Monday, October 20, 2008

It is not Because but What is

What an exciting weekend! I got too tired to write a blog. hahaha. This blog is going to be long. Anyway, so here's what happened last Saturday and Sunday.


"Good morning sunshine! Today is Gwen's birthday. I'm excited to go." Those were the first thoughts that went in my head while I overheard my brothers talk that there was no water. Then I went out of my room. My brothers screamed at me that there was no water. I ignored them since, I don't now, I just love ignoring them. hahaha. So, I could not brush my teeth. Great. Just great. I woke up early to bathe my dogs ad prepare early since I have a lot of things to with water. We did not even have emergency water supplies in our timba. Since I could not move because water seems not to be dripping out of our faucet, I went back to sleep until my mom woke me up. When she did, she told me to brush my teeth using our drinking water and go to my best friend's house to bathe. I did so what she told me.

Anyways, I ate lunch and took a bath at my best friend's house which was kinda far from here. Gwen, look at what extent at what I had to go through that day just to take a bath and go to your party. hahaha. I had a very big bag that carried my stuffs. hahaha

Me and Jeric met at EDSA station so that we could go to Glorietta together. Then we met VK while walking around actually VK is a big stalker of mine so he new where we were (JOKE! hahaha). The other south guys were late. hahaha. They got there around 4 or 4.30 and we had to pick up the cake.

YEP! Our cake ROCKS! It was 3-D, shaped as Happy Feet (the penguin cartoon movie whatever. hahaha). We bought it at ArtCakes. They make great customizable cakes and they can do any cake you possibly can imagine (I saw this one cake that filled one side of the ballroom of Shangri-la and I am not joking. I was invited in that party). So if you want an eye grabbing cake, you should let them make your cake. Yep, I am making plug-ins for ArtCakes. This i actually my sideline. hahaha. Joke. I'm a fan. hahaha. You can find them in Glorietta 2nd Floor and some other branches in Shangri-la and other stores I'm not sure where they are.

The whole theme of the debut of Gwen was penguin since she is so fond of that. I was really glad she liked the cake (and I hear the head of Happy feet has been eaten thanks to her brother. hahaha.). The party was fun. We were kinda late but not late enough to miss the food. hahaha. Gwen's block was there, her mom, dad, and brother, Andrew and a few s20 people. Gwen was really pretty with her hair and make up done and Andrew was also good looking. After eating we watched Max Payne. The movie was so-so. The story was amiss. I think something is wrong with it but I loved the graphics. It was cool especially the whole hallucinations stuff. So cool.

After the movie, some played at TimeZone, some went home, some stayed for chit chat. We stayed for chit chat. We went home around 9 something I think. Thanks to Oyo, I got to go home in his car. Thanks!!! I had fun. Thanks Thanks Gwen XD
Picture of me and Gwen. Do not mind th person behind us.
Happy Happy Birthday Gwen!!!


This Sunday, we had to go to MOA since there was this gaming event and we had to interview some random person participating in that event. I had to look for this stupid mic so that we could use it but in the end we did not end up using it. Stupid mic. We were all 7 people which included JD, Xent, Enzo, Oyo, Wil, Je-an and me.

We got there around 12 pm and ate lunch around 1 or 2. We got so bored waiting for our interviewee to play Soul Caliber so Wil, Je-An ad me ended up walking outside MOA. We saw this wind surfer dude on land. We kinda wanted to try it so we approached the guy. but I think we were too shy to talk to him. hahaha. We wished that he was the one we interviewed instead of the gamer's event. We walked further to the bay. We stayed there for a while. It is a great tambay place BTW.

We went back to the event because it started raining. Funny and freaky thing about it that there was this spot that it was not raining hard ad everywhere else we looked was raining. So freaky. We were amazed at it but then a little while later the rained poured there. Still, freaky. We were laughing and running at the same time for cover.

We also invited Enzo, Oyo Jd and Xent back to the bay. hahaha. We even bought chips and drink. hahaha. The guard also asked us if we had some alcoholic drinks. hahaha. We went home after. Thank to Oyo and Enzo, they waited for me before they want home. thanks XD
this is just a picture from yesterday by the bay
I am still waiting for the other pics so that I can upload it in multiply


jd said...

wahahaha mkha ka kcng lasing kaya 2loy napagkamalan tayong may beer.. :P

sly99 said...

@jd- hahaha sorry ah

Anonymous said...

ang sarap naman ng weekend mo. super thanks. grabe. sobrang ganda nung cake. nakakainis nga e. alam mo yun sa heroes. ganoon ginawa nila sa cake. :| nakakainis. parang inalis yun utak :|

sly99 said...

@penngwen- sympre, birthay week end mo eh. hahaha. dapat nag document ka habang kinakain ung cake =))