Monday, October 18, 2010

Dessert Escape

This cold rainy night, I was craving for a dessert. I don't care what, I just need to eat a dessert. So I searched online something easy to make. The big problem is that we don't have most of the ingredients of the desserts especially berries. I mean you know, berries here in the Philippines are crazy expensive so we don't have it in our refrigerators. And the dessert craving was driving me crazy. I was telling my bf I would eat our sugar if I don't find something to eat for dessert.

I keep on stumbling on s'mores online. We did have chocolate and we did have graham crackers but no mallows. And heating the chocolate or mallows would not be a problem with the microwave.

Well then, I wanted to share this quick and easy dessert if one night, like me, you are looking for a quick and easy dessert and something you would most likely find in the kitchen.

You will need:
  1. microwave
  2. graham crackers
  3. sugar
  4. chocolate
  5. Mallows (if you have mallows hanging around the house)
  • Take a piece of graham put it on a microwavable plate (something that would fit your microwave. DUH)
  • What we had in the kitchen were chocolate chips, so I sprinkled the chocolate chips on my graham. If you don't have chocolate chips, bar(s) of chocolate would be fine.
  • Sprinkle on some sugar. You can skip this if you think the chocolate you have is sweet enough.
  • (optional) If you have mallows hanging around the house you could also put that. The microwave will melt the mallows I just don't know how long but you can experiment on it and get back to me how long you microwaved the mallows with chocolate(s). I'm not exactly a culinary expert just a person who has great love for food :) and I got it form my mom. haha
  • Put in the plate with the graham in the microwave and heat it for 40seconds. You can experiment on this until the chocolate looks like its melting and when you touch it, it feels soft and squishy.
  • Take another graham and sandwich the chocolate and sugar (and mallows).
TADA! Easy! Now you have a dessert. YUM. Let's call this s'mores that fit whatever you have lying around the house. haha! take that!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just not as happy

Hi ya'all doing?

Well, too much has happened. It's October and almost 1 month after I last posted. Well, I am still looking for a job. It just so disheartening. There just have been too many interviews and no job offers. I'm stressed because of it. Truthfully, I'm already feeling that I wasted my parents' money because I can't find a job.

And of course, I have not been bumming around! If you follow my deviant, I have a few updates. First is my version of the mad hatter. Maybe you won't understand it, he actually has a background story that I am not yet ready to share (surprise!). He is one of my favorite characters I have ever come up yet.

Next is a drawing I made after I watched Legend of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga'Hoole. Do you think its nice?

Then a drawing inspired from a commercial I was watching: a ballerina.

Lastly, a little something personal. A chibi me. Just a little something out of the ordinary.

Well, something is keeping me busy, when it is complete, I will tell you more about it.

Oh and I reopened my carbonmade. These are just some of the things I did. Another portfolio. You can't have too much portfolio can you? haha. (link)

I am feeling down recently with me not having a job. I hope brighter days will come my way. I hope you have better luck than me. and If you happen to read this blog and you also happened to like my work, feel free to contact me and lift me out of this misery. haha.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Great Sunday Mornings

How you all been doing? It has almost been two months since I last blogged. Hopefully I will be graduating this October (when I get one of my subjects to be credited). I hope to march and get my diploma and work as soon as possible. I have actually been looking for a job these past few weeks. Three of them replied but only two scheduled for an interview. Sadly, there is also another one that called me one night and it was a pyramiding scam. I won't lose hope! I really believe that when something happens in your life, its really meant for you. If they don't call, well, I will try not to lose hope!

Also, I bought my own tablet! YEY! I'm really really really happy with it. I have been practicing and also to add it with my portfolio. You can always visit my deviantart site on links listed on the side. You can also click the direct links here.

So the first one (link) is my first art with my tablet. the line art was done months ago that I can't even remember. I reserved it when one day I am able to own a tablet which I did :). The second is a fan art for Ragnarok (yes the Korean game) here is the link. That is my knight which I am playing. Next is another fan art (link). I figured that I need to work on my coloring. When I started drawing I used to do lots of fan art until I was satisfied with it and then made my own drawing style. If I was going to improve on coloring my art, I guess I have to turn back to doing fan arts right? Well, I actually don't know but it's worth a try. Here is my latest (link). I tried experimenting a little with color and lines. The main problem I have is doing the shading and lighting to give it a more 3D image. I want to continue to learn so that I can improve. If you have suggestions or comments I'll be happy to know about them Just leave a message :)

As promised, I said that I also am going to learn 3D. I did. I took up 3DMODEL. These are just the few things I did for that subject (link). I am leaving you with my final project for that subject. Hope it makes you smile :) It's just a great Sunday morning today

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I'll be graduating soon when everything falls into place. I am really hoping that everything is falling into place.

When you graduate, you work. For those who do not work as soon as they graduate, they either take their time before they do or they study again. Well, in my case I have to work. I want to study, a masters degree perhaps? But maybe I'll do it some other time.

When you work, you think about what kind of work you want to do. I took a course that focuses more on educating other people through multimedia. To tell you the truth, I am more concerned about the multimedia than educating other people. I am not much of a fan of education, not that I have something against it. I just don't enjoy it. And because I took a course related to education, I am considering a career in education where I will not enjoy or something in the field of arts but very hard to get through but, undoubtedly, I will enjoy. I do not want to sound whinny... I am just thinking that having a career in education will make me feel safe... And well, perusing what I love (graphic arts) is a risk that I m not sure I am willing to take considering my other circumstances.

Half of me wants to stay at school, being at my comfort zone and half of me wants everything to get this done and over with.

I remembered when I was 12 or so, I sometimes stop and ponder on little things like the future. That when I close my eyes now then I open them again I'll be 20. Almost ten years has passed most of the things changed, you'll never believe it when I say I still do the same thing but instead of opening my eyes then I'll be 20, when I open my eyes I'll be 30. I'll come back to this blog and laugh all about it. Next thing I'll know I'll be 40.

Well, just to make this blog a little lighter, why don't you check out what I have been doing for the past few months. I did all of the in Blender. This is the 3d chess set and the 2nd version I made (link), this is the first one (link) and the chess pieces (link). Of course, feel free to check out my deviantart any time. the link is just at the right side of my blog :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

PC take down!

Well, then. Last Tuesday we had a terrible storm that night. The winds were hurling, some of the roofs were flying and trees were bending. Of course, I should have anticipated they were going to cut off the electricity. I wasn't able to charge my laptop or my cell. Usually, they would have restored electricity around half a day or so... but they didn't. I think the bagyo (typhoon) did more damage than anyone anticipated.

We did not have electricity for about 24 hours or so. I was bored. Then I remembered I told my boyfriend I would take down my old computer if I had the time. The opportunity presented itself. Why I wanted to dismantle it? Well, it has been sitting downstairs for ages. It broke down, I think, two years ago. I just kept the parts. I did not know what to do with it yet. Then the second PC also broke down. I guess we have a reason to buy a new PC now.

Here are some pictures that I took. It entertained me for about an hour or so, I think.

The Mother board
The Processor
AMD duron

For the past week I have not been able to update, I have been really really busy. I do have a few artworks in my deviant which is my business card and an art work I did in paint tool SAI. I am currently studying 3D Modeling. I do have some of my works but I'm lazy to upload them. So, until next time. Wait for the update. I'll make sure to upload my 3d works :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Schools to Teeth

First week of school started last week. As always, 1st day is always a pain. It's not that I don't like going to school, it's just a pain. You know what I mean?

It is my third day on pain killers. Why? Well, my last wisdom tooth is growing. Well, I think it is the last and hopefully it is. My mom told me that when I was a baby, I used to have fevers if my teeth are growing. That explains the pain I am feeling right now. It's really not so bad unless I start eating lunch and dinner. I feel so old right now since I can't munch on my food so I choose foods that are really easy to bite and swallow. The worst feeling is when you get up in the morning. Sometimes, it just hurts so much that I wake up because of it.

So much for wanting to gain some weight for the past two weeks. My friends told me I look more haggard and thin since they last saw me. I also can't eat too much sold foods since my tooth hurts. How can I gain some weight???

BTW, if you're wondering what happened to my last post, well, I did not get any tickets. I know, it sucks. Sex and the City is not my thing anyways. But, oh well. I'm still pissed whenever I remember it.

that's it for now. Hope when your wisdom tooth grows, you don;t feel the pain I am feeling right now. haha. Smile :)

Monday, May 24, 2010


I can't put into words how disappointed I am right now. It just made my good day turn into a very bad day.

I woke up in the morning and noticed that today is not as hot as these past few days. I thought to myself that summer will soon be over. I went out of my room and down to the kitchen to do my usual routine every morning which is to clean up the messes made last night, put the dished back where it belongs and make ice. When I went down, my mom was already awake and did most of the things I intend to do so instead I made the ice. Once done, I took my seat in front of the TV and watch.

While watching, I saw our cable provider's(SkyCable) ad last Saturday. They were giving out free 2 tickets to Prince of Persia for this Friday for the first 80 subscribers who would call. I called last Saturday and inquired if those tickets were still available. They told me they were so the agent told me that they already reserved me the tickets. She also told me that They will call again to give me the details to when and how it can be claimed. I said ok and waited.

Tuesday came and still no call. I was passing the time until 10am because it was the time when the people responsible for the freebies start or whatever. I called and wanted to inquire when can I claim the tickets. The agent I am speaking with told me that they would call me again for around 10-15mins. So I waited. Good thing, they really did call me back. The agent I am speaking with told me that the tickets were no longer available. I was not able to reserve the tickets and they already ran out of tickets to give. I was so pissed off ! The agent I spoke to told me she already reserved the tickets for me last Saturday and now this other agent is telling me I did not. Of course, I will not go down without a fight. I asked her now what do we do. It was their error and not mine. She offered me the next premiere movie which is Sex and the City 2 showing in June 2. But then, they still cannot give the ticket so she would call me again when they can give the tickets. I just agreed since I think that would be the best thing she could have offered to me. If they did not call, well, I just have to make a scene again.

I was really patient enough to be calm and all since I sympathize with the call center agents there. It's just that I had my hopes up for this movie and wanted to watch it. They confirmed it and all. Now... There is nothing to watch anymore. I got so disappointed until now.

Anyway, last night I missed making manipulated photos so I did this and this. Which do you think is better?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two weeks of Bum-tastic Tragedies

I have been actually procrastinating to write this blog since I have been so lazy these past two weeks. I have so much to tell that is why I am lazy to do so. haha.

First of all, I want to tell you my first job experience. It's not actually related to my course. It's more of a seasonal job but it I think I'll consider this my first real job experience. I got my first job in a call center company. Although I told myself I won't end up there... with the harshness of life, I was forced to apply there.

Here in the Philippines, call center is a fast growing trend because it's high paying, easy money and does not actually require a degree. I got a seasonal job for 1-800 (I think this flower shop is quite famous in the States). It was a 2week job. So, for the 1st week we had training and then the following we went to the floor to go live. It was a fun experience especially people I met there and become friends with. If ever you called or ordered flowers from 1-800 for mother's day, maybe you have spoken to me :P

With that, I can now say that a call center job is not for me. Everything we had to say was scripted. Everything was repetitive. On top of that, it was a graveyard shift to accommodate U.S. time frame. I had to be there by 11pm and my shift ends at 10am. I get to arrive home by 11-12pm. I lost my sense of time. I did not even know what day it was. The worst part there is that it is summer. It is so hard to sleep in the afternoon when it is very hot. May be if it was not summer, it would have been better. I also lost weight because of that. So these past two weeks that I have been bumming around, I want to get my weight back and chuck a few extra pounds. It's not good to be too skinny.

Next is that I found a good blogger. I stumbled upon his blog somehow from link of links. I like his way of blogging. It reminds me how I blog. You can go check it out here and these are my two favorite post from him here and here. This is also my first time to promote another fellow blogger. I hope you find him funny and witty.

By the way, to the people who are commenting here I encourage you to comment something about the blog post not just saying random "that's great" or "I like it" then leaving your blog link after. I would really appreciate it. Thanks :D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why I Lost Faith in Filipino Police Movies

This is not to criticize the Police force in the Philippines. They already have too much of that.

This is not to criticize other Philippine movie genres. I do have comments but I'll keep it to the people who also share my sentiments with regard to the topic.

This is to scream for something more innovative. More original.

  1. I lost the trust long long ago in the Philippine police force. With all the "kotong"(don't know the English translation) and "lagay" (under the table), who wouldn't? There seems to be no justice here.
  2. There aren't any "hot" ordinary police men. There isn't also any good looking police man. They are just a bunch of fat guys with big beer bellies wearing uniforms. Do I have to tell you what they do in their spare time? *ahem* *ahem**drink beer* *ahem*
  3. One of the biggest question, is there really an undercover agent here who is wearing maong (denim) or leather jacket? It is just too hot here to wear those silly things. I also thought, may be they were wearing it during colder days like December. HELLO!? Running and shooting with the jacket. You'll just die of heat. If the heat did not get you first, you'll just turn out to be conspicuous in that get up and blow your cover.
  4. Too simple and too repetitive plots. You know, they're the same plots just with different character names and title. Well yeah, you can say the movie is so "Filipino" and you can't take it away. But how long will you dwell in that kind of thinking? It doesn't exactly make us move forward.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer heat at its peak

At last! After the few months I have been saying that I plan to change my banner, I did it. I finally! The one above is my 5th banner. Usually it would be a digital art but since I have (kinda) a camera, in celebration to it I made my banner one photo I took while I was in Baguio.

You can look at the banner here ( link) and if you are interested looking at the previews banners I made you can visit it here (link). The banner's background I captured it myself. It is from here (link). That would be the 2nd shot I did. This is the 1st shot (link).

Do you know what kiamoy is? They are dried plums preserved dried plums. It's color red. The taste is a little sweet, salty and very sour. When I was in Baguio some street vendors were selling this. They were the plums before it was made kiamoy. Hahaha.

We also went to Baguio Botanical garden. They are so many flowers. Baguio is also a cold place so the flowers there are very lovely. Here are some of the pictures I took. The gumamela (link), sun flower with a bee on it (link1, link2)and the sunflower (link)

I look forward to taking more beautiful pictures next time with my cam :)

Bye bye Baguio and hello heat waveeee.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer Holiday

I am saying hello to the virtual world from the Philippines. It's so damn hot here. It's 11:13pm and the heat still continues to torture me. Thank God for air conditioners. It saves lives but it consumes too much electricity. Of course, it is still important to conserve electricity. But when you live near the equator, it is quite hard to live without it in the summer.

I am taking a holiday starting tomorrow until Sunday. I am going back to Baguio to fix some stuffs and hopefully get some rest from the stressful term. It is a little colder there since it's high up in the mountains. We will travel around 6hrs or so to get there.

I hope our thesis will do fine. We have been working on it the whole term! BTW, the deadline is on Saturday, so I am counting on my groupmates :D wish us luck! I don't want to repeat agaaaaain.

I also can't seem to find a summer job. I did not want to rely on my parents again to pay for my tuition. If I still can't find any, I really have to study hard. I am thinking of studying web development on my own since there is a lot of money there. My my, I should have paid more attention to my web development class.

Can anyone help me find something to do? Something profitable?

Sometimes I think I am not competent enough that is why no one offers me a free lance job. SIGH. I have to do better than this.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I need a break from everything

from expectations

from love

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life and Soap Operas

It's so nice to watch telenovelas (soap operas). They have interesting plots, famous actors, good show set, etc. I am not fond of watching Filipino soap operas but I likes some Japanese, Korean and American soap operas.

When you come to think of it, we ourselves stars in our own soap operas. We are the leading actor. Sometimes we change co-actors and sometimes they stick there all throughout your season. Think about Life as the director of your very own soap opera. It's just that everything is not scripted, you have your own free will and so with the people you are involved with.

What's so hard with living this kind of soap opera? Aside from you don't know the script, you can't fast forward it. At least with finished soap operas, you can always skip the middle and watch the end first. But with life, we deal with it every day. Every day is an episode that eventually turns into seasons, season finale, then end of season.

Sometimes, I just want to skip to the end. What will happen to me after 5 or 10 yrs? How will I die? What will my life be? Sometimes it's just too painful to live it day by day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogging from Here and There

I'm blogging from a place other than my home! haha. I am taking a semi-vacation for the holy week since we don't have classes.

How am I? Same as always. When I thought we were going somewhere with our thesis, we hit a deadend again and must hit the U-turn. Oh well. I am currently studying AS3 (actionscript 3) for our thesis. I thought that it would actually make our lives easier when developing our thesis instead of programming it in Flash Professional. I am having a hard time with it since I don't really know how to program in OOP (object oriented program) languages. HELP. My goal is to master it by giving myself the whole week to study it. Good luck to me. For those of you who doesn't have programming background, you may not understand what I am saying. hahaha.

Anyway, I tried to practice my drawing by going Asian clothing. I drew this. I haven't colored it. I will color it when I have the time. And hopefully I can buy a pen tablet.

I would be enjoying this semi-vacation. I hope you are enjoying where ever you are. Tell me what you have been up to.

Keep you posted soon :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

Vote for me, won't you?

I just passed my interview in I would love to hear from you.

Won't you vote for me?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why is it so hard to love a person than a dog?

Why is it so hard to love a person than a dog?

Dogs can do what people can do. Sometimes more.

They can keep you company when you feel lonely. They even sit beside you while watching tv.

They eat with you whenever you eat. They even sit attentively beside you as you put every piece of food in your mouth.

They have their own unique personality. You can have a very naughty dog in a minute, a nice dog in the other.

No matter what time you come home, they always look forward to it, not asking questions, never suspicious.

Whenever they see you, you know that you are loved unconditionally because their tails always go wagging left to right non-stop.

You love them unconditionally, and they love you back unconditionally. They love you for who you are even in your tantrums.

You can train them what not to do and what to do. They even guard your house.

Why is it so easy to love a dog and not a person?

**we have three dogs at home and we love them so much. I'm just having a little trouble with my heart, that is all.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The 3D Experience

I know I am a little bit late, but it was my first time to watch in 3d! haha. On the contrary, it was me and my best friend first time to watch 3D. I was so excited.

We watched Alice in Wonderland by Tom Burton a little while ago in MOA (Mall of Asia) for 250php (inclusive of ether a popcorn or hot dog in a bun). It is a nice movie . I recommend you to watch it. You would never go wrong in a Johnny Depp movie.

When we entered the theater, the lights were already turned off. We had to find our own way to our seats. On our way, my best friend told me, "I think I'm a little dizzy, I can't see the screen clearly" I was laughing at her and told her of course, it's in 3d we need to wear to glasses to see it clearly. When we got in our seats, I we wore the glasses and took picture of ourselves.(will post it here when I get a hold of it) hahaha. Then, when I faced the screen, the was a movie effect like something was thrown at the screen. I shouted, "SHET" then ducked. Then I remembered we were watching in 3D!!! We were laughing so hard. Good thing the sound was loud enough that other people could not hear it. THE IGNORANCE. hahaha.

It was a nice experience. We learned our lesson. It's nice to do things together with my best friend :D

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You like my Blog?

Well, I was surprised when I checked my blogger account. I had 3 comments and one of the comment saying someone recommended my blog in The next two comments saying that I have a great blog. I am really surprised. How did you stumble on my blog? haha.

First I want to thank you for those who are reading my blog and to the person who recommended me in Thank you :D I did not even know there was such a site. I'll be doing that some other time but I'll definitely answer it, just not tonight. Next, since I know that more people are subscribing and reading my blog, I'll try to refrain from writing in Filipino. If ever I did, I'll try to remember to put beside it its English translation.

As usual, I'm more excited for the updates! haha. I have a youtube account (just recently) and I also uploaded my first ever video. I hope you would watch it even if it's just a 3second video. haha. click here to see the video. Watch and subscribe! I had my latest video edit just this week. I'm glad they liked it. I really got so stressed out this week because of that. I wasn't able to do my thesis this week so I'll dedicate all my time next week for our thesis. Again, I could not upload it. I am keeping it for my portfolio, if ever. It has this James Bond/Charley's Angels/ Mission Impossible theme. I really wish I could share it to you guys.

Oh Oh one last thing. I wanted to share this movie I just watched. The Ttile is Nine. It is really nice. Watch the trailer and get back to me if you liked it :D (link)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lazy Noons

One afternoon I was getting sleepy and even before I got to sleep I thought about my childhood days. When I was around 5-10 I hated afternoon naps especially when I was sleeping-over at my cousin's house. Sleeping felt like wasting time when I can play more if I did not sleep. Not only that, drowsiness never really visited me in the afternoons. We would pretend for awhile that we were asleep then when our yayas(nursemaids) goes out of the room, we would play again. We did not even got scared even when our yayas told us we would never grow tall when we grow older. Who wanted to grow tall? Not Me. I was contented in being a kid and being small. My routine was like, get up, play, eat, sleep and that's the end of the day.

Now it feels like afternoon naps are a blessing. Being busy with assignments, thesis, work and other stuffs, naps are one of the things that I look forward the most. I just miss the times where I would spend my time with my cousins when summer time comes. Summers with them are one of the most memorable things I have and cherish. I miss them.

Summer is here and I can feel the heat.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Be Patient

I am in the middle of the school term and so far... I can't say. It is getting harder everyday. Well, I am not liking my philosophy class because there are just too many info to memorize for the next quiz. I don't know how well I'm going to do for the next quiz and I don't know how well I did the last quiz. Let's pray that everything is going to be fine.

Enough about that, let's talk about other things like art updates. As usual, I told you I was busy with thesis and it is now becoming a little tiring. I uploaded some of the things I did for it. If you are following my deviant I uploaded these weeks ago (here and here). And of course, valentines was last week, I had to do a little art for it here. It's really quite simple. I don't have tablet so it has a lot of flaws. I also did a sideline for some people. They wanted me to do a video edit. Compiled, edited and exported in Adobe Premiere and I also used Adobe AfterEffects for some of the effects. Too bad I can't upload it. Well, I'll just keep it for reference. I like these kinds of work.. I like variations too keep me interested.

I still cannot study 3d because of my schedule. When I have the time, I will. I am also planning on changing the banner for this site and again, when the time permits, I will. So many things to do, so little time. Bear with me.

I'm a free-lace artist. If you like my art, you can contact me through my gmail which is: or reply here in my blog. :D

Monday, February 1, 2010


Oh my. I did not notice that my last blog entry was before Christmas. I was supposed to write a blog entry around new year but I got lazy. New year passed by and valentines is just around the corner (and Chinese new year which is also the same day as valentines).

I have been busy with school stuffs, thesis and other things. I also got hooked with Glee. I watched the first episode i think around 2nd week of January and I love it. I did Glee marathon the next week. I can't wait for the next episodes of Glee and Gossip Girl.

I don't have new projects except the tribal art I did which was week ago. Visit here and here. It is my first time to do vector art in Illustrator so don;t expect too much and they are more of tattoo designs. Thesis keeps me occupied recently. I am thinking of learning 3d in 3ds Max. I will keep you updated as often as possible but since there is nothing much going on with my life right now there are no interesting things to write. So, until next time.