Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A night ago, I was checking my multiply. Ana posted about a poem in her blog the "round table" made. Round Table is what we call our group of girlfriends back in high school. It comprises of me, Yu ann, Christianne, Ana, Jawn, Denise, Diane, Donna, Jenica, Hazel, Bernadette and Jean. We called ourselves that because as you can see, all the girls are 12.

Here is the poem:

"love me"

Before your love has shattered my life

i lived, i breathed, and i was alive

my system was then organized

but your existence made me paralyzed

for so long, I tried to keep you

for so long , I tried to hold on to you

I lavishly poured my heart out

even if I'm someone you never really cared about

yet without you, I become barren

take me home, and mend what's broken

come back, that's all I ask of you

love me, is that so hard to do?

These guys, I truly miss. When will be our next reunion? I don't know. How is everyone doing? I don't know. When will I know? hahaha. I don't know. Ok, sabog talk. hahaha

The original link is here: Ana's Miltiply


wen2 XD said...

I find your title way different from the poem. None the less, the poem was nice. XD

sly99 said...

@wen2- sorry bout that. I was going to write something different but I forgot so I did not bother to change the title anymore. thanks XD