Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why I Lost Faith in Filipino Police Movies

This is not to criticize the Police force in the Philippines. They already have too much of that.

This is not to criticize other Philippine movie genres. I do have comments but I'll keep it to the people who also share my sentiments with regard to the topic.

This is to scream for something more innovative. More original.

  1. I lost the trust long long ago in the Philippine police force. With all the "kotong"(don't know the English translation) and "lagay" (under the table), who wouldn't? There seems to be no justice here.
  2. There aren't any "hot" ordinary police men. There isn't also any good looking police man. They are just a bunch of fat guys with big beer bellies wearing uniforms. Do I have to tell you what they do in their spare time? *ahem* *ahem**drink beer* *ahem*
  3. One of the biggest question, is there really an undercover agent here who is wearing maong (denim) or leather jacket? It is just too hot here to wear those silly things. I also thought, may be they were wearing it during colder days like December. HELLO!? Running and shooting with the jacket. You'll just die of heat. If the heat did not get you first, you'll just turn out to be conspicuous in that get up and blow your cover.
  4. Too simple and too repetitive plots. You know, they're the same plots just with different character names and title. Well yeah, you can say the movie is so "Filipino" and you can't take it away. But how long will you dwell in that kind of thinking? It doesn't exactly make us move forward.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer heat at its peak

At last! After the few months I have been saying that I plan to change my banner, I did it. I finally! The one above is my 5th banner. Usually it would be a digital art but since I have (kinda) a camera, in celebration to it I made my banner one photo I took while I was in Baguio.

You can look at the banner here ( link) and if you are interested looking at the previews banners I made you can visit it here (link). The banner's background I captured it myself. It is from here (link). That would be the 2nd shot I did. This is the 1st shot (link).

Do you know what kiamoy is? They are dried plums preserved dried plums. It's color red. The taste is a little sweet, salty and very sour. When I was in Baguio some street vendors were selling this. They were the plums before it was made kiamoy. Hahaha.

We also went to Baguio Botanical garden. They are so many flowers. Baguio is also a cold place so the flowers there are very lovely. Here are some of the pictures I took. The gumamela (link), sun flower with a bee on it (link1, link2)and the sunflower (link)

I look forward to taking more beautiful pictures next time with my cam :)

Bye bye Baguio and hello heat waveeee.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer Holiday

I am saying hello to the virtual world from the Philippines. It's so damn hot here. It's 11:13pm and the heat still continues to torture me. Thank God for air conditioners. It saves lives but it consumes too much electricity. Of course, it is still important to conserve electricity. But when you live near the equator, it is quite hard to live without it in the summer.

I am taking a holiday starting tomorrow until Sunday. I am going back to Baguio to fix some stuffs and hopefully get some rest from the stressful term. It is a little colder there since it's high up in the mountains. We will travel around 6hrs or so to get there.

I hope our thesis will do fine. We have been working on it the whole term! BTW, the deadline is on Saturday, so I am counting on my groupmates :D wish us luck! I don't want to repeat agaaaaain.

I also can't seem to find a summer job. I did not want to rely on my parents again to pay for my tuition. If I still can't find any, I really have to study hard. I am thinking of studying web development on my own since there is a lot of money there. My my, I should have paid more attention to my web development class.

Can anyone help me find something to do? Something profitable?

Sometimes I think I am not competent enough that is why no one offers me a free lance job. SIGH. I have to do better than this.