Sunday, August 10, 2008

Break Day

Today we went to Uncle Jon's house. It's a sort off welcoming party for Tim because he is back from China (although you have bee here for a month or so. hahaha). I had fun because it has been a long time since I saw my cousins. I did not have a chance to see them last summer because of many complications.

After eating, I went up to Tiff's room. We spent most of the time there. We watched part of Ultraviolet (which really sucked) then Resident Evil 3. We ate junk food, I nail polished my nails, took some pictures (visit my multiply to see some of the pictures from my cell phone here). I also got to take home their old computer (currently fixing it. I hope it works) and monitor. Weeee! Thanks, I really needed it.

We left the house around I think 3 or 4 then went to store. After that, we went to MOA to have our keys duplicated but we did not manage to do that because there were no keys available to duplicate it. What a waste of time. Then we went to S&R (seriously, I'm getting sick of that supermarket). Then back home.

I love this day. It was a some kind of a break for me. hahaha. School work, here I come XD

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