Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Nothing Personal

I have to get this out of my system. I have this in m head since last Tuesday. Oh, nd this stuff is just for fun. I'm not implementing this or whatever.

You know and I know how addicted I am with Gossip Girl. I thought, why don't we also make a gossip column like Gossip Girl did in the world wide web? The only difference is that
it would turn out to be Gossip Gox. It would be the gossip column of Gox people.

Only popular and interesting people would be there. I also was thinking that it would only be in my circle of friends (because I am the one thinking this) but of course you can be creative.

I was thinking that there should also be rules and regulation for this. Ain't it fun?

  1. Gossip Girl's identity should be kept secret.- We don't want a riot. There are some gossips that can anger people. You know what I mean? There is always fun in not knowing who this person is/would be.
  2. If Gossip Girl's identity breaks out, the title "Gossip Girl" should be passed immediately without anyone knowing it and the ex-gossip girl should deny all claims and should not divulge any of the previews or current Gossip Girl.-It is secrecy to be the Gossip Girl
  3. Gossip Girl should be a girl/ girl at heart. - I'm afraid that if this was a boy, it would not get updated and would not follow other rules but still tis rule, I'm still thinking it over.
  4. In writing the column, the author cannot write in any other language other than English unless there are translated text in English at the side.- This is to maintain uniformity and class. The whole column would be a trash if all that are written there are in taglish or in other alien language there is.
  5. You can reach Gossip Girl in the site or somewhere I'm not sure yet (like an instant messenger) to share gossip. - What use would the site be if the readers would not be able to use/comment and even share gossip/ideas/opinions
  6. Gossip Girl can only gossip about people they know.- The whole thing would be too random if the Gossip girl do not know who's who in her own story
  7. Contrary to the title Gossip Girl, the gossip only to be posted should only be TRUE. - I know the whole point of gossip would really be out of place but I want to preserve authenticity that when readers read this, they know it is true.
  8. The title holder should and can only hold the title until junior year or when the person is going to graduate since most of the CCS people graduate within three years and one term and has to implement rule number two(passing of the title). This also applies if the person is going to transfer or filling an LOA or any activity that cripple the person to go to school on a regular basis.- The Gossip Girl should always be updated in all kinds of events
  9. In the column, the Gossip Girl cannot use it as a tool to offend other people. - The soul and main purpose of the column is gossip about other people, not a tool for personal gain.
  10. The only benefit of being the Gossip Girl is that it is somewhat an immunity to gossip but if a gossip arises about the Gossip Girl but readers do not know the identity of Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl is responsible to write her own gossip on the column- This is to avoid suspicion so that they could show that they are also included in Gossip Girl's articles. It would really be fun if there is a big confusion around. hahaha
  11. There should be no naming of names in articles but comments are allowed to name names but Gossip Girl cannot confirm nor disapprove if names are named. - to create more confusion
  12. Gossip Girl cannot reveal herself or other previews Gossip Girls and future ones- secrecy. hahaha. I should make a sisterhood pack (from the sisterhood of the traveling pants. hahaha)
Gwen said there was someone who made this kind-off thing but sucked. Hahaha. Anyway, that's all the stuff I could think off somehow. hahaha. Do give comments XD


Anonymous said...

Yes someone made it in Multiply. And God, she did suck. HAHA whoever she is!

sly99 said...

@ penngwen- I shall look for it and rate how it sucks so much. hahaha