Monday, July 28, 2008

Projects and More

Weee! I feel like blogging tonight. Hahaha.

Introse reporting was a disaster. We have to do it again next meeting. We also weren't able to pass the User's Manual. Next meeting would be the judgment time. Nlan class was even more sabog. Call time was supposed to be 8 in the morning but I arrived at around 9.30, after that I only sat on the chair and did not know what was happening. The prof was discussing something I could not understand (I have to study DB). The only nice thing that happened is that we are starting the teachware. It's so much easier than introse or nlan.

I just finished my sched for next term. I thought enrollment was for next week, but since Jantzen told me it was this week I had the urge to finish it now. It won't be as hassle as this term and I think I like this sched better (even if I did not have much choice), better than this term.

Before I sign off, I have this little obsession over neckties. I have to buy one! Or two, or three! I want the checkered patterned color black and red or skull patterned white or black background would be nice. I NEED TO BUY ONE! FAST! Any would do. I just need AT LEAST one or three. Actually, I want all. I dreamed about it and told me it would really look good on me. See, I told you just a little obsession. @.@

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jantzen said...

ahahaha hingi ka kay marcos ng advice sa ties!. Siya kilala kong pinaka addict sa ties naalala ko dati lagi siya nagtutro sa mga frosh papano mag tali ng necktie :))