Thursday, August 7, 2008


Lately, all of my time has been occupied by academics. What is worse, the acads demand 24 hours of my time. How about sleep? It won't let me have a good night's sleep. I'm stressed. I'm a big mess. I'm tired. I'm sleepy and I am ranting. When will this end? I wish this term would end swiftly. I'm beat to death.

The following weeks would be worse. Next week, we won't have a maid again. I'm having a recall of what happened last summer. Tsk tsk. I can't even find a time to go shopping for my best friend's birthday present. Argh, I'm such a mess. After this, I'm going to relax even if the possibility of failing is in my head. Ok, so I actually can't relax. Great. Nothing keeps me sane. I need something to keep me sane.

I thought of so many stuffs to write for the past few days. I became so busy that when I found a good time to write it, I forgot all about it. Nice.


Anonymous said...

i think everyone feels the same :)

Drew said...

Just a little more patience. haha!