Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Stuff

Hello! Well, you might have noticed, I changed my banner again. This is may latest creation. The fourth banner. BWAHAHA. You can check out the previews banners I made for this blogsite [here] in my deviantart. You can also check out my other artworks there.

School start tomorrow! Good bye summer vacation!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hair cut

I just had a new haircut in Bench Fix along Taft. I will never ever ever have a hair cut again in Bench Fix. Every time I have my hair cut there, my hair becomes a disaster. This time, I look like a coconut.

Anyway, the cutter who handled my hair a while ago attacked my hair like he was puncturing holes in it. Haha. I don't know how he cuts hair like that. I said I wanted it to look thin and it's not thin at all since he was attacking the ends of my hair. So I really think I look like a coconut. I wanted it layered.. He wasn't layering at all. He was... I don't know what he was doing to my hair. haha. I really really got disapointed with my hair. He was saying I had hair of someone in a Korean nobela. Like I care. Mom got really frustrated with my hair stylist. She hated my hair. I didn't like it eaither.

So far, the people who handled my hair there doesn't have imagination. I wish I could find a nice parlor that I can always come back to and have a great hair. Me and my mom agreed that we haven't found that nice parlor that is affordable. Have you?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer '09

The last day of OJT was today!!! Yey! I just finished my 200hours requirement. Horay for me. But I still need to organize the papers the college requires. Tooooooo LAZZYYY. Early this morning we played Wii then did a little work. Played Wii some more and I went home early. We talked that I will continue to stay in the project until it's done. Yes, something to do in my idle time.

Once again, I wasn't able to go to a beach which I kept on wishing every summer that never happens. I am officially ending my summer today. School starts on Monday. I am having trouble with the dress code of the school(especially the no-slippers-rule). WHAT WILL I WEAR??? All I have are flip flops. OHNOES. I have to buy shoes. haha. More reason to go shopping. haha

Also, I have been fixing my deviantart.
It is more organized than before and I have uploaded my previews works. I will be uploading more works. Be sure to visit my deviantart and give me some shout out. You can find the link under "connect with me." I will keep you posted!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Blog that was delayed for 2 days

I was suppose to write this blog last Sunday night but I got really sleepy and I was suppose to do it this yesterday morning but DLSU blocked blogger. Then, I was supposed to do it last night but I got lazy. So here it goes...

Weee~ I got the clothes from my cousin's house last Sunday. We went there and hanged out a little while they were not home. The clothes are really pretty! Thank you Auntie Phina! They are very sexy and I'm wishing summer was not cruel to me this year so that I could still wear them... but oh well, there is always next summer (hopefully!)

Jeric suprised me today! He went to game lab to hang out. Hahaha. Made me really really happy. Kahit na sobrang gulo niya doon at walang ginawa kung hindi sabihin sa akin kung gaano kapanget mga ginagawa ko. Hahaha. Nag enjoy pa rin ako kasi nandun siya. Haha. Yikie

Wala nanaman si Gwen kanina! Miss ka na namin Gwen! Paano kami mang babackstab kung wala ka? Haha. I shall read the book tomorrow :D

Friday, May 8, 2009

Comment away!

Weekends are the only break I have this summer. I have OJT on weekdays and thank God I don't have anything to do during weekends. So, very summer I do my annual cleaning to put all of my years trash to the trashbin. I felt like doing it today. Here is what I found out:
  1. There are too many photocopied notes in there
  2. I think I spent more than half of my money for those photocopies I never read
  3. It was a waste of money
  4. I have so many scratch papers because of them and they'll keep adding up if I don't graduate soon
  5. I don't know what to do with my used notebooks
  6. I still keep math notes thinking my brothers can use them someday
  7. I keep my all of my course cards and EAF (but I'm missing my first year second term EAF)
As I was rummaging through my stuffs, I saw my graduation pictures. I have 7 colored graduation pictures and 9 black and white. All in all, they are 16 graduation pictures. I was thinking of what to do with them since they are so many. Hmn... Then I thought, why not give them away since people kept on bugging my last term to give them my graduation pic? So, The first 16 people who comments in this blog would be given my graduation pic by the comming term. This would be a first come first serve basis and one person one pic. Comment something like
"I want the colord one! -ja9"

Ofcourse you have to leave your name and I have to know who you are. If not, I won't give it. Oh yea, I also want your graduation pic colored or black and white would do. It has to be an equal exchange. I give one, you give one. Please, it has to be an original. After all, I'm giving an original too. People who also want to give their graduation pic to me, feel free. Hahaha.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let me Blog!

Hooooollaaaah! I felt like blogging here in my blogger account. I'm still somewhat updating my multiply. Somehow. Anyway! Updates!

I published some unpublished blogs (hint: you have to find it. mostly they're about rant. you have to find it. chizmaxers sila. hahaha. very controversial so I did not publish them on that day). I laid low for the reason that I am currently happy~ very happy~ I will not tell you why. Maybe my friends know why. Maybe. hahaha. Since I laid low... I have sooo much tale to tell but I shall not put it here.

School life.

I failed my very first subject which is Thesis writing. The panels said our thesis proposal was crap so they also gave us crappy grades. hahaha. Well, I'm turning out to be cooler and cooler. I'm proudly an irregular.

I found an OJT place. FINALLY. After countless interviews and countless turn downs, I finally found something I definitely love to do. I'm really having fun in OJT. The best part, I get to enjoy it with my friends, work with them and talk with them. When I say talk, we only talk about juicy stuffs. Stuffs worth talking and worth our time.

I'm somehow relieved that people I never really liked went out of my way. Although I did not pray for it, I'm glad. It makes things better for me to handle.

OH, someone invited me in a scam! hahaha. You have to find my multiply for it.


My family is doing... So so... Worse, maybe. Better, or not. there isn't much I would specifically like to tell but definitely I want to have more fun this year than last year. I'm expecting this year to be hopefully better. Somehow.

I'm still waiting for those hand-me-downs from my ever donya relatives. Can't wait. I will make kulit my mom for them. I wish to get them by this week so I'll have a new wardrobe. (yes!)


I'm definitely happy. I have a special someone to share it with and to love. I have true friends who maybe backstabs me at the back and front! hahaha. I have a best friend who is super cool and who loves me so. I have relatives who loves me equally. I have God who suports me.


I'm going to try to start bloging again to entertain my readers (as well as my haters).

you know you love me
you know I love you back

Let me blog
Let it start :D