Saturday, September 13, 2008

09.13.08 @ MOA

Me, Yu ann, Christianne and Elis went to Moa. Elis had an entrance exam in Ateneo (I hope you pass *cross fingers*) so we met after lunch. I was the last one to arrive, around 2.30pm. Christianne planned to go bowling. but when we arrived there, there was a competition and we were on the waiting list. We did not go bowling and Chris was truly disappointed. She kept going on and on about bowling and taking pictures. hahaha. Don't worry, next time, we'll go bowling.

In stead of bowling, we went window shopping. We went around MOA. It was pretty big. We got into a store with nail polishes. Yu went straight right in and painted her nails. She said it was her hobby. I also got bored and painted may nails. I have a multicolored nails. Hahaha.

Another crazy thing we did was hen we went in Penshoppe. First, I was going to show them the necktie I bought last time (sorry, I told you I have this obsession over neckties) but we saw the Mac computer (iMac if I am not mistaken). We took pictures in its webcam and really had fun with it. We were laughing so loud and so hard that the sales people there were looking at us but just ignored them and pictured all the way. You can see the pictures we took at my multiply and I am still waiting for Chris to upload the pics in her multiply.

I am really a Mac savvy. Since I got my first Mac, I never waned to switch back to PC unless I really really need it. If I get really rich, I'll buy all the Macs I can. wahahaha

Mostly we chatted about people and people's lives have high school. We also talked about Elis and how she s coping up with problems and stuff. We talked about lots of stuffs. Actually they all did the talking and I'm just the listener. I'm not much the talker.

We also visited the book fair in SMX. They were selling mostly for education stuff. We went around for a while and went out. We also ventured in the SMX second floor were Acceture had this event going on ad everyone was in cocktail suits. We were the party crashers. hahaha. We passed by there and went back in the mall.

I was the first one to say good bye to them since mom left me an errand to buy bread. Mom fetched me there in MOA. When I got home, I discovered the internet connection has something wrong with it. So I just went up and talked with mom until 12.30am. Hahaha. It was really fun talking to mom about stuffs.

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