Thursday, August 28, 2008

How dumb can I get?

Hello school work. AGAIN. Gah. I thought I could escape from school work after our defense. Tsk tsk. We had to re-do our work to get a higher grade (2.0 just won't do).

So I was talking to this certain person. That person told me that one of my strongest trait is that I get what I want, no matter what it takes. Looking at it in the positive side, I am determined. On the other hand, I think I'm just plain spoiled. Truthfully, I don't ask for many things to other people especially my parents. But when I do, I make it a point to be a necessity. For all the times I don't ask for anything, getting what I want when I want it evens out everything.

We went ice skating today together with Jeric, JD, Oyo, Karl, Totit, Chico and Xent. My advantage is that I know how to skate and they don't. It was soooo much fun since everyone kept falling down I kept laughing until mu tummy hurts. THANKS JD FOR TODAY!

I am currently programming. Well, thinking of algos to put in Flash. I know actionscript is a crammy programming thing (according to Jeric). What can I do? It was like 2years since I last programmed. My programming skills are rusted. Haha. I don't know the difference of greater than and less than sign. How dumb can I get? Hahaha. And yes, I am procras
tinating since I am still thinking of what to do next. I still want a job that all I have to do is boss around everyone to get what I want. Hahaha. Easy money. Easy life. Now that is what I want.

I saw this dress in Meg's Blog. It was the kind of dress I wound love to wear. The design of the dress is like the dresses you often see in the anime Chobits. I love the ruffles,the laces.It is just sooooo pretty to lookat. I can't get it out of my head.
It's just tooo pretty! I have to have it! Ok, this will be my wedding dress in the future with a little bit of modifications. hahaha.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Don't call me Bitch

After a long search and a little questioning from other people, I found the right alias for this blog. This is a conversation between me and Uryuu Ishida (never liked this character):

6:01:11 PM Uryuu Ishida: may cnasbe ka knina?
6:01:17 PM Me: oo!
6:01:21 PM Me: d mo lng ako piansin
6:01:26 PM Me: hmph
6:01:29 PM Uryuu Ishida: ganun
6:01:34 PM Uryuu Ishida: anu un?
6:01:45 PM Me: naalala mo pa ba ung videos nung summer camp?
6:01:56 PM Me: naalala mo ba kung san daw un kinuha?
6:02:13 PM Uryuu Ishida: bluefish
6:02:17 PM Uryuu Ishida: Godtube
6:02:20 PM Me: yey
6:02:24 PM Me: tnx :D
6:02:28 PM Uryuu Ishida: bitch ka, nkalimutan mo
6:02:31 PM Uryuu Ishida: hehe
6:02:31 PM Me: ay ay
6:02:40 PM Me: tinawag mo ako bitch
6:02:45 PM Me: punyeta ka ah
6:02:52 PM Me: ewan ko syo
6:02:52 PM Uryuu Ishida: =))
6:03:03 PM Uryuu Ishida: anu kb
6:03:06 PM Uryuu Ishida: joke lang un
6:03:18 PM Uryuu Ishida: tnwag m nga aqng punyeta eh
6:03:24 PM Me: nauna ka e
6:03:26 PM Uryuu Ishida: :(
6:03:30 PM Me: parang nag ttnung lng
6:03:38 PM Uryuu Ishida: sorry na..
6:03:39 PM Uryuu Ishida: :(
6:05:54 PM Uryuu Ishida: para san ba yan?
6:05:59 PM Uryuu Ishida: san m xa ggmtin?
6:06:13 PM Me: wag mo ng ako kausapin bitch ako e
6:06:46 PM Uryuu Ishida: tae
6:07:17 PM Uryuu Ishida: nde nman seryoso un, mga ibang tao nman tntwag q din na gnun
6:07:18 PM Uryuu Ishida: bhla ka nga
6:10:15 PM Uryuu Ishida: aalis n aq..
6:10:43 PM Uryuu Ishida: sorry kng naasar ka, nagbibiro lng nman aq
6:10:44 PM Uryuu Ishida: cge cge

You be the judge of what just happened. Super unfair ito para sa akin. No offense, I got offended.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Me Sooooo Happy

I'll get back to you later why I am soooo happy. First, let's talk about the sooo many places we visited! First, we went to Rockwell to eat lunch. Auntie Phina invited us for lunch there. I forgot the name of the restaurant. Sumo something. But the sushis were really nice. I enjoed it. ut my meal was not that good. Anyway we played arcade there (gonna upload some pictures in my multiply account wait for the update).

After lunch, we went to MOA. I had the money. I definitely have to have my necktie! I bought it in Penshoppe. I'm really happy. I'm gonna wear it this Tuesday. hahaha. After that, we went home (ha to change. don;t want to wear shorts in the store) then went to the store. In the spur of the moment, mom wanted to go to Market! Market! My mom being a S&R fan, we had to pass by there. I saw this cute bunny stuff toy. It was really big. Here I have a picture:There was this stupid guard in disguise. He was not in his uniform. Pa-epal effect pa. Nag pipicute ako tapos nilagay niya ung hands niya sa may view nung cam. Pucha siya. Buti na lang hindi nasamay yung kamaynia. Tapos sasabihin sorry kung nsamay kamay ko ah bawal yan last n yang pag picture niyo. Parang kami ng kapatid ko "oi sino ka bastard." Sobrang sarap murahin. Anyway, di na lang ako nag salita.

When I saw that stuff toy, it reminded me of Nika of how she really love bunny rabbits. Hehehe. We also saw Randy Santiago there (the pinoy actor. I don't really know him well). Basta, he is famous. So the last stop was Market! Market! Then back to home sweet home.

When we got back, I had to try on my necktie. Hehehe. I am really happy with it. I can't wait for Tuesday where I show it off. Hahaha. No spoilers for now. hahaha.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

100 Things I would Love to Do

I got so bored in the house with nothing to do. I thought of this while watching the Lifestyle Network. The things I like to do here are not in order. these re some random things I thought are cool if I did them before I died.
  1. Go to Australia.
  2. Hug a koala.
  3. Hug a panda.
  4. Have a whole day dedicated to pamper myself
  5. Stay in an exclusive beach resort. ENJOY. ENJOY. ENJOY.
  6. Eat exotic foods. (no eating of endangered species.)
  7. Taste as many kinds of food as I can.
  8. Go bald!
  9. Have a date in a fine dinning restaurant.
  10. Try extreme sports (sky diving, bungee jumping,...).
  11. Swim with dolphins.
  12. Swim with whale sharks.
  13. Scuba diving.
  14. I would like to have groupies. HAHAHA
  15. Get married with a rich bastard. Just get married and be happy.
  16. A very romantic event in my life that I would never forget.
  17. Have a boyfriend.
  18. Finish high school.
  19. Finish college.
  20. Dance/ get wild in the rain.
  21. Kiss in the rain.
  22. Build a really big and cool sand castle.
  23. Donate blood.
  24. Stay up all night talking.
  25. Have a pet cat
  26. Have a pet dog.
  27. Fall in love.
  28. Do cosplay.
  29. Own a grand piano.
  30. Own a Mini Cooper.
  31. Own a Beetle.
  32. Own a gigantic teddy bear.
  33. Be a bitch.
  34. Have a cat fight with a girl. I have to win.
  35. Sleep all day.
  36. Go jet skiing.
  37. Put a tattoo on somebody.
  38. Exercise, have abs, wear a NICE HOT bikini.
  39. Joy ride with friends for a week or so.
  40. Learn surfing.
  41. Learn how to drive.
  42. Have kids.
  43. Travel around the world.
  44. Be richer than... (secret). Be filthy rich.
  45. Be famous.
  46. Dance like crazy somewhere.
  47. Get drunk.
  48. Bar Hopping.
  49. Ride on a motorcycle.
  50. Design my own home.
  51. Spend as much money as I can in one day.
  52. Visit Japan.
  53. Have my room painted yellow.
  54. Wear fancy dresses (maid dresses, cocktail dresses,...).
  55. Cook like a pro.
  56. Form my own band.
  57. Be the lead singer.
  58. Have my own anime/manga.
  59. Be a bum.
  60. Do ice skating.
  61. Make snow angels.
  62. Work in a high paying company.
  63. Have my own business.
  64. Compose a song(s).
  65. Live in an apartment on my own.
  66. Attend a masquerade party.
  67. Ride a helicopter.
  68. Color my hair blue/green.
  69. Be an active environmentalist.
  70. Do drag racing.
  71. Go hiking.
  72. Write a book.
  73. Have my nose pierced.
  74. I want a mansion.
  75. Be linguistic.
  76. Save a human life.
  77. Do a crazy stunt.
  78. Build a gundam.
  79. Live for a while in Antarctica.
  80. Go to strip clubs. (just for the experience. hahaha)
  81. High school reunion with everyone attending like after 10 years of graduation
  82. I want to attend a wedding of one of my closest friend before I get married.
  83. Get mad at the whole world.
  84. Win the jackpot in a casino.
  85. Make a special designed shirt by me and for me.
  86. Have a snow ball fight
  87. Have a family reunion with everyone preset.
  88. Meet Oprah.
  89. Have my portrait painted.
  90. Dock with the international space station.
  91. Visit the African safari.
  92. Ride on a jet plane/ submarine.
  93. Be a pirate and sail the seven seas (well, actually just sail. hahaha).
  94. Definitely wind surfing.
  95. Have a star named after me.
  96. Be a DJ.
  97. Go karaoke by myself
  98. Reunion with my MHCS classmates.
  99. Save animals.
  100. I have to do all of these.
I have done 18 things so far. I still have82 more to go.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Alone

Shobe (our dog) got confined in the hospital the day before yesterday. She had a fever. The doctor said she might have some infection inside. She had to stay there to be observed. Poor Shobe, she had to stay in the hospital. Good thing they treated her well. Now she is feeling better. She went home with us just this morningI really got worried and depressed last night. So I have to feed her her antibiotics three times a day, eight hours interval and she hates it. I just have to force it to her. Hehehe. We spend about 5k for her medication. Talk about expensive.

OH! OH! I tried my cooking skills because mom left us home.
Good bye nice lunch.
The rice got spoiled so we had to throw it away (so much for my fried rice of DOOM =))). This body is not built to cook, but only to eat. I really don't like cooking. I'm cooking again tonight. May be I'll try less complicated cooking by cooking tuyo. Hahaha.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Walk the Walk, Do not talk to the Walking Person

I am not fond of commuting. It's not because I'm too "sosi" to commute. I really don't mind riding jeepneys or buses of LRTs. It's the fact that there are too many unknown people talking to me when I walk. Not only do they talk to me, sometimes, they blow their horn at me. How rude. Thankfully someone invented the earphones. Because of that, I get to ignore most of them. that may be the reason why people say I'm a snob. There are just too many random people talking to me. I hate that the most.

I saw this cute site where you can make an anime-like-you (visit it here). I just love doing these nonsense things. hahaha. I made this:Cute right? hahaha. I'm just bored and procrastinating from school work.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I don't know why I have this little obsession over umbrellas. I guess it started with the song umbrella. At first, I hated it because Rhianna kept saying umbrella-ella-ella-ella-a-a-a. Which was kinda stupid at first. But the song became so popular, I kinda liked it because I could not help but listen to it on the radio. In my playlist, I think I have all versions of umbrella (Rhianna, Mandy Moore, Maria Digby, All Time Low). What can I say? I like them. hahaha

Another thing, my mom left my umbrella in a fancy hotel restaurant. She even blamed me because I forced her to bring it with her (so that see would not get wet). I get to have an excuse to buy another umbrella. I have to make sure the umbrella I'm gonna let her but is color yellow. Bwahahaha.

My day, was very stressful. It started when I woke up very early in the morning to meet with my INTROSE groupmates groupmate. We had to finish 40% of the machine project that day. With less than five hours to finish it, we were cramming. Two hours left before the deadline, I felt like vomiting from the stress. Although, we did not finish it, we were able to present some modules that would fix some problems. We were also given the chance to finish it. SOMEHOW. But also because of our presentation, we have to add more stuff in it. I have to revise everything again. INHALE. EXHALE. BREATHE. Teachdev was not so bad. I have to finish the teachware this weekend and enhance the animation. Oh, I remembered, in nlan, we took a class picture with Sir Allen. hahaha. Funny guy. He has not uploaded the pics yet. I can't wait to see them and post it here.

I hope this term would all be worth all my blood and sweat. I can't wait for the term break, I'm going to red and watch all I want. hahaha

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Break Day

Today we went to Uncle Jon's house. It's a sort off welcoming party for Tim because he is back from China (although you have bee here for a month or so. hahaha). I had fun because it has been a long time since I saw my cousins. I did not have a chance to see them last summer because of many complications.

After eating, I went up to Tiff's room. We spent most of the time there. We watched part of Ultraviolet (which really sucked) then Resident Evil 3. We ate junk food, I nail polished my nails, took some pictures (visit my multiply to see some of the pictures from my cell phone here). I also got to take home their old computer (currently fixing it. I hope it works) and monitor. Weeee! Thanks, I really needed it.

We left the house around I think 3 or 4 then went to store. After that, we went to MOA to have our keys duplicated but we did not manage to do that because there were no keys available to duplicate it. What a waste of time. Then we went to S&R (seriously, I'm getting sick of that supermarket). Then back home.

I love this day. It was a some kind of a break for me. hahaha. School work, here I come XD

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Lately, all of my time has been occupied by academics. What is worse, the acads demand 24 hours of my time. How about sleep? It won't let me have a good night's sleep. I'm stressed. I'm a big mess. I'm tired. I'm sleepy and I am ranting. When will this end? I wish this term would end swiftly. I'm beat to death.

The following weeks would be worse. Next week, we won't have a maid again. I'm having a recall of what happened last summer. Tsk tsk. I can't even find a time to go shopping for my best friend's birthday present. Argh, I'm such a mess. After this, I'm going to relax even if the possibility of failing is in my head. Ok, so I actually can't relax. Great. Nothing keeps me sane. I need something to keep me sane.

I thought of so many stuffs to write for the past few days. I became so busy that when I found a good time to write it, I forgot all about it. Nice.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I was sooo excited for the launch of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. I really could not afford a book right now so my only resolve is look for it in torrent. Funny, torrent goes around faster than the real release.

I was browsing for the torrent file of this. I looked at it first in limewire. With no luck, the ebook was not there. Next attempt, google. I got bored and went through mininova (one of my favorites). I found it there! I saw chapters 1-14 of Breaking dawn. This was a Saturday by the way. According to the comments, the person who uploaded the file got arrested. Hahaha. Anways, I downloaded the file knowing it is the real thing. The next chapters was uploaded the next day (chapters 14-34).

I read it the whole Sunday, morning until evening. I just could not stop. I was actually obsessing over it. I finished chapter 1-34 Monday evening. Realizing it was not the ending, I had to find the continuation today. I found it and read i. I finished reading it now. hahaha. That is why I am writing this blog.

What I think of the whole book: The last book is nice. Very thick and nice. hahaha. It would keep you up all night. I just love the way Stephanie Meyer writes here novels, subtle then it builds up until it leaves you hanging on the edge of you chair. I guess I like her because supernatural has a great hold on me. I also love reading mangas that are supernatural. I have this particular like for vampire stories because of her. I really don't mind for another sequel. I think the ending lacked impact because it became too cheezy and the repetition of FOREVER. I guess the ending is bellow my taste. But I'll let you be the judge of that. Hope to hear comments from you XD

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Small World

A while ago, we were shopping in out usual supermarket place. That would be S&R in Baclaran. We usually meet old acquaintances there. I was not expecting to meet Jake's father there. Actually, I was not expecting it to be Jake's dad. Little hi's and hello's then Jakes dad said to my mom his son is also studying in the same school as I am, same year and same course. TADA. Conclusion, it was really Jake's dad.

After shopping, my mom and I talked about it.She said she worked under him. He and my dad were old classmates in college. Best of all, he let us barrow the Benz that was used in my mom and dad's wedding.

Cool right? It really is a small world in the Chinese community. I read this article about Six Degrees of separation (click here to know more about it) in Wikipedia. Actually, I think I studied it last time in DASALGO, I can't remember exactly. As I was saying, the Six Degrees of separation is an idea that in every six people you encounter, you know someone that the other sixth person also knows. So we are all connected through the Six Degrees of separation. Well, something like that. It was not actually proven, 100% proven. Still, it is COOOOOL. It kinda explains how small our world is.

What about school? What about it? Hahaha. Just joking. It's hectic.

Friday, August 1, 2008


We watched The Mummy: Tomb of te Dragon Emperor with Oyo (birthday boy), Enzo, VK, Joc, JD, Nika, Arvin, Andrew A., Gwen, Adi and Abby. We also met Anthony and Bruce there.

Well, the movie was disappointing because Rachel Weisz was not in it. I was really looking forward to her appearance. It was not great as the first two but I enjoyed it.

Moving on, we ate dnner at Chur's Chicken. We had fun. Especially the Truth or Four's (Truth or Dare). Marami na akong alam na secret. BLACKMAIL. Joke lang. Your secrets are safe with moi Hahaha.

Right now, Las Pinas people are in Oyo's house partying. I wish I also lived near there. Para sama ako sa party. Hahaha

THANK OYO!!! Next year uli. Wahahahaha. Seryosong Saisaki na ah. hahaha. Joke lng.