Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let me Blog!

Hooooollaaaah! I felt like blogging here in my blogger account. I'm still somewhat updating my multiply. Somehow. Anyway! Updates!

I published some unpublished blogs (hint: you have to find it. mostly they're about rant. you have to find it. chizmaxers sila. hahaha. very controversial so I did not publish them on that day). I laid low for the reason that I am currently happy~ very happy~ I will not tell you why. Maybe my friends know why. Maybe. hahaha. Since I laid low... I have sooo much tale to tell but I shall not put it here.

School life.

I failed my very first subject which is Thesis writing. The panels said our thesis proposal was crap so they also gave us crappy grades. hahaha. Well, I'm turning out to be cooler and cooler. I'm proudly an irregular.

I found an OJT place. FINALLY. After countless interviews and countless turn downs, I finally found something I definitely love to do. I'm really having fun in OJT. The best part, I get to enjoy it with my friends, work with them and talk with them. When I say talk, we only talk about juicy stuffs. Stuffs worth talking and worth our time.

I'm somehow relieved that people I never really liked went out of my way. Although I did not pray for it, I'm glad. It makes things better for me to handle.

OH, someone invited me in a scam! hahaha. You have to find my multiply for it.


My family is doing... So so... Worse, maybe. Better, or not. there isn't much I would specifically like to tell but definitely I want to have more fun this year than last year. I'm expecting this year to be hopefully better. Somehow.

I'm still waiting for those hand-me-downs from my ever donya relatives. Can't wait. I will make kulit my mom for them. I wish to get them by this week so I'll have a new wardrobe. (yes!)


I'm definitely happy. I have a special someone to share it with and to love. I have true friends who maybe backstabs me at the back and front! hahaha. I have a best friend who is super cool and who loves me so. I have relatives who loves me equally. I have God who suports me.


I'm going to try to start bloging again to entertain my readers (as well as my haters).

you know you love me
you know I love you back

Let me blog
Let it start :D

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Anonymous said...

Naks naman. May special someone! HAHAHAHA :3 I labshoo Janine!