Sunday, August 17, 2008

Me Sooooo Happy

I'll get back to you later why I am soooo happy. First, let's talk about the sooo many places we visited! First, we went to Rockwell to eat lunch. Auntie Phina invited us for lunch there. I forgot the name of the restaurant. Sumo something. But the sushis were really nice. I enjoed it. ut my meal was not that good. Anyway we played arcade there (gonna upload some pictures in my multiply account wait for the update).

After lunch, we went to MOA. I had the money. I definitely have to have my necktie! I bought it in Penshoppe. I'm really happy. I'm gonna wear it this Tuesday. hahaha. After that, we went home (ha to change. don;t want to wear shorts in the store) then went to the store. In the spur of the moment, mom wanted to go to Market! Market! My mom being a S&R fan, we had to pass by there. I saw this cute bunny stuff toy. It was really big. Here I have a picture:There was this stupid guard in disguise. He was not in his uniform. Pa-epal effect pa. Nag pipicute ako tapos nilagay niya ung hands niya sa may view nung cam. Pucha siya. Buti na lang hindi nasamay yung kamaynia. Tapos sasabihin sorry kung nsamay kamay ko ah bawal yan last n yang pag picture niyo. Parang kami ng kapatid ko "oi sino ka bastard." Sobrang sarap murahin. Anyway, di na lang ako nag salita.

When I saw that stuff toy, it reminded me of Nika of how she really love bunny rabbits. Hehehe. We also saw Randy Santiago there (the pinoy actor. I don't really know him well). Basta, he is famous. So the last stop was Market! Market! Then back to home sweet home.

When we got back, I had to try on my necktie. Hehehe. I am really happy with it. I can't wait for Tuesday where I show it off. Hahaha. No spoilers for now. hahaha.


Anonymous said...

yan ah may comment ak narin nyahahahahaha....

amp gs2 ko tlga nung bunny ang laki at cuteeeeeeeeeee hahahaha. sana anjan pa yan apg may pera na ko ampppppp bblhin ko tlga yan hahahaha


Anonymous said...

ang ganda ng necktie mo. kala ko nung una may defense kayo or something XD haha. XD

gusto ko nung spongebob na necktie. may ganun pa kaya xD

sly99 said...


thankkkks XD
alam ko meroon pa un. hahaha. sa SM try mo XP