Friday, March 5, 2010

The 3D Experience

I know I am a little bit late, but it was my first time to watch in 3d! haha. On the contrary, it was me and my best friend first time to watch 3D. I was so excited.

We watched Alice in Wonderland by Tom Burton a little while ago in MOA (Mall of Asia) for 250php (inclusive of ether a popcorn or hot dog in a bun). It is a nice movie . I recommend you to watch it. You would never go wrong in a Johnny Depp movie.

When we entered the theater, the lights were already turned off. We had to find our own way to our seats. On our way, my best friend told me, "I think I'm a little dizzy, I can't see the screen clearly" I was laughing at her and told her of course, it's in 3d we need to wear to glasses to see it clearly. When we got in our seats, I we wore the glasses and took picture of ourselves.(will post it here when I get a hold of it) hahaha. Then, when I faced the screen, the was a movie effect like something was thrown at the screen. I shouted, "SHET" then ducked. Then I remembered we were watching in 3D!!! We were laughing so hard. Good thing the sound was loud enough that other people could not hear it. THE IGNORANCE. hahaha.

It was a nice experience. We learned our lesson. It's nice to do things together with my best friend :D

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