Saturday, August 16, 2008

100 Things I would Love to Do

I got so bored in the house with nothing to do. I thought of this while watching the Lifestyle Network. The things I like to do here are not in order. these re some random things I thought are cool if I did them before I died.
  1. Go to Australia.
  2. Hug a koala.
  3. Hug a panda.
  4. Have a whole day dedicated to pamper myself
  5. Stay in an exclusive beach resort. ENJOY. ENJOY. ENJOY.
  6. Eat exotic foods. (no eating of endangered species.)
  7. Taste as many kinds of food as I can.
  8. Go bald!
  9. Have a date in a fine dinning restaurant.
  10. Try extreme sports (sky diving, bungee jumping,...).
  11. Swim with dolphins.
  12. Swim with whale sharks.
  13. Scuba diving.
  14. I would like to have groupies. HAHAHA
  15. Get married with a rich bastard. Just get married and be happy.
  16. A very romantic event in my life that I would never forget.
  17. Have a boyfriend.
  18. Finish high school.
  19. Finish college.
  20. Dance/ get wild in the rain.
  21. Kiss in the rain.
  22. Build a really big and cool sand castle.
  23. Donate blood.
  24. Stay up all night talking.
  25. Have a pet cat
  26. Have a pet dog.
  27. Fall in love.
  28. Do cosplay.
  29. Own a grand piano.
  30. Own a Mini Cooper.
  31. Own a Beetle.
  32. Own a gigantic teddy bear.
  33. Be a bitch.
  34. Have a cat fight with a girl. I have to win.
  35. Sleep all day.
  36. Go jet skiing.
  37. Put a tattoo on somebody.
  38. Exercise, have abs, wear a NICE HOT bikini.
  39. Joy ride with friends for a week or so.
  40. Learn surfing.
  41. Learn how to drive.
  42. Have kids.
  43. Travel around the world.
  44. Be richer than... (secret). Be filthy rich.
  45. Be famous.
  46. Dance like crazy somewhere.
  47. Get drunk.
  48. Bar Hopping.
  49. Ride on a motorcycle.
  50. Design my own home.
  51. Spend as much money as I can in one day.
  52. Visit Japan.
  53. Have my room painted yellow.
  54. Wear fancy dresses (maid dresses, cocktail dresses,...).
  55. Cook like a pro.
  56. Form my own band.
  57. Be the lead singer.
  58. Have my own anime/manga.
  59. Be a bum.
  60. Do ice skating.
  61. Make snow angels.
  62. Work in a high paying company.
  63. Have my own business.
  64. Compose a song(s).
  65. Live in an apartment on my own.
  66. Attend a masquerade party.
  67. Ride a helicopter.
  68. Color my hair blue/green.
  69. Be an active environmentalist.
  70. Do drag racing.
  71. Go hiking.
  72. Write a book.
  73. Have my nose pierced.
  74. I want a mansion.
  75. Be linguistic.
  76. Save a human life.
  77. Do a crazy stunt.
  78. Build a gundam.
  79. Live for a while in Antarctica.
  80. Go to strip clubs. (just for the experience. hahaha)
  81. High school reunion with everyone attending like after 10 years of graduation
  82. I want to attend a wedding of one of my closest friend before I get married.
  83. Get mad at the whole world.
  84. Win the jackpot in a casino.
  85. Make a special designed shirt by me and for me.
  86. Have a snow ball fight
  87. Have a family reunion with everyone preset.
  88. Meet Oprah.
  89. Have my portrait painted.
  90. Dock with the international space station.
  91. Visit the African safari.
  92. Ride on a jet plane/ submarine.
  93. Be a pirate and sail the seven seas (well, actually just sail. hahaha).
  94. Definitely wind surfing.
  95. Have a star named after me.
  96. Be a DJ.
  97. Go karaoke by myself
  98. Reunion with my MHCS classmates.
  99. Save animals.
  100. I have to do all of these.
I have done 18 things so far. I still have82 more to go.

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Anonymous said...

haha. i had a list also made up back when i was in highschool. haha. i hope to finish it somehow XD