Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer Holiday

I am saying hello to the virtual world from the Philippines. It's so damn hot here. It's 11:13pm and the heat still continues to torture me. Thank God for air conditioners. It saves lives but it consumes too much electricity. Of course, it is still important to conserve electricity. But when you live near the equator, it is quite hard to live without it in the summer.

I am taking a holiday starting tomorrow until Sunday. I am going back to Baguio to fix some stuffs and hopefully get some rest from the stressful term. It is a little colder there since it's high up in the mountains. We will travel around 6hrs or so to get there.

I hope our thesis will do fine. We have been working on it the whole term! BTW, the deadline is on Saturday, so I am counting on my groupmates :D wish us luck! I don't want to repeat agaaaaain.

I also can't seem to find a summer job. I did not want to rely on my parents again to pay for my tuition. If I still can't find any, I really have to study hard. I am thinking of studying web development on my own since there is a lot of money there. My my, I should have paid more attention to my web development class.

Can anyone help me find something to do? Something profitable?

Sometimes I think I am not competent enough that is why no one offers me a free lance job. SIGH. I have to do better than this.

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