Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awake at 3 in the Morning

I got up three in the morning and can't sleep. So here I am blogging since I have no better things to do than read manga.

I am never ever ever going to watch horror movies again. I can't believe I watched. Tsk tsk. I should have known better. I watched The Grudge 3 yesterday. I can't stop thinking of the creepy stuffs. Argh. Here I am reading manga.

I think I am hearing things. I think there are flying cockroached in the kitchen. I don't know. They give me the creeps. I don't want to take a peek and know where those fluttering sounds came from. I don't know if I'll sleep again. Maybe when the sun rises. I don't know. I still have to sleep before my brothers wake up to go to school.

It is good that it isn't raining anymore. For the past few days it has been raining non-stop. I love the cold air that the rain brings. I love being indoors and doing nothing while the rain is pouring outside. It is still better if it will not rain today or rain that hard since I have to go to a public school for our thesis and I don't want to walk in the rain.

It;s 5 in the morning and i'm finishing this blog entry. I am still reading manga and hope to read all the updates. I need to be really sleepy before going back to bed or else I won't sleep at all. I can already see it. I will have big eye bags tomorrow since I couldn't get a good night's rest.

Good morning everyone :P

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Anonymous said...

I hate scary movies too.