished my sched for next term. I thought enrollment was for next week, but since Jantzen told me it was this week I had the urge to finish it now. It won't be as hassle as this term and I think I like this sched better (even if I did not have much choice), better than this term.

Before I sign off, I have this little obsession over neckties. I have to buy one! Or two, or three! I want the checkered patterned color black and red or skull patterned white or black background would be nice. I NEED TO BUY ONE! FAST! Any would do. I just need AT LEAST one or three. Actually, I want all. I dreamed about it and told me it would really look good on me. See, I told you just a little obsession. @.@

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Currently I'm getting excited over Stephanie Mayer's third sequel Breaking Dawn. It will be out on August 2 (6 days from now!). My cousin introduced this book to me last two years ago and became an avid fan. I know she is also waiting for this *jumps up and down from excitement!*

I also thought that the new season of Gossip Girl will air n August. So much for that. I just learned it will be aired September first. ARGH! One more month of agony. I want GG, right now! I ave to find an ebook of GG. XOXO

Of course, how could I forget the list of mangas I have been waiting since summer? It makes me crazy knowing that there will be updates.
  1. Vampire Knight
  2. Naruto
  3. Faster than a Kiss
  4. Kiss/ Hug
  5. Shiki
Since they are soooooo slow to scan, clean, translate and upload, they have left me hanging! It is driving me crazy! Pretty please upload faster... I wish I know how to translate so I could be downloading RAW since they are faster to come out. I don't have to wait for them to upload. I'm keeping myself distracted by reading other mangas. That won't keep me distracted for too long.

There are just so many things to do. We have our NLANIST machine project, INTROSE and TEACHDEV (currently running on 0% of the whole project). We can manage this... Somehow.

I'm also praying that me and my friends will have a bonding time. It has been quite some time since we went out and had a chat. GAH! Miss those days. I miss my friends... stop! stop! emotional overload...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good Bye Day

Today I am celebrating 4 years of how everything started and 4 years of how I will end it. It doesn't matter if you read it or not. Hell, it doesn't matter if this is about you. I own this blog and your role is to read it. XD

I have no idea if you noticed what day it is today. I'm supposing you stopped counting within 2 years and 3 months. 1 year and 9 months later, here we are. I'm glad you don't haunt my dreams anymore. I'm happy I no longer miss you nor do I look for you. Best of all, I fell in love again.

Too many things happened, and I am proud to say that my heart does not break or gets hurt when I see you. I can't wait to scratch you out of my life. All I have to wait for are the things that are rightfully mine. I will pull myself out of your way and all you have to do is keep your friend noses out of my life. You know how I get. From this day on, I don't know you. It is true that time heals and first love does fade.

Bokura ga ita. I have been there, done that. This is how we end. Be happy coz I am. Everything that happened in the past will be dull compared to what I will have in the future.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I really really got jealous and made this new blog account. Hahaha.

Actually, I'm bored to death. There are just too much academic stuffs to do and I'm too lazy to do them. I used to be a big fan of blogging, but now I can't write anything. May be I'll just write something next time if I thought of something interesting.

I made the banner above with goth theme-like. I think I'm kinda liking this. Hahaha.

Anyways, am I really that repulsive you can't even get to go near me? hahaha. It's not my problem.