Saturday, October 4, 2008

All The Holla Baluga

This is a rant and more rant. If you do not want to get offended then I think you better not read this at all and close this window and find some other thing to do that will not offend you

I think I never actually left a very good impression in my previews life don't you think? I think they seem to think of me as the other-half-of-a-certain-person-who never-worked-because-i-cheated-on-him-and-stuff-i-did-to-him-because-he-suffered-too-much. BOHOO. It's not only him that suffered. ARGH. Stupid people who never took their time to know. The only side they knew was his side because I never talked. No one talked to me. No one asked how I was coping because all they thought about was how I left the other person so broken hearted they did not even consider that I was too.

I know that I always shut up when serious talked are being held. Sometimes, it just gets bottled up all inside until I burst. No one really understood why I keep my mouth shut. It's because I don't know how to explain stuff without really thinking about it. Or should I say, I can't act when I don't have a script.

I also know I don't go out much. It's because no one really invited me. I'm sorry and my family is in a really tough time that no one understands. We are not rich. Sorry to disappoint you. We can hardly cope up with our needs. Let me give you an example: My allowance? 300 per week and sometimes it's good for 2weeks. I desperately try to stretch it that long.

I try and try to put a smile on this face. There are just sooo many things that troubles me. So many things that you would not understand. Who can put a smile on your face if you know you are being back stabbed at?

Seriously people, am I really that popular that you have to waste your saliva and breath to gossip about me? OH PLEASE. Get your own life. Your just making me conceited. Your just wasting your time paying more attention to me. PLEASE. I am not YET a celebrity and your making a huge fuss over me. I told you, you're just making me more conceited.

Life is just plain harsh. Friends who you think are friends are actually not. Some leave you, some just hates you. Thanks for all the people I considered friends but left me alone. Nice. I have a very wonderful life because of you.

Though luck, thought life. My blog, you can't do anything about it but gossip about me more.

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