Saturday, August 2, 2008

Small World

A while ago, we were shopping in out usual supermarket place. That would be S&R in Baclaran. We usually meet old acquaintances there. I was not expecting to meet Jake's father there. Actually, I was not expecting it to be Jake's dad. Little hi's and hello's then Jakes dad said to my mom his son is also studying in the same school as I am, same year and same course. TADA. Conclusion, it was really Jake's dad.

After shopping, my mom and I talked about it.She said she worked under him. He and my dad were old classmates in college. Best of all, he let us barrow the Benz that was used in my mom and dad's wedding.

Cool right? It really is a small world in the Chinese community. I read this article about Six Degrees of separation (click here to know more about it) in Wikipedia. Actually, I think I studied it last time in DASALGO, I can't remember exactly. As I was saying, the Six Degrees of separation is an idea that in every six people you encounter, you know someone that the other sixth person also knows. So we are all connected through the Six Degrees of separation. Well, something like that. It was not actually proven, 100% proven. Still, it is COOOOOL. It kinda explains how small our world is.

What about school? What about it? Hahaha. Just joking. It's hectic.

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