Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer heat at its peak

At last! After the few months I have been saying that I plan to change my banner, I did it. I finally! The one above is my 5th banner. Usually it would be a digital art but since I have (kinda) a camera, in celebration to it I made my banner one photo I took while I was in Baguio.

You can look at the banner here ( link) and if you are interested looking at the previews banners I made you can visit it here (link). The banner's background I captured it myself. It is from here (link). That would be the 2nd shot I did. This is the 1st shot (link).

Do you know what kiamoy is? They are dried plums preserved dried plums. It's color red. The taste is a little sweet, salty and very sour. When I was in Baguio some street vendors were selling this. They were the plums before it was made kiamoy. Hahaha.

We also went to Baguio Botanical garden. They are so many flowers. Baguio is also a cold place so the flowers there are very lovely. Here are some of the pictures I took. The gumamela (link), sun flower with a bee on it (link1, link2)and the sunflower (link)

I look forward to taking more beautiful pictures next time with my cam :)

Bye bye Baguio and hello heat waveeee.


Wawawiwi said...

Hi! Nice Post! I love your blog...

Grant said...

Hi there mice banner, good luck with you next one.