Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Alone

Shobe (our dog) got confined in the hospital the day before yesterday. She had a fever. The doctor said she might have some infection inside. She had to stay there to be observed. Poor Shobe, she had to stay in the hospital. Good thing they treated her well. Now she is feeling better. She went home with us just this morningI really got worried and depressed last night. So I have to feed her her antibiotics three times a day, eight hours interval and she hates it. I just have to force it to her. Hehehe. We spend about 5k for her medication. Talk about expensive.

OH! OH! I tried my cooking skills because mom left us home.
Good bye nice lunch.
The rice got spoiled so we had to throw it away (so much for my fried rice of DOOM =))). This body is not built to cook, but only to eat. I really don't like cooking. I'm cooking again tonight. May be I'll try less complicated cooking by cooking tuyo. Hahaha.


Anonymous said...

awww prang ayaw sau nung aso mo.. dilat na dilat un mata ohhh natakot tskkkkk -JD

Anonymous said...

almost all of our dogs got confined. and vets are really expensive. ugh. i remember having to pay 10K for our dog. :|