Thursday, March 4, 2010

You like my Blog?

Well, I was surprised when I checked my blogger account. I had 3 comments and one of the comment saying someone recommended my blog in The next two comments saying that I have a great blog. I am really surprised. How did you stumble on my blog? haha.

First I want to thank you for those who are reading my blog and to the person who recommended me in Thank you :D I did not even know there was such a site. I'll be doing that some other time but I'll definitely answer it, just not tonight. Next, since I know that more people are subscribing and reading my blog, I'll try to refrain from writing in Filipino. If ever I did, I'll try to remember to put beside it its English translation.

As usual, I'm more excited for the updates! haha. I have a youtube account (just recently) and I also uploaded my first ever video. I hope you would watch it even if it's just a 3second video. haha. click here to see the video. Watch and subscribe! I had my latest video edit just this week. I'm glad they liked it. I really got so stressed out this week because of that. I wasn't able to do my thesis this week so I'll dedicate all my time next week for our thesis. Again, I could not upload it. I am keeping it for my portfolio, if ever. It has this James Bond/Charley's Angels/ Mission Impossible theme. I really wish I could share it to you guys.

Oh Oh one last thing. I wanted to share this movie I just watched. The Ttile is Nine. It is really nice. Watch the trailer and get back to me if you liked it :D (link)

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