Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Adore, or so We Say in French J'adore

Tell me I'm not obsessing over Gossip Girl. Tell me!!!

I really don't know why upper east side elite pretty fashionable girls attract me sooooooo much. I love the first 5 of the book. I loved the season 1 of Gossip Girl TV series. And I am loving season 2.

I have an active imagination and I can't stop myself imagining how I want my life would be if I lived in a world like Blair. I love the character of Blair Waldorf and the actress Leighton Meester. She so fits the description of a "high queen bitch" but at the same time elegant, sly and cunning. Truthfully, I want to be like her. She is so high and powerful, she gets what she wants, manipulates people when it is needed, she knows what she can do and the best of all she does not pity people under her. Yes, I want to be a high queen bitch loved and hated by everyone. Who would not want to be rich, famous and powerful? I know I want it. It's just the matter of how badly you want it.

Let's talk about Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). What about him? Do I have to talk about how perfect he is for that role? How he makes me want to eat him whole because of his sexy voice? Or, or, the time wen he is so broken hearted that I want him to fall in love with me? So, what about him? He really is my type of man. Broken inside, though and bad on the outside. I read too much novels and happy endings, I know. hahaha.

Tell me I'm not obsessive. TELL ME!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clumsy Day

I thought this day would be like any ordinary day. BUT it was not.

It started before physics class. I came from the 11th floor and my class was in the 8th floor. I was so confident that the room I am was going to enter would be our room. Me, being so confident opened the door.

What was running through my mind when I opened and entered the room and walked a little towards the chairs: "Wow, everyone seems to occupy all of the seats. I don't seem to remember their faces. Look, the prof is a girl. May be a substitute. I can't seem to find Arvin and the others. Oh my, what happened to my bag? It seems to be different. Where is my pink jacket? I cannot afford to lose that. Oh shit, SINO MGA ITO? Di ko sila kilala. Bakit sila naka tingin sa akin. OMG, maling room ata napasukan ko."

Surprise, surprise. When I looked at the room number it started with 9. Stupid me! Wrong floor!!!

So nice right?

Another was when I slipped on the stairs in the walkway around Coastal. ARGH. My butt hurt. I did not even looked if someone saw. I was too quick to walk looking hat nothing happened.

So clumsy today. but it was fun. Hahaha

Saturday, September 13, 2008

09.13.08 @ MOA

Me, Yu ann, Christianne and Elis went to Moa. Elis had an entrance exam in Ateneo (I hope you pass *cross fingers*) so we met after lunch. I was the last one to arrive, around 2.30pm. Christianne planned to go bowling. but when we arrived there, there was a competition and we were on the waiting list. We did not go bowling and Chris was truly disappointed. She kept going on and on about bowling and taking pictures. hahaha. Don't worry, next time, we'll go bowling.

In stead of bowling, we went window shopping. We went around MOA. It was pretty big. We got into a store with nail polishes. Yu went straight right in and painted her nails. She said it was her hobby. I also got bored and painted may nails. I have a multicolored nails. Hahaha.

Another crazy thing we did was hen we went in Penshoppe. First, I was going to show them the necktie I bought last time (sorry, I told you I have this obsession over neckties) but we saw the Mac computer (iMac if I am not mistaken). We took pictures in its webcam and really had fun with it. We were laughing so loud and so hard that the sales people there were looking at us but just ignored them and pictured all the way. You can see the pictures we took at my multiply and I am still waiting for Chris to upload the pics in her multiply.

I am really a Mac savvy. Since I got my first Mac, I never waned to switch back to PC unless I really really need it. If I get really rich, I'll buy all the Macs I can. wahahaha

Mostly we chatted about people and people's lives have high school. We also talked about Elis and how she s coping up with problems and stuff. We talked about lots of stuffs. Actually they all did the talking and I'm just the listener. I'm not much the talker.

We also visited the book fair in SMX. They were selling mostly for education stuff. We went around for a while and went out. We also ventured in the SMX second floor were Acceture had this event going on ad everyone was in cocktail suits. We were the party crashers. hahaha. We passed by there and went back in the mall.

I was the first one to say good bye to them since mom left me an errand to buy bread. Mom fetched me there in MOA. When I got home, I discovered the internet connection has something wrong with it. So I just went up and talked with mom until 12.30am. Hahaha. It was really fun talking to mom about stuffs.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Good morning world.

I woke up round 7am then slept again. Hahaha. I guess 7am in the morning was too much for me. I know I would not make it at school at 8am if I did not wake up. but then, I still went to seep and woke up around 7:45am. I got to school around 9am. An hour late than the agreed time. But Adi was also late. hahaha.

Adi and I left school also around 9am. We took the bus to go to his place. Around 10am, Oyo ws still sleeping. So I stayed at Adi's for a while. We fetched Oyo in his house. Then went to Enzo's place. We stayed there until around 3pm.

At Enzo's we played PS3, PS2 and PS1. Mostly the guys played the game consoles and I just played around Enzo's laptop. I used Oyo's YM account to mess around with the webcam. hahaha. Oh, they also let me pla DMC4 although I suck at it. hahaha. The last game we played was Tonny Hawk in PS2. It was me versus Oyo. It was our first time playing that game. I beat Oyo. hahaha. We also ate lunch there. We had chicken (Sr. Pedro, I think). Anyway, Adi Oyo and Enzo said it was the best chicken. hahaha.

We left Enzo's place to fetch VK in SM South. Then we went to ATC (Alabang Town Center). We had time to kill before we meet Joc and he others. We planned on buying a cake and donuts for our birthday man, Joc. After we bought the cake, we saw Xent, Totit, Jd and Chico on their way to ATC. When we were sitting in the fast food place, we saw Iggy and Kina (sorry if wrong spelling). Arvin, Roanne, Gene, Sammy and Joc arrived after a while. Joc bought pizza in Yellew Cab. While he was waiting for the order, we left the table to get the cake.

People that were there: Arvin, Oyo, Enzo, me, Roanne, Kina, Iggy, Sammy, Gene, Totit, Xent, JD, Adi, VK and Joc. (did I miss any one? I hope not)

After eating, Roanne had to go. Then JD. Then VK. Then Totit, Xent and Chico. Others stayed to watch Righteous kill. We left ATC around 10. Arvin drove me home. Bruce and Gene accompanied us as Arvin drove me home.


pictures can be viewed here and here. (Adi and Arvin's multiply account.)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pretty Much Noting in Between

I have nothing to do. The best thing to do to waste time is write a blog while waiting for Oyo to upload yesterday's shindig and wait for Jeric to finish taking a bath. When he takes a bath, it takes forever.

First thing in the morning I watched TV then played with the DS. When I got tired of it, I traced my dawing in Photoshop. As you can see the guy in my banner is all f my hard work. I had to do him twice sine the first time, mom hit the switch of the computer. I got pissed and went up and played with the DS again.

I also made a wallpaper for Jeric. I also posted this guy in m deviant. Visit it here. Oyo also posted the pics from yesterday's shindig. Visit his multiply to view it here.

It's so hot today.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I read Jantzen's blog. He was thanking a lot of people. I'm stealing his post XD

I also want to thank the sooo many people who helped me through this hellish term:
  1. God- He stood by me through out all of my hardships. He gave me strength to get up everyday knowing how unsure I am in life.
  2. Family- they understood how busy I am that they give me the freedom to do what I can with regard to school work
  3. s20 people- Mga tambaymates. They filled my 3 hour break throughout the term and shared with me all of the juicy chismises. hahaha
  4. INTROSE groupmates- thanks for your time and work. We did it. 3.5, not bad right? Espeially to Joc, our programmer. hahaha
  5. Jantzen- my partner in Thesis. hahaha. Pasado ako NLAN kaya hindi mo na ako kailangan katayin. Thanks sa lahat sobra. We still have 2 more years to endure and then hopefully no more extensions.
  6. High school friends- you kept me sane knowing that we are going to go out one day. hahaha. Especially to my bestest friends. hahaha
  7. NLAN groupmates- kahit medyo sabog MP natin, pumasa naman tayo. That's all that maters. hahaha
  8. Jeric- I can't put into words how much to thank you... I'm simply happy while I'm with you
What made my day today is the concert that was held in Alabang Town Center today. It was the concert of the Boys Like Girls. They rocked! They were sooooo cool performing. hahaha. I also bumped with the lead singer before the concert. I did not know what to do!!!! Me and Oyo panicked! He was sooo tall and had bouncers/body guards around him. He was definitely GORGEOUS! BTW, I was in front of it all. I was joined by VK and Arvin there. Front left side of the stage. Beside the speakers. hahaha. It was awsome. Abby, Iggy and Adi were at the 2nd floor while Oyo, Joc and Enzo were at the 3rd floor. The band kept throwing stuffs at us. At the last minute, the lead singer threw the WHOLE bottle of water at my direction. I did not attempt to catch it. I was too afraid it would hit me. hahaha. It was worth standing for 3 hours (we waited there starting around 4.30. the concert started at 6.30 and ended around 7 something).

We ended our trip by eating dinner at Outbox (which I suggested because the Las Pinas boys kept saying "kain tayo sa Outbox" when we are on the bus so I just have to try their food. It was nice BTW). Arvin droped me home and I showed him our dog. Thanks Arvin XD

I could never had experienced the concert if VK had not fetched and accompanied me in Coastal. Thanks VK. We stopped first at Arvin's house. We ate chocolate there and went to Joc's house. Joc has this big tazmanian devil stuff toy. So cute. I wanted to take it home with me. But unfortunately, it' Joc's. hahaha

Thanks guys for a really nice day XD sa uulitin XD

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Term 1 SY 08 OVER!

I woke up at 8am in the morning because I have to ride together with my brothers. Before going to school, I had to get my brothers' cards in school. I don't know why parents have to get their cards. It's just stupid and wastes all of our time. Since I left that school, the school's standards are way bellow the standards when I used to study there.

While I was there, people there seemed to tower above me. am so jealous of their hight. I always wanted to be taller. Stupid genes. This is the tallest I can get. While I was dreaming of growing taller, I remember that I saw this documentary in discovery Channel where in China, a lot of girls undergo plastic surgery to get taller. The surgery stretches their bones. They only documented the children whose plastic surgery that had gone wrong. It was really freaky.

Arrival at school, I missed the first distribution of my course card which was around 9am. I got the school I think around 9. So, I had to wait for the next one. I got exhausted walking to and fro all around Gox. I was too nervous what my grade will be in NLAN. I talked to our prof before the distribution. He said that 4 people failed. OMG. I could not calm down. I can't afford to fail. Our group had this big problem. Our machine project got 11/85 because some pages were not linked together. So our prof gave us another go to demo our pages even if hey weren't linked together. We got around 20+. That eliminated most of the failing people. WAHOOO. So the prof did some impromptu quiz then she passed. hahaha. My grades were fine by the way. I thik better than any past terms.

I really feel tired, very tired walking around Gox the whole day but I can't sleep. There are just so many things to do like: Play with Joc's Nintendo DS (he let me borrow it the whole break. YEY), watch the 1st episode of the 2nd season of Gossip Girl (OMG, I'm waiting for the download to finish), tomorrow watch Boys Like Girls concert, go to a party this Saturday, make the wallpapers I am planning to the the break, finish he book I am reading, Finish the manga I am reading, and pay the tuition within the due period and relax . So many things I want to do. I wish I can finish them all.

Term 1, over. Let my term break start. I miss you already!