Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fine Fine Fine

Just Fine(Instrumental) - Mary J Blige

I can't find the full version of this song in iMeem and I liked the instrumental version. So just sing the lyrics while listening to the instrumental version. This is Just Fine by Mary J. Blige.

I have been working nonstop since yesterday.


Scheduled interview with WWF in Quezon City. We were supposed to meet at Trinoma but since I was not familiar where it was, I met with Jantzen in EDSA station then met Kaz and Joy in Trinoma. After the interview, we looked around the new Sm then Trinoma. It was my fist time to go to those malls. I got home around...8. I was sooo beat.


Woke up around 9. I did chores all around the house. Went to DLSU after lunch. Photoshoot. Photoshoot somemore. Wnet to MOA. Photoshoot much. Dropped by MHCS reunion (I wish I could have stayed longer...). Went home aorund 6.30. I am still beat.

There is another photoshoot in my house. hahaha. I wish to upload the photos SOOOOOON.

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