Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I read Jantzen's blog. He was thanking a lot of people. I'm stealing his post XD

I also want to thank the sooo many people who helped me through this hellish term:
  1. God- He stood by me through out all of my hardships. He gave me strength to get up everyday knowing how unsure I am in life.
  2. Family- they understood how busy I am that they give me the freedom to do what I can with regard to school work
  3. s20 people- Mga tambaymates. They filled my 3 hour break throughout the term and shared with me all of the juicy chismises. hahaha
  4. INTROSE groupmates- thanks for your time and work. We did it. 3.5, not bad right? Espeially to Joc, our programmer. hahaha
  5. Jantzen- my partner in Thesis. hahaha. Pasado ako NLAN kaya hindi mo na ako kailangan katayin. Thanks sa lahat sobra. We still have 2 more years to endure and then hopefully no more extensions.
  6. High school friends- you kept me sane knowing that we are going to go out one day. hahaha. Especially to my bestest friends. hahaha
  7. NLAN groupmates- kahit medyo sabog MP natin, pumasa naman tayo. That's all that maters. hahaha
  8. Jeric- I can't put into words how much to thank you... I'm simply happy while I'm with you
What made my day today is the concert that was held in Alabang Town Center today. It was the concert of the Boys Like Girls. They rocked! They were sooooo cool performing. hahaha. I also bumped with the lead singer before the concert. I did not know what to do!!!! Me and Oyo panicked! He was sooo tall and had bouncers/body guards around him. He was definitely GORGEOUS! BTW, I was in front of it all. I was joined by VK and Arvin there. Front left side of the stage. Beside the speakers. hahaha. It was awsome. Abby, Iggy and Adi were at the 2nd floor while Oyo, Joc and Enzo were at the 3rd floor. The band kept throwing stuffs at us. At the last minute, the lead singer threw the WHOLE bottle of water at my direction. I did not attempt to catch it. I was too afraid it would hit me. hahaha. It was worth standing for 3 hours (we waited there starting around 4.30. the concert started at 6.30 and ended around 7 something).

We ended our trip by eating dinner at Outbox (which I suggested because the Las Pinas boys kept saying "kain tayo sa Outbox" when we are on the bus so I just have to try their food. It was nice BTW). Arvin droped me home and I showed him our dog. Thanks Arvin XD

I could never had experienced the concert if VK had not fetched and accompanied me in Coastal. Thanks VK. We stopped first at Arvin's house. We ate chocolate there and went to Joc's house. Joc has this big tazmanian devil stuff toy. So cute. I wanted to take it home with me. But unfortunately, it' Joc's. hahaha

Thanks guys for a really nice day XD sa uulitin XD

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