Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer '09

The last day of OJT was today!!! Yey! I just finished my 200hours requirement. Horay for me. But I still need to organize the papers the college requires. Tooooooo LAZZYYY. Early this morning we played Wii then did a little work. Played Wii some more and I went home early. We talked that I will continue to stay in the project until it's done. Yes, something to do in my idle time.

Once again, I wasn't able to go to a beach which I kept on wishing every summer that never happens. I am officially ending my summer today. School starts on Monday. I am having trouble with the dress code of the school(especially the no-slippers-rule). WHAT WILL I WEAR??? All I have are flip flops. OHNOES. I have to buy shoes. haha. More reason to go shopping. haha

Also, I have been fixing my deviantart.
It is more organized than before and I have uploaded my previews works. I will be uploading more works. Be sure to visit my deviantart and give me some shout out. You can find the link under "connect with me." I will keep you posted!

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