Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clumsy Day

I thought this day would be like any ordinary day. BUT it was not.

It started before physics class. I came from the 11th floor and my class was in the 8th floor. I was so confident that the room I am was going to enter would be our room. Me, being so confident opened the door.

What was running through my mind when I opened and entered the room and walked a little towards the chairs: "Wow, everyone seems to occupy all of the seats. I don't seem to remember their faces. Look, the prof is a girl. May be a substitute. I can't seem to find Arvin and the others. Oh my, what happened to my bag? It seems to be different. Where is my pink jacket? I cannot afford to lose that. Oh shit, SINO MGA ITO? Di ko sila kilala. Bakit sila naka tingin sa akin. OMG, maling room ata napasukan ko."

Surprise, surprise. When I looked at the room number it started with 9. Stupid me! Wrong floor!!!

So nice right?

Another was when I slipped on the stairs in the walkway around Coastal. ARGH. My butt hurt. I did not even looked if someone saw. I was too quick to walk looking hat nothing happened.

So clumsy today. but it was fun. Hahaha


arvs said...

nadulas ka pla sa coastal! WHAHAH! :))

jantzen said...

HAHAHAHAAHA panalo yung sa physics! :D

sly99 said...

@ arvs- sakit nga sa pwet e. hahaha
@ jantzen- grand entrance pa ako. wahahaha