Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hair cut

I just had a new haircut in Bench Fix along Taft. I will never ever ever have a hair cut again in Bench Fix. Every time I have my hair cut there, my hair becomes a disaster. This time, I look like a coconut.

Anyway, the cutter who handled my hair a while ago attacked my hair like he was puncturing holes in it. Haha. I don't know how he cuts hair like that. I said I wanted it to look thin and it's not thin at all since he was attacking the ends of my hair. So I really think I look like a coconut. I wanted it layered.. He wasn't layering at all. He was... I don't know what he was doing to my hair. haha. I really really got disapointed with my hair. He was saying I had hair of someone in a Korean nobela. Like I care. Mom got really frustrated with my hair stylist. She hated my hair. I didn't like it eaither.

So far, the people who handled my hair there doesn't have imagination. I wish I could find a nice parlor that I can always come back to and have a great hair. Me and my mom agreed that we haven't found that nice parlor that is affordable. Have you?


jantzen said...

Believe it or not i cut my hair inside a hospital XD

I don't like how amateur hairdressers use those electric razors since they damage the hair.

Thankfully the barber inside the hospital has the patience and the skill to cut hair using only water and scissors well XD

Abby said...

ako bench fix malapit sa amin, medyo okay naman sila magupit. Siguro may topak ung gumupit sau :|

ako ung d ko masyadong trip na salon, ricky reyes eh. pag family ko nagpapagupit parang magkakamukha kami eh ehehehhehe!

sly99 said...

@jantzen: at least you don't have too worry too much about hair styles. boy-la-loo ka e. hahaha

@abby: sinusumpa ko na ung bench fix. hahaha. nka 3-5 branches na ako. sabog na buhok ko. hahaha

ayaw ko rin ng ricky reyes.panget dun. haha