Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Xmas Wish List

What is a Christmas without a Christmas wish list? My wish list 2009!
  1. All I want for Christmas is my very own laptop!
  2. And my very own Tablet
  3. And another iPod Nano color yellow
  4. And then you can add a touch screen cell phone preferably iPhone but Nokia would do
  5. Please someone buy me a Canon Digicam
  6. Add books I can read (fiction, romance, teen drama)
  7. Put a little love in it (cash cash cash)
Or just greet. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do You Have the Heart?

I went to Baguio just this weekend. Too bad I could not take a picture of the scenery while I was going down back to Manila. It just made me appreciate Philippines a little bit more and at the same time disappointed me so much. The irony.

Today, in the year 2009, I thank God I can still marvel at the beauty of mother nature. Thankfully, I can visit some parts of the Philippines. Specifically parts that I could actually afford to go to. The scenery is just so beautiful while I was going down. It was mountains and mountains of trees, plants and all greeny things you can think off. It was still so nice. I appreciated the scenery more as I went down Baguio than while I was going up. Maybe because I had the advantage to look at it from above, or may because it felt like I was leaving something behind and who knows when I'll be able to see it again.

Yep, and to perfectly catch how wonderful this experience is, I am actually writing the "will be" blog in the bus and on my cell phone. I should have reminded myself to bring a pen and paper next time to come in handy at times I want to write. Anyway, it is just so nice that I had the chance to see the beauty of nature. Although it is evident that we are abusing it like the trails of dried water falls or land slides from the last bagyo. A part of me wished that I could have seen the Philippines before all of those destruction. It could have been breath taking. It brings up questions like: Could have Manila been like this if cleanliness was preserved? or How beautiful the Philippines would have been if it was not exploited of its natural resources?

The possibilities. Oh, the possibilities.

The most frustrating about this was and is that I have seen these scenery. It made want so much to preserve this beauty. But... I always ask myself what I could do. I am still a student, I don't have an advocacy organization or anything that could help.I could not even convince myself I could do something that would make a difference. I do try and try to help what I could I hope other people would do to. I live in the Philippines and I'm proud of it because there are still things to be proud off. I hope to those who are also living here do not destroy these reasons.

I just want you to think about that nature is the Philippine's pride, should we just take it away so freely? Preserving and taking care of this country is something a person could not do alone.

Do you have the heart? Let's do our best to help.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Com Sci ka?

Just some of the things I think that are very helpful when you are a com sci (computer science) student:

  1. A com sci student knows how to stalk properly and effectively.
    Perfect for stalking your ultimate crush on the net
  2. A com sci student knows how not to get stalked
    We would not want to get stalked would we?
  3. A com sci student knows how to cheat in games (i.e. facebook games)
    Why make life hard when you can just cheat the game and get away with it?
  4. A com sci student can get away with making simple things complex
    "there are too many context switching that are happening inside that the computer cannot handle. We have to prevent that"
    Which simply means:
    "you just have too many programs opened, close them!"
  5. A com sci can get away with playing games/ doing other stuffs while saying to parents that they are actually studying
    *com sci playing a game*
    "Anak tulog ka na"
    "Mamaya na, inaantay ko ung file transfer"
    *stop playing*
    *wait until parent leaves then alt+tab again*
    *continue playing*
Just playing with stuffs. :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

It's 1am and I can't seem to get some sleep. For some of the reasons:
  1. I am worried about my dad who is stuck in a truck for roughly, I think, 12 hours of continuous driving in traffic with no food and little water. He is stuck somewhere between Liana's Sucat and Sm Sucat.
  2. I am waiting for Jeric to reply!
  3. I am worried for the people who are stranded else where.
  4. Last I am somewhat pissed because I believe casualties could have been lessened if we were warned a bit earlier.
*rant starts here*

Are PAGASA's equipment so lousy that they couldn't even warn us that there was this big typhoon? Damages could have been lessened if they were able to warn us for the approaching typhoon. It is, after all, the goverment's duty and responsibility.

I don't get it, is it better to have billions of personal property damage than invest in billions of Philippine peso in PAGASA'a equipments or improvement or the drainage system or something that will ACTUALLY benefit us?

*rant ends here*

I really really believe that damages could have been lessened if we were forewarned.

I pray to those people who are still stranded it would be their second day on their rooftops without food and water. I pray to those people who have lost their belongings in the flood and even lost their lives.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2nd Commings

I'm beat. I'm tired. I'm burning up. This is just the second week and I think my body can't take my schedule. MW has 3 classes straight and TH has only one class. I am starting to have this weak body feeling. I think i'm catching a fever.

Anyway, recently I could not connect to the internet as much as I want. My modem was broken. I got it changed. I called PLDT last night and just this morning they were here just before I got to school. They replaced my modem with a new one without charge. I also asked for an additional LAN cable if it was also free of charge and it was. I got a free LAN cable and a new modem. Yey for me!

Also, gossip girl season three started last week! I was soooo excited. Thanks to Joc, I got updated with my weekly bad habit of watching gossip girl. OH YEAH! And I just finished watching this week's episode. I can't wait for the other one!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awake at 3 in the Morning

I got up three in the morning and can't sleep. So here I am blogging since I have no better things to do than read manga.

I am never ever ever going to watch horror movies again. I can't believe I watched. Tsk tsk. I should have known better. I watched The Grudge 3 yesterday. I can't stop thinking of the creepy stuffs. Argh. Here I am reading manga.

I think I am hearing things. I think there are flying cockroached in the kitchen. I don't know. They give me the creeps. I don't want to take a peek and know where those fluttering sounds came from. I don't know if I'll sleep again. Maybe when the sun rises. I don't know. I still have to sleep before my brothers wake up to go to school.

It is good that it isn't raining anymore. For the past few days it has been raining non-stop. I love the cold air that the rain brings. I love being indoors and doing nothing while the rain is pouring outside. It is still better if it will not rain today or rain that hard since I have to go to a public school for our thesis and I don't want to walk in the rain.

It;s 5 in the morning and i'm finishing this blog entry. I am still reading manga and hope to read all the updates. I need to be really sleepy before going back to bed or else I won't sleep at all. I can already see it. I will have big eye bags tomorrow since I couldn't get a good night's rest.

Good morning everyone :P

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Just when I finally found the light
A light I can look up to
It is just sometimes I wish I could reach your light
always, always reaching your light
Even how far I stretch it, it is always the same
I stay here
You look so far away
but I love you
Always have
Always will be

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vent these Feelings Away

There just comes a time when you want to scream at someone's face. For me, that time is now. I want to scream at somebody whoever crosses me. I just don't know how to vent these feeling away. I have been sleeping nonstop hoping this feeling would go away. I ate chocolates but once I finished it, the feeling would come back. I need something permanent. Like a corkscrew that would block these feelings away.

I feel like something somewhere is eating me away...

Sunday, July 12, 2009


There has just been sooooo much too write about that I get too lazy to write them.Let us start with last week's first photoshoot. It was with Miah, Pete, Xent, Chel and Stu. These images are edited and can be accessed in my deviantart site.

After that, the comming sunday, we had another photoshoot this time with my highschool friends. Yu Ann, Ana Christianne and Gwen as our photographer. Again, these pictures are edited and can be seen in my deviantart site.

After my friends went home, Gwen and I did some bonding sessions in my room. and it is in her blog. linking it here. This was the summary:


I would not forget about the reunion with my elementary friends from Makati Hope Christian School. It has been 10 years since we had a get together.

I am keeping myself busy lately with lots of stuff going on like thesis and work. But I still have time to do some drawing and coloring.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fine Fine Fine

Just Fine(Instrumental) - Mary J Blige

I can't find the full version of this song in iMeem and I liked the instrumental version. So just sing the lyrics while listening to the instrumental version. This is Just Fine by Mary J. Blige.

I have been working nonstop since yesterday.


Scheduled interview with WWF in Quezon City. We were supposed to meet at Trinoma but since I was not familiar where it was, I met with Jantzen in EDSA station then met Kaz and Joy in Trinoma. After the interview, we looked around the new Sm then Trinoma. It was my fist time to go to those malls. I got home around...8. I was sooo beat.


Woke up around 9. I did chores all around the house. Went to DLSU after lunch. Photoshoot. Photoshoot somemore. Wnet to MOA. Photoshoot much. Dropped by MHCS reunion (I wish I could have stayed longer...). Went home aorund 6.30. I am still beat.

There is another photoshoot in my house. hahaha. I wish to upload the photos SOOOOOON.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bakit Ba? Naalala ko e

Taking about stalkers, naalala ko ung isa sa mga events na nag yanig sa mundo ng S20 and others. Well, yeah c ccsanglupet.

Ano na kaya nangyari sa knya?

Last time I heard, nag quit na sya being "hater" ni Arvin kasi may nkadiscover DAW ng identity nya. Excuses. Another is ung pagka-fail poser. Akala nya mkakapasa ung nxt blog post nya sa mga readers.

Well, nagkatuluyan naman sila ni Phoebe and Arvin. Pahiya ka noh. Nag die down na rin ung chismis tungkol syo. Wala. Parang dumaan lng ng hangin tapos nawala lng.

Nag comment rin ata sya sa blog ko here in blogspot. Hnd ko papinupublish since it's my evidence for future reference. Hahaha. Well, hindi ko rin naman sure kung sya ba un. Kc he keeps himself anonymous. Baka a person wanted to comment lng tps use him since he's famous in that timeframe. haha. Desperado.

Blog lng out of the blue since tagal ko nang hindi nag ppost. haha. Cheers

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quaratine Vacation

We had a 10-day quarantine because of the A(H1N1) out break in DLSU. In that 10 days, here's what happened:
  1. I HAD to clean my room
    Bead Bugs everywhere!!! My bed and pillow were infested by bed bugs. I have these sort-off allergies all over my body. Even now, I am scratching like hell. I have bruises all over my body because of these scratching. haha
  2. I HAD to spray Baygon on my bed
    I sprayed Baygon on my bed and covered it with plastic so that those bed bugs would die. For three days I had to sleep in the TV room and had to wait for everyone to stop watching TV before I could sleep.
  3. Watched Von Gogh
    Me and my best friend dated last Wednesday and watched Von Gogh with Gwen. We had fun painting our nails in TheFaceShop. It's free anyway! Then I got home around 10 in the evening.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Don't get it, is it me?

I really don't get it.

bakit walang nang iimbita sa akin umalis?
sobrang hassle ba kung iinform lang ako?

I don't get it.
Is it really me?

Kasi ba boring akong kasama?
Kasi ba hindi ako sumasama?

Bakit nga ba?
oh well.
What are friends for?
they are for... oh well. what's the point?
Nlimutan ko e!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Stuff

Hello! Well, you might have noticed, I changed my banner again. This is may latest creation. The fourth banner. BWAHAHA. You can check out the previews banners I made for this blogsite [here] in my deviantart. You can also check out my other artworks there.

School start tomorrow! Good bye summer vacation!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hair cut

I just had a new haircut in Bench Fix along Taft. I will never ever ever have a hair cut again in Bench Fix. Every time I have my hair cut there, my hair becomes a disaster. This time, I look like a coconut.

Anyway, the cutter who handled my hair a while ago attacked my hair like he was puncturing holes in it. Haha. I don't know how he cuts hair like that. I said I wanted it to look thin and it's not thin at all since he was attacking the ends of my hair. So I really think I look like a coconut. I wanted it layered.. He wasn't layering at all. He was... I don't know what he was doing to my hair. haha. I really really got disapointed with my hair. He was saying I had hair of someone in a Korean nobela. Like I care. Mom got really frustrated with my hair stylist. She hated my hair. I didn't like it eaither.

So far, the people who handled my hair there doesn't have imagination. I wish I could find a nice parlor that I can always come back to and have a great hair. Me and my mom agreed that we haven't found that nice parlor that is affordable. Have you?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer '09

The last day of OJT was today!!! Yey! I just finished my 200hours requirement. Horay for me. But I still need to organize the papers the college requires. Tooooooo LAZZYYY. Early this morning we played Wii then did a little work. Played Wii some more and I went home early. We talked that I will continue to stay in the project until it's done. Yes, something to do in my idle time.

Once again, I wasn't able to go to a beach which I kept on wishing every summer that never happens. I am officially ending my summer today. School starts on Monday. I am having trouble with the dress code of the school(especially the no-slippers-rule). WHAT WILL I WEAR??? All I have are flip flops. OHNOES. I have to buy shoes. haha. More reason to go shopping. haha

Also, I have been fixing my deviantart.
It is more organized than before and I have uploaded my previews works. I will be uploading more works. Be sure to visit my deviantart and give me some shout out. You can find the link under "connect with me." I will keep you posted!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Blog that was delayed for 2 days

I was suppose to write this blog last Sunday night but I got really sleepy and I was suppose to do it this yesterday morning but DLSU blocked blogger. Then, I was supposed to do it last night but I got lazy. So here it goes...

Weee~ I got the clothes from my cousin's house last Sunday. We went there and hanged out a little while they were not home. The clothes are really pretty! Thank you Auntie Phina! They are very sexy and I'm wishing summer was not cruel to me this year so that I could still wear them... but oh well, there is always next summer (hopefully!)

Jeric suprised me today! He went to game lab to hang out. Hahaha. Made me really really happy. Kahit na sobrang gulo niya doon at walang ginawa kung hindi sabihin sa akin kung gaano kapanget mga ginagawa ko. Hahaha. Nag enjoy pa rin ako kasi nandun siya. Haha. Yikie

Wala nanaman si Gwen kanina! Miss ka na namin Gwen! Paano kami mang babackstab kung wala ka? Haha. I shall read the book tomorrow :D

Friday, May 8, 2009

Comment away!

Weekends are the only break I have this summer. I have OJT on weekdays and thank God I don't have anything to do during weekends. So, very summer I do my annual cleaning to put all of my years trash to the trashbin. I felt like doing it today. Here is what I found out:
  1. There are too many photocopied notes in there
  2. I think I spent more than half of my money for those photocopies I never read
  3. It was a waste of money
  4. I have so many scratch papers because of them and they'll keep adding up if I don't graduate soon
  5. I don't know what to do with my used notebooks
  6. I still keep math notes thinking my brothers can use them someday
  7. I keep my all of my course cards and EAF (but I'm missing my first year second term EAF)
As I was rummaging through my stuffs, I saw my graduation pictures. I have 7 colored graduation pictures and 9 black and white. All in all, they are 16 graduation pictures. I was thinking of what to do with them since they are so many. Hmn... Then I thought, why not give them away since people kept on bugging my last term to give them my graduation pic? So, The first 16 people who comments in this blog would be given my graduation pic by the comming term. This would be a first come first serve basis and one person one pic. Comment something like
"I want the colord one! -ja9"

Ofcourse you have to leave your name and I have to know who you are. If not, I won't give it. Oh yea, I also want your graduation pic colored or black and white would do. It has to be an equal exchange. I give one, you give one. Please, it has to be an original. After all, I'm giving an original too. People who also want to give their graduation pic to me, feel free. Hahaha.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let me Blog!

Hooooollaaaah! I felt like blogging here in my blogger account. I'm still somewhat updating my multiply. Somehow. Anyway! Updates!

I published some unpublished blogs (hint: you have to find it. mostly they're about rant. you have to find it. chizmaxers sila. hahaha. very controversial so I did not publish them on that day). I laid low for the reason that I am currently happy~ very happy~ I will not tell you why. Maybe my friends know why. Maybe. hahaha. Since I laid low... I have sooo much tale to tell but I shall not put it here.

School life.

I failed my very first subject which is Thesis writing. The panels said our thesis proposal was crap so they also gave us crappy grades. hahaha. Well, I'm turning out to be cooler and cooler. I'm proudly an irregular.

I found an OJT place. FINALLY. After countless interviews and countless turn downs, I finally found something I definitely love to do. I'm really having fun in OJT. The best part, I get to enjoy it with my friends, work with them and talk with them. When I say talk, we only talk about juicy stuffs. Stuffs worth talking and worth our time.

I'm somehow relieved that people I never really liked went out of my way. Although I did not pray for it, I'm glad. It makes things better for me to handle.

OH, someone invited me in a scam! hahaha. You have to find my multiply for it.


My family is doing... So so... Worse, maybe. Better, or not. there isn't much I would specifically like to tell but definitely I want to have more fun this year than last year. I'm expecting this year to be hopefully better. Somehow.

I'm still waiting for those hand-me-downs from my ever donya relatives. Can't wait. I will make kulit my mom for them. I wish to get them by this week so I'll have a new wardrobe. (yes!)


I'm definitely happy. I have a special someone to share it with and to love. I have true friends who maybe backstabs me at the back and front! hahaha. I have a best friend who is super cool and who loves me so. I have relatives who loves me equally. I have God who suports me.


I'm going to try to start bloging again to entertain my readers (as well as my haters).

you know you love me
you know I love you back

Let me blog
Let it start :D

Thursday, March 12, 2009


kahpon, nasa 168 ako doing my usual stuff. May three customers lumapet sa store namin. Bago mag order:

customer 1: (points to the picture pf daing na bangus) Hindi maalat yan?
me: hindi po
customer 1: Sigurado ka hindi maalat yan?
me: hindi po
customer 1: Hindi talaga maalat yan? Kasi mamaya maalat yan
me: hindi po
Sa loob loob ko: Ano ba, bibili ka ba o hindi? kasi naka tatlong tanong ka na.
Same question pa! Wag ka na lang kaya bumili.

pero sympre di ko pwede sabihin un. hahaha. So ok na. Nag order na sila ng food.

cutomer 2: pwede ba dyan na lang kami sa loob ng tindahan niyo mag hugas ng kamay?
Nandidiri kami sa CR dito e. (talking to my mom) May dala naman akong sabon.
mom: (no comment)
customer 2:(inaangat ung door to our store dala dala yung spoon and fork from 168)
customer 1: ay oo nga. ako rin (sunod kay customer 2)

Kakapal ng face. Hindi nga namin inimbita mag hugas ng kamay sa loob ng store namin. Hinugasan pa yung spoon and fork sa loob ng store namin.

customer 1: (sees where we cooked the fishes)
Hindi ba maraming beses niyo na ginamit yang mantika niyo?
customer 2: oo nga. Mukhang luma na yan
mom: (makes the bola in the world until they were convinced)

Sa loob loob ko gusto ko sabihin sa mom ko "Mommy, di ba naka 50 na niluto ka na dyan? Yesterday pa nga yan di ba?" GRABE ANG AARTE. Ito pinaka favorite part ko:

me: Ma'am, ito po sukli niyo
customer 2: (stares at me blankly)
me: ma'am, sukli niyo po
customer 2: (stares at me more)
me: ma'am...
customer 2: oo alam ko. ayaw ko lang hawakan yung pera kasi nag hugas na ako ng kamay
me: (stares at customer with a black face thinking how stupid this customer is)
customer 2: (thinks of a way so that she will not ba able to hold the cash.
She reaches for an empty envelope).
Paki lagay sa loob ng envelope ayaw ko mahawakan ung pera
me: (put the money inside the envelope and is trying to make a poker face)

I could have died laughing! You don't know how hysterical she sounded! In my opinion, she had no place to make arte. MYGAHD. She was in 168 the next most un"sosy"-like place in the world, home of the tiange and haglers, what did she expect? If she wanted to act highclass, she should have shopped in Shangri-la or Rockwell, not in 168.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Parking po

Usually, my birthdays are celebrated at home since it usually is declared a holiday. If not, it falls on a weekend. This year, the president moved it to a no classes Monday. I can't actually remember if I ever celebrated my birthday in school so I'm considering this the first I had my birthday in school. hahaha.

I woke up around 6 something very groggy since I talked with Jeric until... Uh... I forgot. May be until 2 in the morning? hahaha. Then, I slept in the car until a stupid police officer disturbed my sleep. He was knocking on my window side. I was too shocked to do anything. The first face that greated me was an ugly dark face in an orage uniform (seriously Pasay police force should change their uniform color). "Ma'am, nasaan po ung driver? Bawal mag parking dito. Sinasabihan na namin lahat na naka parking."

I told him, "pasensya na po hindi ko alam saan pumunta yung kasama ko." Deep inside I was like: natutulog ako dito tapos gugulohin mo ako, tatanungin mo pa sa akin kung nasaan yung kasama ko eh natutulog nga ako. After that, he made a little speach how we cannot park there and that I could be easily robbed because my dad's cell phone was displayed at the driver's seat. He could not do anything to me since I don't know how to drive. And I was too scared and disoriented to do anything anyway.

After the police officer left, another one came to me. Same conversation happened. Stupid dad. Why did he have to park at a no parking sign and leaving me asleep inside the car. He could have woken me up right? BUT NOOOO. I had to be repremanded by 2 police officers and other bystanders. How the hell did I know. I was sleeping, remember, before someone woke me up.

When Dad came, he was so calm and I told him what happened. I was in a hurry before the police officers came back. He told me, "pabayaan mo sila. Yung ibang car hindi naman nila pinaalis (sabay turo to the car infront of us). Wala naman sila magagawa." Ok, I panicked for nothing.

First thing, we have been parking in the no parking sign for 3 years and I have been sleeping in that car while dad does his chores for 2 years. This is the first time we have been repremanded.

Second, we were not the only car who was parking there. There ware about 5-10 cars and tricycles scattered all over the place. They could not even let the car in front of us leave. A matter of "palakasan sa police"? Hmn...

Third, for years... vehicles are parking there. I don't get it why they had to repremand our car that day, that time and while I was sleeping in the car. So nice.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank You


for absolutely nothing :D

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Signing Out

I'm signing out for a while

Let us see if I can brew more stirring gossips