Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2nd Commings

I'm beat. I'm tired. I'm burning up. This is just the second week and I think my body can't take my schedule. MW has 3 classes straight and TH has only one class. I am starting to have this weak body feeling. I think i'm catching a fever.

Anyway, recently I could not connect to the internet as much as I want. My modem was broken. I got it changed. I called PLDT last night and just this morning they were here just before I got to school. They replaced my modem with a new one without charge. I also asked for an additional LAN cable if it was also free of charge and it was. I got a free LAN cable and a new modem. Yey for me!

Also, gossip girl season three started last week! I was soooo excited. Thanks to Joc, I got updated with my weekly bad habit of watching gossip girl. OH YEAH! And I just finished watching this week's episode. I can't wait for the other one!

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