Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Adore, or so We Say in French J'adore

Tell me I'm not obsessing over Gossip Girl. Tell me!!!

I really don't know why upper east side elite pretty fashionable girls attract me sooooooo much. I love the first 5 of the book. I loved the season 1 of Gossip Girl TV series. And I am loving season 2.

I have an active imagination and I can't stop myself imagining how I want my life would be if I lived in a world like Blair. I love the character of Blair Waldorf and the actress Leighton Meester. She so fits the description of a "high queen bitch" but at the same time elegant, sly and cunning. Truthfully, I want to be like her. She is so high and powerful, she gets what she wants, manipulates people when it is needed, she knows what she can do and the best of all she does not pity people under her. Yes, I want to be a high queen bitch loved and hated by everyone. Who would not want to be rich, famous and powerful? I know I want it. It's just the matter of how badly you want it.

Let's talk about Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). What about him? Do I have to talk about how perfect he is for that role? How he makes me want to eat him whole because of his sexy voice? Or, or, the time wen he is so broken hearted that I want him to fall in love with me? So, what about him? He really is my type of man. Broken inside, though and bad on the outside. I read too much novels and happy endings, I know. hahaha.

Tell me I'm not obsessive. TELL ME!!!


wen2 XD said...

I like serena more XD she's more mature, i would say XD but that's your opinion XD

sly99 said...

@wen2 xd- hahaha. i like her too but i like blair more. she is also pretty but her role has not much drama. hahaha

Anonymous said...

you're not obsessive.. -cute

sly99 said...

@ feeling cute- ur not cute at all

Anonymous said...

amp cute kya ako T_T