Saturday, July 26, 2008


Currently I'm getting excited over Stephanie Mayer's third sequel Breaking Dawn. It will be out on August 2 (6 days from now!). My cousin introduced this book to me last two years ago and became an avid fan. I know she is also waiting for this *jumps up and down from excitement!*

I also thought that the new season of Gossip Girl will air n August. So much for that. I just learned it will be aired September first. ARGH! One more month of agony. I want GG, right now! I ave to find an ebook of GG. XOXO

Of course, how could I forget the list of mangas I have been waiting since summer? It makes me crazy knowing that there will be updates.
  1. Vampire Knight
  2. Naruto
  3. Faster than a Kiss
  4. Kiss/ Hug
  5. Shiki
Since they are soooooo slow to scan, clean, translate and upload, they have left me hanging! It is driving me crazy! Pretty please upload faster... I wish I know how to translate so I could be downloading RAW since they are faster to come out. I don't have to wait for them to upload. I'm keeping myself distracted by reading other mangas. That won't keep me distracted for too long.

There are just so many things to do. We have our NLANIST machine project, INTROSE and TEACHDEV (currently running on 0% of the whole project). We can manage this... Somehow.

I'm also praying that me and my friends will have a bonding time. It has been quite some time since we went out and had a chat. GAH! Miss those days. I miss my friends... stop! stop! emotional overload...


Anonymous said...

lagi naman tayo angkikita ah. baket namimiss mo kmi nila xent? hahahaha... oo feeler ako e.. tskkk


oyo said...

9jaaa haha nka comment din ako