Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do You Have the Heart?

I went to Baguio just this weekend. Too bad I could not take a picture of the scenery while I was going down back to Manila. It just made me appreciate Philippines a little bit more and at the same time disappointed me so much. The irony.

Today, in the year 2009, I thank God I can still marvel at the beauty of mother nature. Thankfully, I can visit some parts of the Philippines. Specifically parts that I could actually afford to go to. The scenery is just so beautiful while I was going down. It was mountains and mountains of trees, plants and all greeny things you can think off. It was still so nice. I appreciated the scenery more as I went down Baguio than while I was going up. Maybe because I had the advantage to look at it from above, or may because it felt like I was leaving something behind and who knows when I'll be able to see it again.

Yep, and to perfectly catch how wonderful this experience is, I am actually writing the "will be" blog in the bus and on my cell phone. I should have reminded myself to bring a pen and paper next time to come in handy at times I want to write. Anyway, it is just so nice that I had the chance to see the beauty of nature. Although it is evident that we are abusing it like the trails of dried water falls or land slides from the last bagyo. A part of me wished that I could have seen the Philippines before all of those destruction. It could have been breath taking. It brings up questions like: Could have Manila been like this if cleanliness was preserved? or How beautiful the Philippines would have been if it was not exploited of its natural resources?

The possibilities. Oh, the possibilities.

The most frustrating about this was and is that I have seen these scenery. It made want so much to preserve this beauty. But... I always ask myself what I could do. I am still a student, I don't have an advocacy organization or anything that could help.I could not even convince myself I could do something that would make a difference. I do try and try to help what I could I hope other people would do to. I live in the Philippines and I'm proud of it because there are still things to be proud off. I hope to those who are also living here do not destroy these reasons.

I just want you to think about that nature is the Philippine's pride, should we just take it away so freely? Preserving and taking care of this country is something a person could not do alone.

Do you have the heart? Let's do our best to help.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Com Sci ka?

Just some of the things I think that are very helpful when you are a com sci (computer science) student:

  1. A com sci student knows how to stalk properly and effectively.
    Perfect for stalking your ultimate crush on the net
  2. A com sci student knows how not to get stalked
    We would not want to get stalked would we?
  3. A com sci student knows how to cheat in games (i.e. facebook games)
    Why make life hard when you can just cheat the game and get away with it?
  4. A com sci student can get away with making simple things complex
    "there are too many context switching that are happening inside that the computer cannot handle. We have to prevent that"
    Which simply means:
    "you just have too many programs opened, close them!"
  5. A com sci can get away with playing games/ doing other stuffs while saying to parents that they are actually studying
    *com sci playing a game*
    "Anak tulog ka na"
    "Mamaya na, inaantay ko ung file transfer"
    *stop playing*
    *wait until parent leaves then alt+tab again*
    *continue playing*
Just playing with stuffs. :D