Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 101 of HPV Vaccine

There are only a few things that makes me really mad. One is of arrogance. And two, thinking that you are correct because of your arrogance.

I am writing this blog to inform. Inform women and girls who are considering taking HPV(Human Papilloma Virus) Vaccine.Why am I doing this? Well, I had a very hard time doing some research about it. There just was not any good, straightforward, and honest information about it around the net. So what I did is that I went to my doctor, asked about it and got my shot. Here is what I can tell you:

What is HPV? HPV is a virus that is associated with the development of cevical cancer, genetal warts and other less common cancers.

What does the vaccine do? It is like your normal vaccine shots. For example Hepatits A or chicken pox. The vaccine contains an agent somewhat similar to the disease (that is weakened or killed forms) that gets injected to the body. Then, from there your body builds up an immunity from it by attacking the agent. The HPV vaccine protects you from selected virus strains of HPV.

What kind of vaccine should I get? There are two types of vaccines for HPV out in the market: Gardasil and Cervarix. These two vaccines are a lot a like but not quite. Their main difference is the protection that they could offer.

  1. Cervarix protects against two (2) strains of HPV
  2. Gardasil protects against four (4) strains of HPV that protects against 90% of the genital warts.
Gerdasil is usually offered to girls that are around the teenage bracket because it offeres much more protection than Cervarix. Because of this, Gardasil does not come cheap. Cervarix is definitly more affordable than Gardasil.

If you were to ask me or other doctors, they would recommend Gardasil because of the benefits. But if you do not have the budget, Cervarix is your next option. It does not give you the same benefits as Gardasil but it protects you against two strains of HPV that causes 70% of cervical cancer.

Any side effects? Well, I took Gardasil. My arm just hurt the whole day but other than that I am fine. I didn't feel nauseous, feverish or any of the said side effects in the internet.  So I also asked the nurse about it. She said there is no side effects. Not any that she is aware of whom she injected the Gardasil with. I will get back to you to follow up the side effects of the remaining two shots.

If you are considering getting one. Talk to your doctor. That is what I did.