Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I don't know why I have this little obsession over umbrellas. I guess it started with the song umbrella. At first, I hated it because Rhianna kept saying umbrella-ella-ella-ella-a-a-a. Which was kinda stupid at first. But the song became so popular, I kinda liked it because I could not help but listen to it on the radio. In my playlist, I think I have all versions of umbrella (Rhianna, Mandy Moore, Maria Digby, All Time Low). What can I say? I like them. hahaha

Another thing, my mom left my umbrella in a fancy hotel restaurant. She even blamed me because I forced her to bring it with her (so that see would not get wet). I get to have an excuse to buy another umbrella. I have to make sure the umbrella I'm gonna let her but is color yellow. Bwahahaha.

My day, was very stressful. It started when I woke up very early in the morning to meet with my INTROSE groupmates groupmate. We had to finish 40% of the machine project that day. With less than five hours to finish it, we were cramming. Two hours left before the deadline, I felt like vomiting from the stress. Although, we did not finish it, we were able to present some modules that would fix some problems. We were also given the chance to finish it. SOMEHOW. But also because of our presentation, we have to add more stuff in it. I have to revise everything again. INHALE. EXHALE. BREATHE. Teachdev was not so bad. I have to finish the teachware this weekend and enhance the animation. Oh, I remembered, in nlan, we took a class picture with Sir Allen. hahaha. Funny guy. He has not uploaded the pics yet. I can't wait to see them and post it here.

I hope this term would all be worth all my blood and sweat. I can't wait for the term break, I'm going to red and watch all I want. hahaha


Drew said...

Do you also have the McFly, Vanilla Sky, Lillasyster, Plain White T's, Boyce Avenue, and Manic Street Preachers' versions of Umbrella? :D

sly99 said...

@ drew mrun nun? i'll look for it. hahaha

Drew said...

^ Yup meron nun. :) Pinakagusto ko yung sa McFly.