Sunday, July 12, 2009


There has just been sooooo much too write about that I get too lazy to write them.Let us start with last week's first photoshoot. It was with Miah, Pete, Xent, Chel and Stu. These images are edited and can be accessed in my deviantart site.

After that, the comming sunday, we had another photoshoot this time with my highschool friends. Yu Ann, Ana Christianne and Gwen as our photographer. Again, these pictures are edited and can be seen in my deviantart site.

After my friends went home, Gwen and I did some bonding sessions in my room. and it is in her blog. linking it here. This was the summary:


I would not forget about the reunion with my elementary friends from Makati Hope Christian School. It has been 10 years since we had a get together.

I am keeping myself busy lately with lots of stuff going on like thesis and work. But I still have time to do some drawing and coloring.

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Anonymous said...

Busy Busy na tayo lagi ha :)
More shoots to come <3