Friday, September 12, 2008


Good morning world.

I woke up round 7am then slept again. Hahaha. I guess 7am in the morning was too much for me. I know I would not make it at school at 8am if I did not wake up. but then, I still went to seep and woke up around 7:45am. I got to school around 9am. An hour late than the agreed time. But Adi was also late. hahaha.

Adi and I left school also around 9am. We took the bus to go to his place. Around 10am, Oyo ws still sleeping. So I stayed at Adi's for a while. We fetched Oyo in his house. Then went to Enzo's place. We stayed there until around 3pm.

At Enzo's we played PS3, PS2 and PS1. Mostly the guys played the game consoles and I just played around Enzo's laptop. I used Oyo's YM account to mess around with the webcam. hahaha. Oh, they also let me pla DMC4 although I suck at it. hahaha. The last game we played was Tonny Hawk in PS2. It was me versus Oyo. It was our first time playing that game. I beat Oyo. hahaha. We also ate lunch there. We had chicken (Sr. Pedro, I think). Anyway, Adi Oyo and Enzo said it was the best chicken. hahaha.

We left Enzo's place to fetch VK in SM South. Then we went to ATC (Alabang Town Center). We had time to kill before we meet Joc and he others. We planned on buying a cake and donuts for our birthday man, Joc. After we bought the cake, we saw Xent, Totit, Jd and Chico on their way to ATC. When we were sitting in the fast food place, we saw Iggy and Kina (sorry if wrong spelling). Arvin, Roanne, Gene, Sammy and Joc arrived after a while. Joc bought pizza in Yellew Cab. While he was waiting for the order, we left the table to get the cake.

People that were there: Arvin, Oyo, Enzo, me, Roanne, Kina, Iggy, Sammy, Gene, Totit, Xent, JD, Adi, VK and Joc. (did I miss any one? I hope not)

After eating, Roanne had to go. Then JD. Then VK. Then Totit, Xent and Chico. Others stayed to watch Righteous kill. We left ATC around 10. Arvin drove me home. Bruce and Gene accompanied us as Arvin drove me home.


pictures can be viewed here and here. (Adi and Arvin's multiply account.)

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