Monday, October 18, 2010

Dessert Escape

This cold rainy night, I was craving for a dessert. I don't care what, I just need to eat a dessert. So I searched online something easy to make. The big problem is that we don't have most of the ingredients of the desserts especially berries. I mean you know, berries here in the Philippines are crazy expensive so we don't have it in our refrigerators. And the dessert craving was driving me crazy. I was telling my bf I would eat our sugar if I don't find something to eat for dessert.

I keep on stumbling on s'mores online. We did have chocolate and we did have graham crackers but no mallows. And heating the chocolate or mallows would not be a problem with the microwave.

Well then, I wanted to share this quick and easy dessert if one night, like me, you are looking for a quick and easy dessert and something you would most likely find in the kitchen.

You will need:
  1. microwave
  2. graham crackers
  3. sugar
  4. chocolate
  5. Mallows (if you have mallows hanging around the house)
  • Take a piece of graham put it on a microwavable plate (something that would fit your microwave. DUH)
  • What we had in the kitchen were chocolate chips, so I sprinkled the chocolate chips on my graham. If you don't have chocolate chips, bar(s) of chocolate would be fine.
  • Sprinkle on some sugar. You can skip this if you think the chocolate you have is sweet enough.
  • (optional) If you have mallows hanging around the house you could also put that. The microwave will melt the mallows I just don't know how long but you can experiment on it and get back to me how long you microwaved the mallows with chocolate(s). I'm not exactly a culinary expert just a person who has great love for food :) and I got it form my mom. haha
  • Put in the plate with the graham in the microwave and heat it for 40seconds. You can experiment on this until the chocolate looks like its melting and when you touch it, it feels soft and squishy.
  • Take another graham and sandwich the chocolate and sugar (and mallows).
TADA! Easy! Now you have a dessert. YUM. Let's call this s'mores that fit whatever you have lying around the house. haha! take that!


enelleranden said...

Haha, i think i would try that. Sounds easy, yet ... fun to make and tasteful :D

entertainment king said...

hahahaha lol