Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I need a break from everything

from expectations

from love

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life and Soap Operas

It's so nice to watch telenovelas (soap operas). They have interesting plots, famous actors, good show set, etc. I am not fond of watching Filipino soap operas but I likes some Japanese, Korean and American soap operas.

When you come to think of it, we ourselves stars in our own soap operas. We are the leading actor. Sometimes we change co-actors and sometimes they stick there all throughout your season. Think about Life as the director of your very own soap opera. It's just that everything is not scripted, you have your own free will and so with the people you are involved with.

What's so hard with living this kind of soap opera? Aside from you don't know the script, you can't fast forward it. At least with finished soap operas, you can always skip the middle and watch the end first. But with life, we deal with it every day. Every day is an episode that eventually turns into seasons, season finale, then end of season.

Sometimes, I just want to skip to the end. What will happen to me after 5 or 10 yrs? How will I die? What will my life be? Sometimes it's just too painful to live it day by day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogging from Here and There

I'm blogging from a place other than my home! haha. I am taking a semi-vacation for the holy week since we don't have classes.

How am I? Same as always. When I thought we were going somewhere with our thesis, we hit a deadend again and must hit the U-turn. Oh well. I am currently studying AS3 (actionscript 3) for our thesis. I thought that it would actually make our lives easier when developing our thesis instead of programming it in Flash Professional. I am having a hard time with it since I don't really know how to program in OOP (object oriented program) languages. HELP. My goal is to master it by giving myself the whole week to study it. Good luck to me. For those of you who doesn't have programming background, you may not understand what I am saying. hahaha.

Anyway, I tried to practice my drawing by going Asian clothing. I drew this. I haven't colored it. I will color it when I have the time. And hopefully I can buy a pen tablet.

I would be enjoying this semi-vacation. I hope you are enjoying where ever you are. Tell me what you have been up to.

Keep you posted soon :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

Vote for me, won't you?

I just passed my interview in I would love to hear from you.

Won't you vote for me?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why is it so hard to love a person than a dog?

Why is it so hard to love a person than a dog?

Dogs can do what people can do. Sometimes more.

They can keep you company when you feel lonely. They even sit beside you while watching tv.

They eat with you whenever you eat. They even sit attentively beside you as you put every piece of food in your mouth.

They have their own unique personality. You can have a very naughty dog in a minute, a nice dog in the other.

No matter what time you come home, they always look forward to it, not asking questions, never suspicious.

Whenever they see you, you know that you are loved unconditionally because their tails always go wagging left to right non-stop.

You love them unconditionally, and they love you back unconditionally. They love you for who you are even in your tantrums.

You can train them what not to do and what to do. They even guard your house.

Why is it so easy to love a dog and not a person?

**we have three dogs at home and we love them so much. I'm just having a little trouble with my heart, that is all.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The 3D Experience

I know I am a little bit late, but it was my first time to watch in 3d! haha. On the contrary, it was me and my best friend first time to watch 3D. I was so excited.

We watched Alice in Wonderland by Tom Burton a little while ago in MOA (Mall of Asia) for 250php (inclusive of ether a popcorn or hot dog in a bun). It is a nice movie . I recommend you to watch it. You would never go wrong in a Johnny Depp movie.

When we entered the theater, the lights were already turned off. We had to find our own way to our seats. On our way, my best friend told me, "I think I'm a little dizzy, I can't see the screen clearly" I was laughing at her and told her of course, it's in 3d we need to wear to glasses to see it clearly. When we got in our seats, I we wore the glasses and took picture of ourselves.(will post it here when I get a hold of it) hahaha. Then, when I faced the screen, the was a movie effect like something was thrown at the screen. I shouted, "SHET" then ducked. Then I remembered we were watching in 3D!!! We were laughing so hard. Good thing the sound was loud enough that other people could not hear it. THE IGNORANCE. hahaha.

It was a nice experience. We learned our lesson. It's nice to do things together with my best friend :D

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You like my Blog?

Well, I was surprised when I checked my blogger account. I had 3 comments and one of the comment saying someone recommended my blog in The next two comments saying that I have a great blog. I am really surprised. How did you stumble on my blog? haha.

First I want to thank you for those who are reading my blog and to the person who recommended me in Thank you :D I did not even know there was such a site. I'll be doing that some other time but I'll definitely answer it, just not tonight. Next, since I know that more people are subscribing and reading my blog, I'll try to refrain from writing in Filipino. If ever I did, I'll try to remember to put beside it its English translation.

As usual, I'm more excited for the updates! haha. I have a youtube account (just recently) and I also uploaded my first ever video. I hope you would watch it even if it's just a 3second video. haha. click here to see the video. Watch and subscribe! I had my latest video edit just this week. I'm glad they liked it. I really got so stressed out this week because of that. I wasn't able to do my thesis this week so I'll dedicate all my time next week for our thesis. Again, I could not upload it. I am keeping it for my portfolio, if ever. It has this James Bond/Charley's Angels/ Mission Impossible theme. I really wish I could share it to you guys.

Oh Oh one last thing. I wanted to share this movie I just watched. The Ttile is Nine. It is really nice. Watch the trailer and get back to me if you liked it :D (link)