Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I was sooo excited for the launch of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. I really could not afford a book right now so my only resolve is look for it in torrent. Funny, torrent goes around faster than the real release.

I was browsing for the torrent file of this. I looked at it first in limewire. With no luck, the ebook was not there. Next attempt, google. I got bored and went through mininova (one of my favorites). I found it there! I saw chapters 1-14 of Breaking dawn. This was a Saturday by the way. According to the comments, the person who uploaded the file got arrested. Hahaha. Anways, I downloaded the file knowing it is the real thing. The next chapters was uploaded the next day (chapters 14-34).

I read it the whole Sunday, morning until evening. I just could not stop. I was actually obsessing over it. I finished chapter 1-34 Monday evening. Realizing it was not the ending, I had to find the continuation today. I found it and read i. I finished reading it now. hahaha. That is why I am writing this blog.

What I think of the whole book: The last book is nice. Very thick and nice. hahaha. It would keep you up all night. I just love the way Stephanie Meyer writes here novels, subtle then it builds up until it leaves you hanging on the edge of you chair. I guess I like her because supernatural has a great hold on me. I also love reading mangas that are supernatural. I have this particular like for vampire stories because of her. I really don't mind for another sequel. I think the ending lacked impact because it became too cheezy and the repetition of FOREVER. I guess the ending is bellow my taste. But I'll let you be the judge of that. Hope to hear comments from you XD


Faith said...

I liked the end, it helped me feel like it was really the end, I guess. And I didn't mind the repetition of forever, because it's weird to think about the fact that it really is FOREVER.

ha, I don't know if i'd have the patience to read the whole thing on the computer, I think it would kill my eyes-but for this book, I would probably deem it worth it :)

jntzn said...

eto yung series tungkol sa vampires diba? haha

sly99 said...

yep. eto un

sly99 said...
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sly99 said...

@faith the ending was just too perfect. hahaha. for me