Sunday, December 21, 2008

Awesome Idea

I have this GREAT idea: To start a fashion line

Well, it is not something big. I want to start by printing tees. I know someone who can print me shirts in a good price, but the catch is, he would only print if the design would be printed on 100 shirts. Actually, I wanted to make my personalized shirt, but since that would be too many, I thought that I could sell them.

I was thinking... I am going to need:
  • concept- I need a solid concept that would give me an edge in the fashion business
  • resources- I need to know where and how to get the things I need
  • advertisement- I need to sell it baby to make profit and to achieve my dream
  • models- well, I know people who could model for me for free
  • photographer- I need a good one
I'm still thinking, I could sell them online (multiply). Or I could ask favors to people I know who can sell them (hopefully in 168 to the stall owners I know).

I am getting impatient.

Watcha think?


Anonymous said...

Well, there's the internet for some ideas. Again, internet for advertisement (multiply for starters). Try selling in your campus maybe. Have your friends to model it. Actually you can go on without models at first. the big problem is the initial printing haha. Of course it isn't practical to have 100 shirts at once with no assurance that someone would actually buy your tees. Well you can learn printing your shirt yourself haha.

sly99 said...

yea, I was also thinking that.. But it would be too expensive if I like get only 5 shirts to be printed. hmn... I'm still going to look for more sources.

Tnx XP

Crissangelo said...

I'm considering joining some graphic tee competition last year. Sayang, malay natin maka chamba. If Team Manila were to organize such haha. I would like to join Team Manila. XD

sly99 said...

asa pa tyo. hahaha

Anonymous said...

planned to make tees din ages ago. and i have artists friends to make the designs. and my amazing mind for the statement ones. hahaha. kelan kaya kami magsisimulang kumilos?!!!

jantzen said...

haha nice idea, negosyante ah :)P

i really have no idea how to sell shirts but what carmakers do when they're releasing a product is they first launch an initial design called a concept car. They build a prototype of it and feature it in autoshows. Then they get reactions and criticisms from it. If the majority likes it then they would place it into production, else they scrap the design and do a new one, to avoid poor sales

you can probably do the same too :)

sly99 said...

@ Jantzen- gusto ka na yumaman! hahaha