Friday, August 1, 2008


We watched The Mummy: Tomb of te Dragon Emperor with Oyo (birthday boy), Enzo, VK, Joc, JD, Nika, Arvin, Andrew A., Gwen, Adi and Abby. We also met Anthony and Bruce there.

Well, the movie was disappointing because Rachel Weisz was not in it. I was really looking forward to her appearance. It was not great as the first two but I enjoyed it.

Moving on, we ate dnner at Chur's Chicken. We had fun. Especially the Truth or Four's (Truth or Dare). Marami na akong alam na secret. BLACKMAIL. Joke lang. Your secrets are safe with moi Hahaha.

Right now, Las Pinas people are in Oyo's house partying. I wish I also lived near there. Para sama ako sa party. Hahaha

THANK OYO!!! Next year uli. Wahahahaha. Seryosong Saisaki na ah. hahaha. Joke lng.

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