Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why I Lost Faith in Filipino Police Movies

This is not to criticize the Police force in the Philippines. They already have too much of that.

This is not to criticize other Philippine movie genres. I do have comments but I'll keep it to the people who also share my sentiments with regard to the topic.

This is to scream for something more innovative. More original.

  1. I lost the trust long long ago in the Philippine police force. With all the "kotong"(don't know the English translation) and "lagay" (under the table), who wouldn't? There seems to be no justice here.
  2. There aren't any "hot" ordinary police men. There isn't also any good looking police man. They are just a bunch of fat guys with big beer bellies wearing uniforms. Do I have to tell you what they do in their spare time? *ahem* *ahem**drink beer* *ahem*
  3. One of the biggest question, is there really an undercover agent here who is wearing maong (denim) or leather jacket? It is just too hot here to wear those silly things. I also thought, may be they were wearing it during colder days like December. HELLO!? Running and shooting with the jacket. You'll just die of heat. If the heat did not get you first, you'll just turn out to be conspicuous in that get up and blow your cover.
  4. Too simple and too repetitive plots. You know, they're the same plots just with different character names and title. Well yeah, you can say the movie is so "Filipino" and you can't take it away. But how long will you dwell in that kind of thinking? It doesn't exactly make us move forward.


Joygazmic said...

This made me smile, I don't recall any specific movies, but this reminds me of movies containing mafia (of any sort). It's always painfully obvious before the characters are even introduced that they are intended to be mafia, if you're not sure you always are when they begin to speak >_<

Rah said...

pinoy movie goers are brainless. There should be more people like you - a ready critic to pinoy movie mistakes. Good job.

Anonymous said...

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Kenny said...

Here in the U.S. you can say the same thing about Filipinos in the U.S. Police force. They're fat and unattractive... haha. I don't have any respect for the Philippines police force whatsoever, considering the ever-present corruption.

A response to Rah: I don't think it's right to generalize and clump all pinoy movie goers as brainless. I, for one, am a sucker for the Filipino romance movies. :)

iTeenageAnorexia said...

I'm scared of police-man in general, but I don't think all of ours are ugly and fat D:

Ha ha, that really stinks though ):
But movies will be movies, hmmm?
I hate cliches as well ._.