Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christams Break '08


Today is our course card distribution day! Lo and behold my grades

Subj | Grade
vdprod | 2.0
educmgt | 2.5
scimatp | 3.5
tredtri | 3.0
probsta | 2.5
comsorg | 1.0

I'm happy for my probsta. First math subject na hnd 1 or 1.5. wohoo.
Although sa comsorg, 1.0 lang ako and babagsak na dapt. hahaha. anyway!

I discovered something nice today! It is the China Phone!Cool right? Compared to a very expensive Nokia Phone, this China Phone is uber cheap. You can buy it at around 1k-5k depending on what model you prefer. This very cheap phone comes with a camera, mp3 player, tv and radio. (say yes to child labor. say yes to under paid people. say yes to illegal stuff... and so on)

The one we bought looks like a Nokia N70 but with TV and less megapixels. I hate the theme and you can't change it.

Khit na para sa dad ko un, hinihingi ko na nga e. hahaha. Cute eh and I want to use it. Ayaw nga lng ibigay skn. hahaha.

Another Big Balita:

No Christmas Party for out familia this year for personal reasons. So si Uncle Nio na lng tatambay sa bahay for Christmas. Kaya ako, todo Christmas party na rin with friends kasi sabog naman rin Chrismas party sa family. hahaha. Enjoy na lng while it lasts.

<----- that hat is so nice right? Saw it in S&R, we were shopping there and I want it. This one will go to my wish list. hahaha. It is a The North Face brand and it is around 400 bucks. It goes well with my cowboy look. hahaha

And while we were shopping, I saw this apple-like fruit. But it is labeled as Grapple. COOL. Looks like an apple but tastes like grape! I want to try that! Mom said we could buy it next time we go to S&R. can't wait. I want to taste it. hahaha. And it's kinda expensive. Around 300bucks for 4 pieces of grapples.

Oh, Amy will also visit Mania this holiday season. Haha. Reunion with her next week with friends.

Swimming ah! Sa Monday! wala nang magbbackout! nag pa-reserve na ako nung pool. Party time.

I'm still waiting for Gwen's blog, ako ung kayang cover girl. bwahahhaha. go gwen


Thank you portion:
I'm saying thank you to the guys that gave me gifts
  • Jantzen- Thanks! ang cute nung mug! puro pusa. hahaha. cute. cute. gagamitin ko un. hahaha
  • Joc- thanks sa shirt. puuuuurtttty
  • Jeric- thanks ah panget sa super shiny na necklace. hahaha

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jantzen said...

we love CHINA, everyone does XD