Monday, November 17, 2008

I Love To Hate

There is a difference between I love to hate and I hate to love. For example, the people I simply hate to love are my brothers. No matter how obnoxious they become or how irritating they can be, they simply are the people I extremely HATE HATE HATE to love. If I had the chance to switch them for a more dreamy brothers, I wouldn't. Even if they become so obnoxious that I could not stand it, lay off my brothers. I hate to love them. Simply hate it.

Siblings will remain as siblings. Same old siblings. But there are some things/ some people you can't seen to stand. These are a few of my love to hate thingys:
  1. Olympics of the Saliva throwing Mouth

    Criteria: Right texture, color and proper recoil

    This act is the one I deeply detest. EIW. Recall the disgusting noise people make when they accumulate the phlegm in their mouths. When it goes out of the mouth, it has the greenish or yellowish color and the sticky texture. Just the way the good phlegm is. GAWD. Can people avoid this? There are actually called comfort rooms/ bathrooms/ sink accessible. Hello?! There is also the existence of the tissue. Don't spread your disgusting disease. It's not hygienic and damn disgusting.PLEASE.

  2. When You think you know all that, but actually you don't

    The classic. I hate it when some people talk nonsense and does not actually know what they are talking about. What a poser. Excuse me, but before you brag, do your research so you would not get caught you actually don't know what you are talking about. Same goes to people when they think they're all that but actually they have heads filled with gas. MY MY MY. Trying hard much?

  3. Nonsense Shirts

    I have this big problem with shirts that have nonsense sentences. I totally hate these shirts because it is waste of time to read. Why oh why did they have to pint that text on that shirt if no one would understand it!

  4. Hair all over your Face

    No offense, but I never liked this fashion statement where people's hair is all over their faces. What can you possibly see with all the hair on your faces? Do you feel like your an anime character? hahaha. Get real. Or do you think your cool because you could not see what is ahead of you but your hair? May be. Dumb dumb fashion statement.

  5. PROPER clothes

    Why wear a short shorts where you could not pull it off? WHY?! Why wear something kinky wherein the whole day all you do is cover those body parts you, in the first place did not cover? WHY?! Why wear something you could not pull off? WHY?!

    I say: wear it, pull it off, make heads turn, get away with it.

No offense. I love to hate these things. My preferences. My opinions. Blame it on me.


narcisse said...

why try so hard to write in english dear? While in fact, you really can't write in english. just an observation.

sly99 said...

yea. right. whatever. my blog not yours love.

Anonymous said...

narcisse - dear a blog means that you type as you think about it. it's thoughts not the grammar that matter. now if you just shut up and get the heck out of this site, then we'd all live peacefully. don't read something you don't like. and don't judge that she doesn't know english because you don't know her.

baddestbiatch said...

sly99, basic grammar, hello?!

narcisse, maybe she's a social climber.

sly99 said...

like i care. hahaha