Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas '08

So, it's Christmas... It's 2:00am, I'm still eating the candy cane I grabbed at Auntie Phina's house and listening to iTunes...

Let me start by telling you what a tiring day it has been for me. Since I woke up, all I did was clean the house, help mom, wrap gifts and nag at my brothers. This year, we don't have an official family Christmas party, so we did a mini Christmas party with Uncle Nio and tabby and Auntie Rosali and family.

What we had for notche buena: lemon spaghetti topped with clams, adobong crab, tomato sauced shrimp, graham cake and ice cream

In fairness, it was fun preparing for guests and hosting the party even if it was tiring. I still prefer to go to a party not hosted by me because all I have to do is go there and eat. hahaha. (damn, my candy cane fell!!!)

Yesterday, I went out with Yu, Christianne, Ana and Amy who came from Cebu. Woohoo. Fun fun. We spent the whole day shopping, eating, tambay, picture picture, and enjoying each other's comapny in MOA.

The day before that was a Wii day in my house. hahaha. Wil, Je-An, Karl Yap, Oyo, Joc, Gwen and Jeric went to my house. We played Wii all day in my house. hahaha. Sakit kaya ng katawan ko sa kaka-wii. ULIT ULI!!! Wala nang uwian Gwen! hahaha. At nag bonding rin kmi ni Gwen before sila dumating (oh yea, napaprami bonding natin ah. hahaha)

Party Girl ako this week. hahaha. Bukas sa pinsan ko naman sa father side. hahaha. Good luck na lng akin. I'm dead na pag dating ng pasukan. Enjoy the break db. hahaha.

This Christmas turned out beter than the other Christmases I can remember. It's not about how expensive the gifts are, but the value and thought you put into them. My view for the Christmas season may change, may be not.

Merry Christmas from me to you

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