Monday, February 22, 2010

Lazy Noons

One afternoon I was getting sleepy and even before I got to sleep I thought about my childhood days. When I was around 5-10 I hated afternoon naps especially when I was sleeping-over at my cousin's house. Sleeping felt like wasting time when I can play more if I did not sleep. Not only that, drowsiness never really visited me in the afternoons. We would pretend for awhile that we were asleep then when our yayas(nursemaids) goes out of the room, we would play again. We did not even got scared even when our yayas told us we would never grow tall when we grow older. Who wanted to grow tall? Not Me. I was contented in being a kid and being small. My routine was like, get up, play, eat, sleep and that's the end of the day.

Now it feels like afternoon naps are a blessing. Being busy with assignments, thesis, work and other stuffs, naps are one of the things that I look forward the most. I just miss the times where I would spend my time with my cousins when summer time comes. Summers with them are one of the most memorable things I have and cherish. I miss them.

Summer is here and I can feel the heat.


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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simon n josh said...

I so wish I could feel summer here..still snow and ice and cold. Love the sentiments and the description of the memory.


like your personal blog so much hope you continue it.

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JoHa said...

i wish summer comes very very very soon!!
great blog btw

sly99 said...

@olive: thank you

@simon: I haven't experience snow, let's trade places! haha. I was feeling nostalgic. it's so nice being a kid

@clamor: thank you vary much

@mike: thanl you also. I will submit an interview sometime soon.

@joHa: thank you. yours too :D