Saturday, September 18, 2010

Great Sunday Mornings

How you all been doing? It has almost been two months since I last blogged. Hopefully I will be graduating this October (when I get one of my subjects to be credited). I hope to march and get my diploma and work as soon as possible. I have actually been looking for a job these past few weeks. Three of them replied but only two scheduled for an interview. Sadly, there is also another one that called me one night and it was a pyramiding scam. I won't lose hope! I really believe that when something happens in your life, its really meant for you. If they don't call, well, I will try not to lose hope!

Also, I bought my own tablet! YEY! I'm really really really happy with it. I have been practicing and also to add it with my portfolio. You can always visit my deviantart site on links listed on the side. You can also click the direct links here.

So the first one (link) is my first art with my tablet. the line art was done months ago that I can't even remember. I reserved it when one day I am able to own a tablet which I did :). The second is a fan art for Ragnarok (yes the Korean game) here is the link. That is my knight which I am playing. Next is another fan art (link). I figured that I need to work on my coloring. When I started drawing I used to do lots of fan art until I was satisfied with it and then made my own drawing style. If I was going to improve on coloring my art, I guess I have to turn back to doing fan arts right? Well, I actually don't know but it's worth a try. Here is my latest (link). I tried experimenting a little with color and lines. The main problem I have is doing the shading and lighting to give it a more 3D image. I want to continue to learn so that I can improve. If you have suggestions or comments I'll be happy to know about them Just leave a message :)

As promised, I said that I also am going to learn 3D. I did. I took up 3DMODEL. These are just the few things I did for that subject (link). I am leaving you with my final project for that subject. Hope it makes you smile :) It's just a great Sunday morning today


mojaki said...

janine! si monica toh. haha ang cute naman ng video. anyway sna maka graduate kna and get a job too. =) keeping my fingers crossed.

sly99 said...

haha. thanks thanks mon-mon :)